Modern Family Co-Creator to Quit (?) in Protest of Fox News Immigration Coverage


Steve Levitan Threatens to Leave 20th Century Fox


Steve Levitan, co-creator of ABC’s hit sitcom Modern Family,announced plans to part ways with 20th Century Fox on Tuesday amid growing criticism over the Fox News Channel’s coverage of immigrant children being separated from adults at the border.

“I look forward to seeing #ModernFamily through to the end and then, sale or no sale, setting up shop elsewhere,” Levitan Tweeted Tuesday.

Levitan joined Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and Hollywood director and super-producer Judd Apatow in blasting Fox News’ coverage of the Trump administration’s handling of illegal immigration.

“Let me officially join  in saying I’m disgusted to work at a company that has anything whatsoever to do with ” Levitan tweeted on Monday in response to Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s criticism of the right-leaning cable channel. “This bullshit is the opposite of what  stands for.”


                             Jesse Tyler Ferguson, co-creator Steven Levitan, and Eric Stonestreet in Modern Family (ABC/Eric McCandlessm)

Steven Levitan in Modern Family (ABC/Michael Ansell)

Modern Family has racked up more than a dozen Emmy awards and continues to be a ratings juggernaut for ABC.

In a statement to the New York Times, Levitan thanked 20th Century Fox, which produces Modern Family, and its executives for treating him “so well for two decades.”

“I have great respect for Dana Walden, Gary Newman, Peter Rice, and everyone at 20th Century Fox Studios who have all treated me so well for two decades,” he said. “For now, I will take some time to see where those people land, and at that point, make a decision about my future.”

Levitan also accused Fox News of being a cheerleader for the National Rifle Association and promulgating inaccurate reporting.

“I have no problem with fact-based conservatism (such as WSJ), but @FoxNews’ 23-hour-a-day support of the NRA, conspiracy theories and Trump’s lies gets harder to swallow every day as I drive onto that lot to make a show about inclusion,” Levitan said.

MacFarlane said over the weekend he is “embarrassed” to be employed by Fox in response to CNN host Brian Stelter’s tweet criticizing Tucker Carlson’s plea to ignore his competitors.



  1. LMAO,the left is throwing a temper tantrum again,he’s going to leave all that money on the table.FYI Disney going to buy them.Grow up lefties.

  2. Well, I guess I won’t be able to watch a show I don’t watch anyways. I am surprised that they don’t just pack their bags and move to Canada and make comedies for the CBC.

    Funny how we have now become a nation (or nations) of policy by emotion. Dead children ( moved and repositioned on the beach for greater effect), children gasping for air due to chemical agents being looked after by people with no respirators, and now children crying out “I want my mama”. The Lefties seem to have a monopoly on “the children”. What should the Right do? Show crying toddlers who just lost their mom or dad because of an MS-13 gang member? I don’t think that will work. The Swedish “Van of Peace” that killed 5 people, including a girl who was literally torn in half, did not seem to sway people (at least not if you believe the MSM).

    To be honest, I think the manipulation of emotions via “look at what is happening to these poor children” campaign is starting to wane. The dead and crying children ploy is getting tiresome and quite frankly, laughable when it gets evoked on TV.

    C’mon folks. “Network” and “Wag the Dog” were probably the best and most illustrative movies made about how things work in MSM.

  3. This whole immigration border issue has been generated by the mostly anti-Trump media to try to water down his success with North Korea and his record reducing black and latino unemployment rates to mention a few. Is the guy perfect? Are you kidding? But you have to like his winning attitude for the US. If only Canadian politicians could feel the same about Canada.

    For every Fox News leaning towards many Trump decisions (who actually has more left-leaning people on staff than CNN or MSNBC) you have 15-20 cable or network outlets against him.

    Just google ‘Washington Post 2015 Mexican Children Punished for Border Crossing’ and you will see an article from 2015 where Obama was doing the same with little blowback from the media or Hollywood actors.

  4. The virtue signalling of the liberal-left is becoming insane. Notably celebrities and such, they feel they have more virtue and more sense then the general population and those in government who are JUST FOLLOWING THE DAMN LAW!

    MSM lies, liberal, Democrat lies and vomit inducing virtue signalling, it amazes though me how President Trump is able to get these people to OUT THEM SELVES for whom they are.

    First any persons coming to the USA ( Canada too for that matter) through a legal port of entry and declaring asylum WILL NOT HAVE THEIR CHILDREN TAKEN FROM THEM! Except if the adult(s) are returning felons or are wanted for crimes in the USA or their home nation. Civil societies DO NOT lock their kids up with returning felons or wanted felons. But now out of pressure these illegal immigrant kids are used as pawns and are now to be locked up with what may be felons and wanted criminals.

    The real criminals are those who drag their kids through what may be terrible conditions as Mexico is a corrupt criminal nation and KNOWINGLY break US law to illegally cross the border and WE ARE TO CRY FOR THEM!

    Most 90% of these minors are illegally brought into the USA without a parent, parents or legal guardians. Most of these minors likely being BEING TRAFFICKED INTO GOD KNOW WHAT MISERY and SJW’s, liberals champagne socialists , Democrats and the MSM’s are not wanting to see that, their virtue signaling and anti-Trump, anti-US hate blinds them.

    “But, but, but President Trump himself is pulling innocent children from their loving parents.” says the idiot SJW bleeding hearts and moronic Democrat politicians.

