Netflix Viewing Tops Canada’s Largest Stations in English Language Market


The CRTC’s new report breaks down Canada’s broadcast industry in numbers

By Rose Behar,    JUN 1, 2018

Netflix is the most popular video service for three major demographics in Canada’s English-language market. Data sourced from Numeris shows Netflix beats out both CTV and Global in terms of average viewing for three key English demographics — adults 18 to 34, adults 25 to 54 and children 2 to 11. In other words, the majority of  English Canadians prefer the online streaming platform to the country’s major stations.

The insight comes courtesy of ‘Harnessing Change: The Future of Programming Distribution in Canada,’ a report published by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) on Thursday. The report, requested by Canada’s Innovation and Heritage ministers ahead of reviews of the Broadcasting Act and Telecommunications Act, offers an in-depth analysis of the state of Canada’s broadcasting industry in the digital age.

Netflix looms large in the report as emblematic of a new wave of global streaming platforms quickly gaining ground on cable TV. Music streaming platform Spotify’s presence is also notable in the report, but as a challenge to conventional music consumption habits.

The internet is becoming all that many Canadians need or want for entertainment purposes, the report puts forward, backing up its claim with data and research culled from the CRTC’s own research, as well as data from third-party firms including Numeris, Media Technology Monitor (MTM), EKOS, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) and Edison.

Among the many insights: 34 percent of Canadians would give up alcohol for a year to have access to the internet, while nine percent said they would give up sex. According to data from MTM, most online time is spent on video and audio consumption in both English and French language markets. In the English language market, that’s a 37 percent share of self-reported online time spent watching video, while in the French language market, that’s a 39 percent share.

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  1. At the outset, I watched Netflix regularly. Now that the major networks are running 4 seasons instead of two, I watch Netflix far less. It may only be when special programming has buggered up my DVR recordings leaving me with nothing to watch. THAT’s where Netflix comes in handy! The streaming service is also carrying more shows from the networks and that will end up with more people watching Netflix. Viewers will have to be patient for shows they’re interested in to arrive on Netflix but so far, they seem to be. Patient, that is.

  2. One of the main reasons that people watch netflix instead of corporate broadcasters is also one of the reasons CBC radio is so successful. No commercials. The amount of inventory and clutter has increased dramatically in the last decades since the CRTC has allowed the industry to consolidate.
    The bottom line is that the CRTC needs to be disbanded. Their meddling is no longer needed. Government does need to regulate access and rates charged to access the internet but that could be done by another branch of government.

  3. My thoughts exactly. The CRTC was a creation of the Liberals (as a replacement for the Diefenbaker-created BBG) and it was the CRTC that demanded – and got – the Cancon and simsub regulations imposed on Canadian media.

  4. Netflix does not get one red penny from me, why? Not because it could not be a viable alternative to broadcast t.v., but that it is now majority owned by a George Soros corporate subsidiary. George Soros is a global sh*t disturber and is one who is sitting on the right hand side of Lucifer himself. Any person who believes in the western developed world way of life, things as liberty with its general freedoms, free commerce, western justice and western world values are the best in our society and the world are worthy to protect can’t really support anything Soros Inc. including Netflix.

    Add the fact the that Netflix has other enemies of the USA and western world life in the Obama’a and ilks of their sordid social political clan is another brick in the wall so to speak.

    Evil Inc. is alive an well in our world today and we should not pander to it.


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