New Jersey DJs Off Air for Turban Jibe at Prosecutor


by BBC News   26 July 2018



Two US radio DJs have been taken off air after calling the nation’s first Sikh state attorney general “turban man” during a segment.

WKXW-FM hosts Dennis Malloy and Judi Franco repeatedly used the term on their show to describe New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal.

They were discussing a plan by the state’s top law enforcement official to suspend marijuana prosecutions.

Other state politicians quickly rallied to defend Mr Grewal.

In response to Wednesday afternoon’s programme, the prosecutor tweeted: “My name, for the record, is Gurbir Grewal.”

He added: “I’m a Sikh American. I have 3 daughters. And yesterday, I told them to turn off the radio.”

The radio hosts acknowledged during their broadcast that the term might be derogatory.

But Mr Malloy said: “If that offends you then don’t wear the turban and maybe I’ll remember your name.”

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was among public officials who rallied to Mr Grewal’s defence.

“Station management must now hold the hosts accountable for these intolerant and racist comments,” the Democrat said in a statement.

Hosts Judi Franco and Dennis MalloyImage copyrightTWITTER/ @DENNISANDJUDI

Radio hosts Judi Franco and Dennis Malloy


  1. From what I have seen the AG is not someone I would consider voting for, in fact his PC Actist Liberal Soft On Crime approach to ?Law Enforcement disgusts me.

    As a matter of fact it is Politicians like him that are doing great harm to our society today by ignoring the Rule of Law and making Cities less safe and Breeding Grounds for the Criminal Element that are destroying the safety and security of Law Abiding, Hard Working Citizens and their Families.

    Having said that I believe it is unacceptable to criticize someone like him for his way of Dressing.

    If the Sikhs were good enough to Bravely Die in Battle Fighting for Britain they are certainly good enough people to be shown respect and not mocked for their Head Gear.

  2. Completely unacceptable comments but if it was a Lib DJ making fun of Trump’s kids or wife they would be back on the air after the weekend.

  3. SO WHAT?

    Did the AG get hurt? Did anyone get hurt? IT’S JUST DAMN WORDS! F**K YOUR FEELINGS!

    People say silly, stupid and moronic things about and to others often. In our past most people were strong enough to just ignore it, shrug it off or if need be dish it right back at the person shooting his or her mouth off. In modern days now it’s all BOO HOO YOU HURT MY FEELINGS! Again F**K your feelings. There is hardly a person on Earth whom at some times in their life did not have mean, bigoted, hurtful or abusive words and or names fired at them or about them. We did not CRY RIVERS OF OFFENDED TEARS! We either walked away, or maybe turned it back and shot words/names back to these persons… Remember when as kids we learned “STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK MY BONES BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME! GAWD CAN WE ALL JUST GROW THICKER SKINS? Sure, people can be jerks, assholes and bitches, THAT IS LIFE but most people are generally good if maybe sometimes goofy, ignorant and stupid. SO GET OVER IT!

  4. Zebb,

    Yes, and lets not forget how those like Bee and Wolf are quick to toss out ‘hurtful’ words to and about others they did not like. HYPOCRISY SOME?!?

    The I’m outraged ‘liberal-left’ are so quick to do as they cry out against, but their opponents or enemies are expected take it, which they mostly do and not cry tears of I’m offended.

  5. Correct me if Im wrong but didnt our Canadian minister of defense embellish his resume re military history? He still has his job and life goes on. That would seem a bigger fauz pas that the on air jab the DJs took at this fella. Agree with Les.

  6. 13

    You are 100% correct, Canada Def Minister Sajjan is an Embarrassment to Canada and every Canadian Military Member That ever put on a pair of Boots!

    He should have been Fired and forced to Resign the moment the story came out about him Fabricating the Story about His Fake Military Heroics.

    Sickening that Media PM Justin and then Canadian Media let him off the Hook on that!

    As a Conservative Supporter I must also admit that I am not happy that the Conservative Party Folded like a Cheap Tent On this one as well.

    Why is Con Leader Scheer hiding in “The Witness Protection Program”?

    Sadly much like PM Justin, Def Min Sajjan is “Only a Legend is In His Own Basement”.

  7. I was stunned when the Minister didn’t get more blowback, and expected him to lose his post. Seemed straightforward.

    In the big picture though, I can’t imagine the Trudeau government having a capable replacement. This guy is a liar, but he does have a military background. It’s not like Trudeau has Colin Powell on his bench to replace him.

    Maybe we as Canadians are better served by “the devil you know” in this situation.

    Sure, the lack of accountability is troubling, but PMJT has never had an ounce of credibility with me. It’s not like he can disappoint me.

  8. Sajjan and His Leader PM Justin both have

    “Walter Mitty Syndrome”

    They are Full of Self Importance and unless Media, Opposition Politicians, The Great Unwashed, and their own Party Hold them Accountable nothing will change.

    As I stated earlier they are both only “Legends in their Own Basements” !!

    Surely there must be someone close to them that can explain to them that they are indeed an Embarrassment to their Own Caucus, their own Families, the Country of Canada, and it’s People.

  9. Of the two Liberals in question, Trudeau is by far and away the worst. The defense minister is a liar. Trudeau is a liar that doesnt see the optics of his behavior. To holiday on the Island of a very wealthy person is bad. To bring your whole family is worse. To give tax payers dollars to support his gracious hosts causes is beyond comprehension. To not see the poor optics shows a spoiled entitled elitist corrupt individual.
    Then there is the groping incident. Trudeau publicly stated that he would not tolerate that sort of behavior from anyone in the Liberal party. He then went on to say that the passage of time did not excuse past misdeeds. So when he rationalizes his past misdeed as a misunderstanding once again he shows his contempt for the Canadian voters. His lack of credibility. His poor judgement. His spoiled entitled elitist attitude.
    Yes the 2 radio hosts paid a price for a poorly phrased sentence. Our two Federal Liberals paid squat for their far worse behavior.


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