    The US government under President Trump is following US LAWS, most of these trace back to the 1990s under then Bill FRICKEN CLINTON! FFS! Obama himself had the government do the same stuff. NO FRICKEN TEARS BY LEFTIST, ANTI-US, ANTI- WEST BLEEDING HEARTS BACK THEN!

    Hey you bleeding heart liberals, SJW’s and Democrats, EVERY DAY in the USA (as well as Canada) kids are taken from their parents or guardians inside the USA. Yes, if a parent or guardian is charged with a crime and is held in detention, government workers will and must take the kids into protective custody, until the charges are dropped or until a suitable home be it another family member, government facility or foster home can be found for these kids.

    None of you SJW’s and lefty loonies care for the often deplorable conditions many American (and Canadian kids ) find themselves in, WHY? Because to you champagne socialists, to you “I HEART” liberals and SJW activists it’s about VIRTUE SIGNALING and none of you really care to do JACK SHIT! for trying to fixing real issues. Most of these kids you hypocrites don’t really care about are firstly black or hispanic/latino kids or are of drug/crack headed mothers, white, yellow, brown or black. None of you and especially the celebrity class take in refugees (though most we see on the MSM’s are not refugees), none take in asylum seekers, no taking in of even illegal migrants, BUT YOU ALL CHIME IN WAGGING YOUR FINGERS AN CLUCKING YOUR TONGUES WITH YOUR VIRTUE SIGNALING BULLSHIT for all of us to have to see and hear. EFF YOU!

    Our lame stream media starting with CBC News, CBC Radio One , locally CKNW and others makes me want to puke with their B.S. virtue signalling and anti-Trump and anti-USA shite! I find I have to turn from or off my radio, move from the news channels on TV be it Canadian , US or British MSM’s. The virtue signaling rhetoric makes me sick.

    How do I know these modern liberals, SJW’s, Champagne socialists etc. are the deranged virtue signalers? BECAUSE FOR MUCH OF MY ADULT LIFE I TOO SUFFERED VERY MUCH OF BEING A VIRTUE SIGNALER! It best takes a recovering alcoholic to better see other alcoholics, recovered drug addicts to see other drug addicts, recovered sex addicts to see sex addicts, recovered gambling addicts to see gambling addicts and in my case a recovered/recovering virtue signaling, liberal leftist to see the WRANK VIRTUE SIGNALING TODAY. Their virtue signaling crap rings like a church bell to me today and I’M SICK OF IT AND TO HELL WITH ALL OF THEM.

    The USA and Canada among our peers are nations of laws and laws must be applied equally for there to be any semblance of equal justice. I know in reality we as humans can and do fall into the unequal application of the law and justice but the idea of such equality under the law and its application must stand and if its being made unequal society will fail.

  5. George in Richmond,

    You said the left seems to have (or want ) a monopoly on the children. Yep they try to make it so EXCEPT if the child is still unborn for one. A mother’s ‘sole’ right to kill her unborn child is A’OK WITH THE LEFT!

    Kids who live/grow up in “The Hood” “The Projects” etc. in all too many cities living among the scum of society, drugs, gang crime as such. NO REAL ACTION NOR CARE FROM THE LEFT but the left (though true some on the center-right too) are damn good to milk and use the minorities of said situation for vote getting. It amazes me how in the USA alone the black community votes as a block 85-90% DEMOCRAT! WHAT THE HELL HAVE THE DEMS DONE FOR YOU ALL IN 50 YEARS post the Civil Rights Act? Tell me how a typical black persons/families life in the hood or projects is better off today than pre 1964?


    Pre 1960’s only 24-25% of black children were born into single mothers. Today its 75%, how is that better?

    In the 1950’s the average black working household made near a much average income as a similar white working household. Today the gap between the two groups is over $20,000 per year.

    In the 1950’s blacks graduated high school at a rate rate similar to whites and Asians, today its like a 20+ point difference.

    Black incarceration rates pre 1964 was generally inline with other demographics, today something like 75% of black males have either been in prison or are prison.

    Before the 1960’s black families had a slightly higher church participation rate then even whites. The black two parent family was a STABLE, respectful and GOD loving family, as good as typical white, brown or Asian families in general. Today not so much, they worship the alter of the Democrats and the welfare state. 🙁

    I could go on….

    The left, liberalism and spearheaded by mostly the Democrats, BTW the party of racism in the USA, has by hook, crook, lies and tossing out welfare bones BROKEN the black family and is trying to do so with Hispanic/Latino families a will work to do so with white and Asian families too. To bring in their lefty-loony socialistic ideals they know they MUST break the back the western world and its family ideals. GOOD COMMIES HATE GOOD FAMILIES! WORKING FAMILY STRUCTURES ARE NOT GOOD COMRADES BUT ARE A SOUND WORKING HIERARCHY AND A GENERAL LOVING FAMILY PARADIGM! This cant exist in a post modern, leftist, ‘good’ communistic world.

  6. Modern Family is funny. It pokes fun at
    Old white rich man marries an imigrant woman half his age.
    Completely dysfunctional family life

    So me thinks this guy sits in his glass house and tosses rocks at the windows

  7. I wonder when the Hollywood and pro sports crowds are going to concentrate on acting and catching balls.
    Thats what they get paid to do


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