JUDGE JEANINE: Whoopi Goldberg Started Cursing at Me! She Said F-You! F-You! Get the F-ck Out of This Building! (VIDEO)


The unhinged liberals on The View EXPLODED on Thursday after Judge Jeanine Pirro DESTROYED Whoopi Goldberg. The Judge was invited on the show to talk about her new book. It seems the View hosts had other plans…

It appears the hosts of the view, also picked the wrong one to abuse and berate.

The View hosts were outraged and plotted to gang rush the popular FOX News host and New York judge

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  1. Trump Derangement Syndrome:

    A mental affliction or psychosis, normally prevalent to liberally minded, social justice type personalities. This affliction is heightened by the level of virtue signaling of these persons with the affliction or disorder.

    This syndrome can be very dangerous to the health and well being of those who suffer from it and may also be harmful to others whom these ill individuals know and relate too. Violence is one side effect, but for most who suffer TDS it’s more about ever increasing virtue signaling and a general malaise of knowing that their irrational and emotional based ideals are not shared universally or by many others, notably by those who live in a world of reality and rational idealism.

    Through President Trump’s ability to push for pro-American, pro-Western values including those of liberty, justice, and reality based ideals, some of those who suffer from TDS, may be incapable of being cured or even well treated for this syndrome and it’s terrible side effects.

    For some who suffer from it, only time and taking the red pill of accepting reality over their pie in the sky utopian dreams often based on the added illness of socialist ideals, may help. A severe shock to reality may also help some afflicted. #WALKAWAY is a new treatment for some as well.

    This syndrome if not treated may destroy the quality of life and social well being of those afflicted by it. Some afflicted may be beyond treatment or cure, case in point some suffering from such include, Whoopie Goldberg, Maxine Waters, Joy Behard, Adam Shiff, John Brennan, Robert Dinero, the MSM and most other liberals, US Democrats, some RINO’s and celebrities and such.

    The good thing is that President Trump by his leadership and actions is trying to better life and help deal with the many pressing issues circa 2018.

    On a side note and based on what we are seeing today, it is safe to say that the NEXT 6 YEARS, WILL AFFECTED THE FOLLOWING 50-60 years in humanity…. With hope though we see and ask ARE WE TIRED OF WINNING YET?

  2. I have never ever seen the View and never will.

    Having said that I have never watched Daytime Television of any kind in Canada, not even the news as I am always at work in my office very early. I must admit I did not even see one Oprah Show, I must be the only one.

    Having said that I have seen the odd clip of various shows so I am aware of who many of the players are.

    I am well aware of who the Judge is and I am well aware of who Whoopi is and what “Hate and Dishonesty” she represents.

    I find it incredible that Live and TV Viewing Audiences could actually Clap their Hands for someone like Whoopi. Incredible.

    As to the Judge? I find her to be a Great American Patriot! Yes she can be over the top from time to time but she believes in “The Rule of Law” and not enough Judges or Politicians in the Free World have the respect for the Law that the Judge has.

    I honestly wish we had Judges like Pirro in Canada, B.C., and in particular YVR, if we did we would have a much lower Crime Rate and we would not have as much Carnage on the Streets.

    Judge Jeannine understands what “Deterrent” actually means and the Judiciary in our Country should follow her lead.

    Unfortunately most of the judiciary in Canada and B.C. are more like the Judges we are used to seeing in Comedy Television Shows.

    Incredibly Sad!

  3. What do you expect from someone called “Whoopie”? And no matter how intellectual she tries to look, she’s still an ignorant leftist who can’t stand opposing opinions. What surprises me is how this show manages to attract guests! I forget who coined the phrase “Trump Derangement Syndrom” but it sure applies here!

  4. I suppose it is because Judge Jeanine believes that Roman Polanski should be in the US facing justice for the charge of drugging and raping an underage girl. Whoopie continues to support Polanski because, “well, it’s a European thing”.

    To Whoopie, ‘meetoo’ has an entirely different meaning, at least, that’s my take on it.

  5. It started the night Trump won the election. CNNs coverage with John King was amazing. The left leaning network was not prepared to lose and to this day many on the left have not come to grips with the fact that they LOST.
    So DJT is not the status quo. Hes not a polished speaker. Hes not even close to the level of eloquence that Obama had when making a speech. “YES WE CAN”
    I guess DJT might want to try “Yes we did.” Obama , other than being the first black president really has no legacy.
    Poor pathetic Whoopy. Shes not nearly as eloquent as Obama.

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