Fox Moves to Revive Tim Allen Comedy Series ‘Last Man Standing’

Tim Allen


by Jerome Hudson

3 May 2018

The Tim Allen-fronted blue-collar comedy Last Man Standing may make Fox Broadcasting Co. its new network home after ABC abruptly canceled the successful series last year.

The possible series revival was first reported by Deadline:

I hear star and executive producer Allen has closed a deal to return. 20th TV is currently in conversations with other cast members as well as members of the series’ creative team, including producers, to come back. Two of the key Last Man Standing series regulars, Nancy Travis and Hector Elizondo, are tied to other multi-camera comedies at the moment. Travis stars in the upcoming Netflix comedy series The Kominsky Method while Elizondo is a lead of the pilot Guess Who Died, which is in contention at NBC.


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  1. I hope that Mr Allen has nothing but success. He and a few others are a very small minority of Hollywood celebs that havent guzzeled the koolaid.
    The show was (is) funny entertaining and mildly right wing. A breath of fresh air

  2. I’ll tune into the show. Tim Allen swims among a lot of Hollywood and t.v. celebrity liberal, self righteous, hypocrites and bubble living sharks… More power to him… BINFORD POWER ARGH, ARGH, ARGH! 🙂

  3. ABC made a huge mistake in letting politics influence its decision to cancel Last Man Standing, one of its highest-rated shows – all the more so considering that ABC currently lags behind CBS, NBC and even FOX in the ratings these days while barely holding even with the CW.

  4. A number of right wingers read this site. I think Tim Allen is boring, unfunny, and full of himself. His time in the limelight has come and gone. He is 64 playing 44, are the viewers that stupid.

  5. Robert Wilson, spoken like a typical liberal democrat. What you call boring, is the complete opposite. I will never understand the stupidity of the liberal mindset. God help us.

  6. The list of ‘unfunny’ includes.

    Michelle Wolfe
    Amy Schumer
    Steven Colbert
    Seth Myers
    Jimmy Kimmel
    Trevor Noah

    and pretty well any other ‘liberal comedian’, within the Hollywood or NYC zip codes.

  7. Including, of course, our own Samantha Bee (who I think a lot of us would like to disown for being a bigoted dimwit who often acts like a middle-aged teenybopper while slagging conservatives and cheerleading for liberals in the public eye).

  8. “Last Man Standing” aired 130 episodes over 6 seasons….in today’s TV world, that’s a very good run. Why can’t some of you folks just accept the possibility the show just ran out of appeal, and yes, funny, and that’s why it got cancelled?

    It’s not always about politics. For example, I don’t agree with Roseanne’s politics but I’m watching the reboot of her show and enjoying it a ton.

    Funny is funny. And LMS, towards the end, was not.

  9. The interesting thing about Michelle Wolfe at the WHCD and her shtick at the Dais was that she was not funny. I’ll get back to this in a moment, but also how liberals and sjw’s tried to enforce conservatives and everyday people who found her shtick insulting and crude as being snowflakes and insinuated that they wanted Wolfe to just shut up and to be punished afterwards. UM NO! most if not all who called Wolfe out did so by not trying to shut her up like 21st. century liberals and SJW’s try to do to those they do not care for, but to call her out for her crudeness and mindless insults. They want her to hang on her own words. They are not trying to shut her up or get her fired from any future comedy ( though she is really not funny anyways) but to again call her out for her rabid hate of those whom she sees to disagree with. Just like most if not all current Late night hosts who are also not really funny as they project their political hate under a thin veneer of jokes, humor and are they are also hypocrites too.

    The greatest late night host was Johnny Carson, a true Hollywood liberal but he never used his political ideology to attack via his monologues or as invited guests those whom he did not agree with politically or socially. He was rather even handed with political and social humor towards all on the political spectrum.

    Hint to the WHCD group, hire a comedian or MC who will roast those they respect and like. The reason why Wolfe was not funny was that she was not roasting people like Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, V.P. Pence and others out of respect or of liking, but out of her own twisted vile hate and disrespect.

    She sounds and seems to be a vile, crude and in general a miserable woman. These things never look good to any and all females including so called comedians. Vile and crude humor is only the parlance of certain few percent of male comedians. Women SUCK at such as no decent persons want to hear such shite from any woman’s mouth. THE TWO GENDERS ARE NOT THE SAME NOT MATTER HOW HARD CULTURAL MARXISTS TRY TO BEND AND SHAPE SUCH NONSENSE!

    Go dig out Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts (one can buy them on DVD ) and see what a proper roast is. It’s people of general like mind and giving a roast out of liking, love and respect of the subject(s) at hand as such and folks THAT IS FUNNY!

    Michelle Wolfe only disguised hateful attacks and vile crudeness beneath a thin veneer of jokes, humor and it was 100% transparent as such and ‘unfunny’

  10. You’re right Les, the Dean Martin Roasts were “proper roasts” and many of them, even though it was a very different time, were extremely funny.

    But know the difference between the Dino events and the WHCAD? With Martin’s roasts the “roastee” actually had the guts to show up and get roasted. And then, and this is what’s great about a real roast, with the last word, he/she got the opportunity to roast everybody who had just roasted him/her! Give and take, back and forth…funny!

    Until the current POTUS has the guts to actually attend the WHCA dinner, it’s just not going to work like it did in the past….and most years it worked pretty good.

  11. cartman.

    The problem is that the WHCD is not about a proper roast of a Potus anymore, it’s about hate and ill-will towards the current POTUS that the establishment did not want to see win. If I recall Trump was at the last WHCD and took it like a man. But why should he bother knowing it’s not about satirical fun and in the spirit ribbing, but is now about vile, hateful, crude and cruel people who not only hate POTUS 45 but they ALL HATE THE USA AS IT STANDS AND THE WESTERN WORLD WITH IT! They are either duped pawns, convenient stooges and/ or bought and for shills of a fantasy utopian leftist/socialist idealism and the sordid riff raff who peddle this ‘distopian’ crap all the while they are living in a bubble world and thinking that their own shite does not stink.

    President Trump is only man and an imperfect man like all of us are, but he is a patriot who loves the USA and the world, lifestyle, financial, economic system that allowed him to become rich through his labour and his brains. Everything that he believes in and stands for the USA goes back to the early 80’s in his POV and he is maybe the most genuine and honest man to be President in generations if not ever in the history of the USA.

  12. Bobby Wilson. As one of the number of right wingers that follow PSR I would like to comment on your assertion that viewers ( or anyone that doesnt think as you do ) being stupid. Please take a moment and contemplate the absurdity of your pomposity.

  13. The “Radical Left” in Hollyweird are losing customers in DROVES. They NEED to bring shows like Rosanne and Last Man Standing back lest they go bust……

  14. Robert Wilson
    A number of right wingers read this site. I think Tim Allen is boring, unfunny, and full of himself. His time in the limelight has come and gone. He is 64 playing 44, are the viewers that stupid.


    How did that work out for Hitlery Clinton head of the Clinton Crime Family calling us “deplorables” professor?

  15. The tide is shifting. PC LW SJW have had their day in the sun and the endless fake news and lies are starting to unravel as fast as the liars can dream them up.
    Its interesting to watch .


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