The unflappable Alex Docking: Prairie broadcaster celebrates 50 years in the biz


“There isn’t a situation he hasn’t faced. There isn’t the pressure of a story that he hasn’t faced in order to guide you and help you.”

When Alex Docking got his first job in radio, he wasn’t even old enough to vote.

Pierre Trudeau had just been elected, but at 18 years old (the legal voting age was 21 in 1968), Alex was more excited about his new gig than he was about Canada’s new charismatic prime minister.

“I knew I wanted to be in the media even when I was 11 and 12 years old,” said Alex. “I knew I wanted to do that, if I could.”

Not only did he do it, but he excelled at it, his career culminating in 50 years of personal growth, leadership, diversity and mentorship.

His face and voice became a household staple as he spent decades telling prairie stories with passion, care and quality all the while helping shape the next generation of journalists.


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