Acosta’s Integrity Scorched by Fed-Up Former MSNBC Host


by Ben Marquis

The Western Journal
AUGUST 3, 2018

Breaking what is generally regarded as a cardinal rule of journalism — if perhaps unwritten — CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta has made himself the center of the story on multiple occasions this week instead of simply reporting the story in an objective manner.

Townhall noted that Acosta became the central story on Tuesday after he attempted to cover President Donald Trump’s rally in Tampa, Florida, but was confronted by a crowd of Trump supporters who loudly chanted “CNN sucks” and “fake news” — among other things — while he delivered a live report ahead of the rally.

Acosta became the center of attention again on Thursday when he clashed with White House press secretary Sarah Sanders during the daily briefing over his indignant insistence that she retract statements from the president that labelled some individuals and outlets in the “fake news” media as being “enemies of the people,” which Sanders declined to do.

He later claimed in a tweet to have left the briefing early because he was “saddened” by Sanders not saying what he wanted her to say, but it appears that at least one veteran member of the mainstream media has had enough of Acosta’s “antics,” and let him know via social media.

David Shuster


Hey Jim @acosta, the job of a true journalist is not to be sad or happy by what happens in a press briefing room. It is to ask questions and report facts about what was said/not said. Your feelings, antics, + self promotion are hurting journalism, not helping it. Enough.

Jim Acosta


I walked out of the end of that briefing because I am totally saddened by what just happened. Sarah Sanders was repeatedly given a chance to say the press is not the enemy and she wouldn’t do it. Shameful.

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  1. Most people in the media can dish it out but can’t take it. Many are extremely thin skinned and are used to being in control and catered to. When they’re criticized their over inflated ego’s can’t deal with it. Acosta is a pathetic whiner. What does he expect working for a network that is trying to make a buck off of the anti-Trump crowd? Maybe he’s deluded himself in thinking he’s a journalist but he’s just another talking head on a low rated cable channel. Watching CNN is like eating junk food. It’ll fill you up but if it’s all you eat you’ll eventually get sick.

  2. When you work for a privately/shareholder run company like CNN, Bell, Rogers etc., you as a ‘journalist’ are entitled to nothing. When I hear disgruntled News people say they can’t get a response, they should know they’re not owed one. Get over yourselves. You’re just another flunkie like the rest of us working for a private company. I don’t owe McDonald’s my business…why should anyone owe you.

  3. We all know what President Trump means about the press. He talks about FAKE NEWS, he does not include all press in such, but only those that whore themselves out on fallacies, distortions, lies and globalist/elitist hit pieces towards the President and his staff/cabinet as well as all persons who support more or less the ideals of this POTUS, in other words FAKE NEWS!

    Current MSM are in general toxic or enemies, not just to President Trump but also to the USA and by extension the western developed and free world. They are complicit with globalists and anti-liberty socialists who conspire against President Trump and all of us who believe in western world values. They hate being called out for what they have become, either cheap social/political prostitutes or useful idiots, neither of these terms are desirable for MSM to hold up high. But the MSM are completely blind to being one or the other here.

  4. Acosta believes it is all about him, he feels he will be instrumental in Defeating Donald Trump and he has convinced himself he is exposing the Republican White House and the POTUS as Un American.

    SJW Media and the Dems themselves feel that the Democratic Party is the Deserving Ruling Class of the U.S. much like the Federal Liberals and Canadian Media feel in Canada.

    To Arrogant, Elitist, Entitled Progressive Liberals it does not really matter what Election Results happen to be. Acosta, HRC, Lemon, Anderson, Cuomo (YIKES), Morning Joe, Maddow, Booker, WARREN, PM Justin, and the rest simply believe they are Superior and they alone have the Moral Authority to Rule America, Canada, or Any other Democracy.

    Let’s be honest when you have 90% of the Media and over 80% of the SJW PC Educators at all levels indoctrinating Children and the Adults of the Great Unwashed Underclass from the time they reach 4 or 5 years of age you cannot blame them for expecting to Hold Power and Control over Canada or the U.S..

    Because U.S. Voters totally rejected and repudiated the 8 Years of Obama Policies and did not want 8 more under /Hillary the Great UnwashedPushed Back and Voted Trump.

    Of course this unacceptable to Progressives and they will not accept what took place.

    I strongly believe that if the Voters reject the Dems in the Mid-Terms things may settle down and the Media, Dems, and other Progressives May need to go back to Square One and re-think their strategy. They may finally realize they cannot survive on Identity Politics alone.

    Trump Republicans are getting more support from various Minority Groups than ever thought and Media do not want to discuss that fact.

    The Hard Left will cause many Hard Eorking, Productive Tax Paying Minorities, Soft Dems, and Independents to question whether the Democratic Party are the Brand they wish to support. We may see the same thing in Canada Federally if Con Leader Scheer ever decides to leave the “Witness Protection Program”. PM Justin has alienated much of his Base and he will suffer greatly at the Hands of Premier Ford over the next year and Ford could make PM Justin look very inferior when it comes to running Government like ?Business.

    Ford, Migration, Borders, Debt, Deficit, and Un Employment will be the Waterloo for the PM.

    CNN will need to re think their whole way of Programming and News Reporting, they will begin to see a backlash from Advertisers and it could get ugly.

    Acost would look good covering Tractor Traffic Reports in Northern Iowa in early January. I think he would look good in Ear Muffs and Muck Luks.

    Hey, perhaps he could have PM Justin as a Co Reporter.

  5. BTW

    As with many other FALSE and UNTRUE Reports from Sources, White House Sources, Insiders, Anonymous Sources, Leaks, another Fabricated Report and soon to happen Firing promoted by CNN. MSNBC, WaPo, NYT, Morning Joe, MANBC, The Alpha. bet Networks has been proven to be False.

    They were ALL Reporting that WH Chief of Staff ?Johnny Kelly hated POTUS and was about to be fired. This story was reported several times a week for months until Saturday last when the WH announced that Trump asked Kelly to stay until 3020 and Kelly happily accepted.

    Not one discussion anywhere on any of the Anti Trump/Republican Networks.

    They did however talk extensively about the almost 2 year old Russian Collusion Story and PAUL Manaforts Wardrobe.

    Sounds and looks like Manafort did not report Income and that is a crime and he should face ethical prosecution but none of that has anything to do with ?Russian Colludion.

    Let’s be honest, if Mueller had any evidence of Russian Collusion it would have been leaked a long time ago.


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