After 73 Years, the CKNW Orphans’ Fund Changes its Name


The name of one of BC’s most respected charities has changed.  The CKNW Orphans’ Fund has been retitled the CKNW Kids’ Fund.

This is a recent press release from the organizers.

For over 70 years, the CKNW Kids’ Fund has been a pillar of support for children living with physical, mental and social challenges in BC. Through a dynamic network of community outreach, tireless fundraising and generous donors, we have created a lifeline for these brave kids and their families, who struggle with the often enormous cost of equipment, therapies and programs so crucial to their development.


CKNW Kids’ Fund strives to provide timely support 
to vulnerable kids with physical, mental and social 
challenges living in BC communities.


In December 1944, a brand-new Vancouver radio station decided to make the holiday season a little brighter for a local orphanage by purchasing gifts for the residents of The Loyal Protestant Home. CKNW listeners supported the idea immediately, and, year after year through their generous donations, the practice grew into tradition, one that continues to this day. While the orphanage has since come and gone, CKNW Kids’ Fund has expanded to support children facing a wide range of challenges throughout the province of British Columbia.


  1. I always thought that the name “Orphan’s Fund” was a kind of dated name, kind of like the old fashioned terms, “Foundling Home” and “Home for the Feeble Minded”. The fund supports a much broader range of childrens interests so the name Kids Fund is much more appropriate. It’ sad what’s happened to CKNW though, once a vibrant New Westminster based community station which morphed into a Vancouver station but now just a branch plant station for Global Toronto.

  2. I’d like to see the “CKNW Kids’ Fund” expand its support to full-on Family Court reform, in the shape of “Equal Shared Parenting” after separation or divorce.

    The obvious gender-bias in favour of the mother, by removing fit fathers from their kids’ lives, is unacceptable child abuse. Yes, brazen Child Abuse.

    Most fatherless, troubled children, are a product of the corrupt Family Courts, for profit.

    Thanks for reading my note.

  3. We shouldn’t forget that for most of its existence, CKNW paid all the operating expenses for the fund. That hasn’t been the case for the past several years, notwithstanding the case that some on-air hosts continued to use that line when it was no longer true.

  4. It is ironic that the use of “Orphans Fund’ actually telegraphs just how long this charity has been going on. The name change just lumps it into the charity or faux-charity category.

    I’m still p-o-ed at the various government agency name changes which, have not, to my mind, improved the service or the image. Revenue Canada to CRA? If you want to actually follow CKNW’s excuse for a name change, then instead of CRA is should have been the “Pay up or we will take you to court with our unlimited litigation funds” Agency.

  5. The c k n w orphans fund used to receive 100 % of the donations to be distributed to those in need. C k n w Paid all of the administration cost. Since cous took over c k n w my understanding is take a percentage for administration.

  6. Well this isnt rocket science? Would a corus executive care to clear up the misunderstanding?
    DOES corus siphon off some money to cover administration costs or not?
    Check Box A
    Corus is cheap
    Check Box B
    Corus cares about orphans


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