Long time former TV News Journalist Harvey Oberfeld suffers heart attack


BC acute care…from the inside, by Harvey Oberfeld


  1. Knowledge Network has a show about the Emergency Department at Vancouver General Hospital; I am so impressed with the level of professionalism and care that is shown on this documentary (It is available on Telus Optic “on demand”). To say that our health care system is in shambles, as the leftist press constantly will have us believe, is constantly disproven by personal experiences such as yours (and mine – at Alberta’s Sturgeon Hospital). I’m unclear as to why the food is uniformly bad in both places, however. Maybe it’s a subtle incentive to get you to leave!

  2. Get well soon and follow your post-op exercise regime..2 years ago I had an aortic valve replaced via open heart surgery in Royal Colombian Hospital,the entire medical staff in the cardiac ward were nothing short of amazing…the nurses might as well have “Dr” in front of their names( one nurse in particular,I think her name was Prem ,was an example of the incredible care that these medical professionals exude every day.Dr Gunning (cardiac surgeon) I’m here because of your expertise. I was always in good hands.

    Many Thanks
    Kenneth Oliver


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