Police Chief Blasts BBC over ‘Wholly Inaccurate’ Manchester Terror Attack Documentary

Greater Manchester Chief Constable Ian Hopkins. Credit: PA

Manchester’s police chief has described a BBC documentary aired on the anniversary of the city’s arena terror attack as “entirely misleading” and “wholly inaccurate”.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Chief Constable Ian Hopkins hit out at the broadcaster in a two-page open letter on Wednesday.

He said he was left “saddened” by the impact Manchester: The Night Of The Bomb had on families and survivors a year on from the suicide bombing, which left 22 people dead.

The senior police officer criticised the use of “explicit”footage from the night of the attack on May 22 last year, claiming some families were left asking “is this my loved one on the floor?”

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Mr Hopkins said he wrote the letter to explain why his force did not take part in the programme and correct its “wholly inaccurate reporting”.

He denied suggestions he inferred from the documentary that GMP officers and staff were held back from the arena.



  1. Seems that officials have trouble with admitting the frequency and the level of violence that terrorist events have on their communities.
    Even the Mississauga chief doesnt think she can label the bombing a terrorist attack.
    Two men in;balaclavas detonating bombs in a crowded restaurant? No its likely the dishwasher was fired and is getting even.

  2. Honestly it would not surprise me a bit to see PC Liberal Types re-label the 911 Jet Air Plane Attacks as “A simple workplace mistake made by JFK Air Traffic Control”!

    Why are our Politically Correct Liberal Politicians striving so hard to undermine Western Democracy here in The U.S., Canada and the EU?

    It defies Logic!

    We are on a very slippery slope and the West will soon face “The Tipping Point”!

    Much like Nero, Obama, Merkel, Blair, Cameron, Lofven, Hollände, Junker, Renzi, and the rest “Fiddled While they Surrendered Western Societies and Cultures”

    Some in the EU are beginning to wake up but I am afraid the damage done there is more or less already irreversible.

  3. So every now and then an attack that looks like a terror attack occurs. For example the idiot that was upset because he couldnt get laid. Oddly even though he wasnt a card carrying ISIS fighter he certainly used the ISIS playbook on how to kill and maim on a budget (no pun intended).
    Yes our neighborhood home grown ISIS fighters have only to rent a truck to fulfill their dreams
    The use of explosive devices is old school terror. More likely to happen where truck rental isnt available. Kabul and other non Hertz locations .
    Sadly we see more terrorist attacks on Canadian soil all the time. Even if our officials claim they are not related to terrorism

  4. The general definition of terrorism may be outdated. Historically it has applied to actions in furtherance of a political cause, loosely speaking. So things like the Orlando nightclub attack, school shootings and the Toronto van case may lie outside the definition. If you are one of the people affected, it’s a distinction without a difference. It’s hard to argue that part of the goal isn’t to induce terror among people.

  5. @Zebb. Could not agree with you more. I remember being in Northern Ireland many years ago and there was a never-ending replay of a voice in my head that was asking if that garbage can was going to blow up, if that lorry that just drove by was going to blow up, if the bus I just got on was going to blow up. The statistics part of my brain knew the chances were incredibly small, but my cortisol levels were in a constant state of elevation nevertheless.

    Now, when I go to Surrey, I get a similar, albeit lesser effect. Am I going to get a stray bullet due to some East Asian (oops. sorry. “Canadian”) gang warfare.

    Terrorism is a state of mind and folks in Southern Ontario are going to think twice about heading for a curry fix.

    But hey, according to the mayor of London England, this is the new normal.


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