Alex Hindmarch returns to Central Canada and a new gig!

Alex Hindmarch sporting new colours…


Our friend Alex Hindmarch not only left Jack FM in Calgary awhile back, but exited Alberta for a new gig at Rewind in Sudbury, Ontario. Previous to Jack, Alex did a stint in Edmonton with Fresh for about 5 years. Before  that, it was Toronto at Q 107 for 6-7 years and he also taught radio at Humber College. Alex was also in radio in England before that too!  He tells us its always fun starting somewhere new and he’s a drive away from his family instead of a flight and he couldn’t be happier! Good on you, Alex…



  1. Lucky you to have Alex. I only started listening to Jack fm again because of him. Awesome show. Shame on Jack fm for not doing more to keep him here. Alex put them in a completely different league then all the other radio stations here that do the same old same old. Love his show and he is missed here in Calgary. I did call Jack fm to see when he was coming back when I hadn’t heard his show in sometime. I told the person I spoke with that I only listened to Jack because of Alex’s show, and shame on you for not doing more to keep him. Lucky you and I am sure all you listeners love his show as much as his show was loved here. Now Jack is back to the same old same old just like all the other stations.


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