Faisal Hussain: What the mainstream media won’t tell you, by Candice Malcolm



by Candice Malcolm

July 28, 2018

A cold-hearted thug walked through a Toronto neighbourhood and opened fire at innocent civilians enjoying a warm summer evening. He murdered a 10-year-old girl and an 18-year-old young woman. He deserves our scorn, not our sympathy.

Canadian media outlets are going out of their way to paint Faisal Hussain as a victim. This is an insult to all Canadians, especially the victims.

Below is everything we know about the Danforth shooter, both confirmed and unconfirmed accounts, including reports that the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know.

This is what the mainstream media will not tell you. 


Confirmed reports

Unconfirmed reports the media is repeating

  • Hussain had previously been apprehended by Toronto police twice under the Ontario Mental Health Act (anonymous police source).
  • An anonymous former teacher of Hussain at Victoria Park Collegiate says that the school contacted police in 2009 after the teacher asked Hussain what he wanted to do with his life and Hussain replied: “I want to kill someone.” (anonymous teacher)
  • Hussain shot himself in the head following the rampage (anonymous person close to Hussain’s family)

Unconfirmed reports the media is ignoring

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  1. The statement from the family was nothing more than government orchestrated propaganda like you’d find in third world dictatorships. It should have been clearly reported by the media that it was written by a professional activist with an agenda. It’s one thing for an actual friend of the family or a lawyer to help them with an army of reporters on their doorstep but that’s not what happened. Trudeau and his fawning toadies in the media tried to bulls*it and manipulate the Canadian public. I hope they remember come election time.

  2. How many Bodies of Dead Canadians will we need stacked like Cord Wood before Canadian Politicians and other Authorities admit that we have an ever increasing problem with Terrorism?

    Unfortunately the current group of Federal Liberals may never recognize the problem much like their Liberal SJW PC Snowflakes in The EU who are still failing admit they have a Terrorism problem.

  3. You know your society has a problem when your own government (firstly Federally but at all levels) act and conspire against you, your fellow citizens and national interests as well as future.

    The MSM is equally complicit in these actions and conspiracy against us and our 151yr. old nation.

    WAKE THE HELL UP FOLKS! Not just in Canada but all western world nations that are based on similar social, political and economic values which are under attack and are being actively conspired against.

    DIVERSITY IS NOT OUR STRENGTH! BUT IF ALLOWED TO CONTINUE UNFETTERED IT WILL BE OUR UNDOING! Only common threads, common ideals and values that bind our nation and western world society are our strength.

    Liberalism and all leftism including all leftist, cultural-Marxism and its sordid intersectionality with Islam, will hurt and continue to set back all of Canada and other peer western states.

    In Canada we either have 151 year old CANADIAN VALUES and IDENTITY or we don’t. We can choose to uphold our long fought for values, welcoming LEGALLY those WHO WILL 100% ACCEPT AND ASSIMILATE TO OUR LONG HELD VALUES or we will lose our national identity. culture and nation in time. WAKE UP TO OURSELVES BEING SHAKEN DOWN AND CONSPIRED AGAINST! If not for yourself then your kids, grand kids and future Canadian generations.

  4. The problem is the average Canadian gets their information from the corporate/government controlled media. It’s even worse in Europe. I don’t expect anything to change quite frankly.
    The CBC, especially radio has millions of listeners they spoon feed SJW sewage and now that the private media is in the hands of a few they have jumped on the bandwagon as well. There is no one to hold them accountable and when the public elect a populist like Ford in Ontario the media piles on just like with Trump. Take a look at the front page of the Globe and Mail every day. It’s a steady drumbeat of trashing Trump, Ford and op ed pieces filled with globalist nonsense. No one should be giving the MSM any money. Don’t subscribe, listen and cancel cable if you still have it. Get your internet from an alternative supplier if possible. The only reason the MSM has power is that people give them money. Cut them off. If you have a FB account delete it. The MSM is working against the interests of the average Canadian so their is no reason for the average Canadian to support them. Rediscover your public library that’s basically a giant video rental store combined with books and magazines, even CD’s that you can all access for free.

  5. It would seem that we dont have much hope. It almost looks like short of another 9/11 style terror attack we will endure death by a thousand cuts.
    One more reason to hold out hope that Donald J Trump manages to push his anti ISIS anti open boarders policies ahead. Good luck to him, and good luck to the Alex Jones, Candace Malcom crowd.

  6. Faisal’s scumbag brother who likely put himself into a coma to which I hope the F**KER rots as such was found to have 55 illegal hand guns but more scary he had 43Kg. of Carfentinal.

    ONE GRAM OF CARFENTINAL CAN KILL AN AVERAGE HUMAN BEING! I believe this a**hole of a brother was looking at going to create a terrorist attack using Carfentinal probably by aerosoling it in a public space. Thankfully I feel this lil shit probably inhaled fumes from it and put himself in said coma.

    Folks NOBODY in the MSM nor government mention this about the 55 illegal guns and more so the 43KG of Carfentinal about Faisal’s good (NOT) brother! WE NEED TO WAKE UP AND HOLD MSM AND GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE! Islamic terrorism is our global problem and a cuck for a PM who believes returning ISIS fighters should be given hugs, teddie bears and read poems instead of ARREST AND JAIL!!! is not who we need in power to help fight this evil in Canada.

    We will rue being soft on terror and soft on violent crime.

  7. Les H

    Total Agreement except for one thing,

    1 gram of CF can literally Kill MANY MORE than one Human Being, possibly well over 100!

    Why don!t Media Care about what we are pointing out here?

  8. Here we go again. A week has gone by and its as though the attack never happened. BTW hows the Las Vegas attack investigation going? That Saudi that was in Vegas that night , hows he doing?. Hows the investigation into the killers home robbery going? Any NEWS?

  9. I suppose we should all be thankful that Justin Trudeau will not face the facts and admit that he is allowing thousands of Faisal type terrorists to enter Canada unchecked. Our PM has set the bar pretty high for Canadians that become radicalized. They get a get out of jail free card, they get the mandatory apology from our PM, then they get the golden handshake from the CANADIAN TAX PAYER. $$$$$10,000,000.00 .

  10. Another mentally ill man in London trying to medicate himself by running over non Islamic type people. Large group of mentally unstable s all committing mentally unstable synchronized episodes of mental breakdown in Sweden.
    WHEN will we say enough allready. The Toronto police still havent linked this killer to Islam. Still havent found the source of the gun. Still havent figured that 50 KGS of car fent could kill a large portion of North America.


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