CBC Power & Politics Slammed For Bias


by Spencer Fernando


July 16, 2018

Michelle Rempel voices the frustrations of many Canadians tired of being forced to pay for leftist propaganda.

Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel slammed CBC Power & Politics for bias.

Here’s what Rempel said on Twitter:

“Why I hate doing @PnPCBC – just pretaped a panel where the host gave the liberals double the amount of time on the show, and the opportunity for the last word without any debate or rebuttal.”

Michelle Rempel


Why I hate doing @PnPCBC – just pretaped a panel where the host gave the liberals double the amount of time on the show, and the opportunity for the last word without any debate or rebuttal.

“In the final segment, the host let the Lib spew a bunch junk without any fact checking, then closed debate without opportunity to rebut. She made a special point after the opposition segments to say that she’d give an opportunity for the Liberals to respond.”

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  1. and lets include CTV, Global as the private corporates also endorse fake news. I’m sure City probably fits in there too. As for radio, CKNW comes out on top. Shame on all them.

  2. Way to go Michelle! Many of us agree that it’s about bloody time there was more balanced reporting on Cdn politics by the CBC.
    Doug Ford’s arrival & Michelle’s work might at least start the ball rolling…

  3. 40-50+ years ago a government operated broadcaster could proove a place in a then modern society. However today and over the last 15-20 years less so. With modern technology and the fact that likely 99%+ of all Canadians have access to modern media and news media, means the CBC, be it radio and t.v. is no longer needed as a government broadcaster.

    Government can provide adequate regulations that keep private broadcasters above board and made to provide acceptable access to news, information and entertainment to all Canadians who chose to receive it in whatever for they can or pay to receive.

    If a major international, national, regional, provincial or city interest comes about, the government can mandate private broadcasters/media provide time and/or space for government officials to provide said important info to any and all Canadians.

    The CBC is a multi-billion dollar slush box of government and typically leftist propaganda today. CIRCA 2018 it is no longer needed and should be sold off in whole or broken up in parts to competitive interests.

    If this were the 1990’s I’d still defend the CBC as I use to live in a remote part of Canada and did appreciate CBC’s reach as I knew media/news choices were more limited. But with the internet, cable, satellite today there is hardly a place where citizens cannot get info and news in Canada.

  4. Canadians are fed a steady diet of propaganda not only by the CBC but it’s reinforced by the the corporate media from both sides of the border. Where is the voice for people that disagree with the socialist and globalist corporate agenda? It’s been neutered by concentrating media ownership into a few hands with the reasoning that people can find dissenting opinion on the internet. However that’s a false narrative since the same globalist corporate interests control the internet, not only the access but also most of the content. The crooked Clintons are responsible for the existence of the media behemoths in the first place which is why the MSM is so deferential to them. The media landscape in North America looks more like the old communist Russia every day.

  5. I was on the road over the weekend and had a chance to listen to over-the-air radio. CHQR, CHED, CHQT, CFFR were virtually unlistenable due to the constant barrage of horrible commercials.

    Thank God for Radio One. No commercials here. Programs for the most part were very good.

    I can’t name ANY of the hosts, however, as their names are completely and phonetically unpronouncable in the English or French languages.

    Wait, I DO remember Duncan McHugh. Perhaps he had the good sense to anglicize his name from Xtaptic Wrongit when he entered broadcasting?

    Could he mentor some of the twenty somethings and explain to them WHY people need to remember and pronounce their names?


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