Don Shafer Leaves Roundhouse Radio …

Don Shafer

Puget Sound Radio just got word, Don Shafer will be leaving Roundhouse Radio.  Also reported, Stirling Fox, along with Gene Valaitis doing mornings, and the other cast of  fine characters will also be on the air tomorrow. Stay tuned…


Heard on the Gene Valaitis this morning on Roundhouse Radio say, what’s with the radio station, you ask?, telling us there’s an offer on the table, and he feels good about it, that the station will see the light of day tomorrow….

Listen Here

Needless to say, this is a developing story and we shall provide you with updates asap.


Live Stream of Roundhouse Radio HERE



  1. If Roundhouse is saved, as I feel it will be, one could argue that this whole scenario could be used as a positive promotional tool, which may in fact help to raise the overall profile of the station. While I’ve listened to my fair share of format changes over the years, I don’t ever recall a station simply turning off the transmitter and going dark.

  2. Good to see that the station has abit of a lifeline. Hope it all works out. I’m all for the little guy. I am starting a radio station in Saskatchewan and running into a few hic ups during my journey.
    Hope Roundhouse can be saved. I have listened a few times and totally impressed with the content and sound of the radio station

  3. Donovan, in the early 90’s, long time popular Alberta radio CJCA went dark on December 1st, 1991. Very interesting story. I’d like to hear from someone in Edmonton who can help me fill in the blanks. I don’t believe its ever happened in Canadian radio history?

  4. Gordy, thank you for that info. I wasn’t aware of that story. Come to think of it, Vancouver had another radio station go dark in I believe 1992. The former CKXY (1040 Kicks), which changed to Music of Your Life CIMA (Magic 104). According to an old Doc Harris interview, CHQM AM 1320 beat 1040 to the Standards format, and head office decided to stop funding it. It died a slow death until the money ran out. If memory serves, CKST would occupy that frequency soon thereafter as Coast 1040.

  5. wow, good to see there may be hope now!! I really hope that Roundhouse radio is saved!!

    It’s a great station and I was sad to hear the news that it may not be around.. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. 🙂

  6. Gordy S, CKUA also went dark for some time several years ago in a Edmonton …changed to listen supported/limited ads structure.

  7. Giving hope is cruel. Sorry to say it, but RR is dead. How they managed to be on the air today is probably just a paperwork thing. Last day of April, right? A business model that would never have worked, in a market that is not big enough to support it, with a handful of assumingly good and intelligent people, but who were not engaging or qualified talk radio talent. Sorry. Amazed that it lasted as long as it did. For a radio statio to stay afloat, they need the money of sales. No one listening (did you see the last ratings? Not even a blip), means they can’t sell airtime, means they can’t even afford the paper in the rented photocopier. This well-meaning little ship cannot be righted. If they are on the air at the end of tomorrow, let alone the end of the week, I will eat my shorts.

  8. Would be a helluva phoenix rising from the ashes story if they can pull it off! The reality is everything’s driven by sales as well as market penetration…unless the intention is a very, VERY expensive hobby for someone willing to watch it bleed x number of $ every month.

  9. meant to be heard and the terrible, scratchy reception of RHR makes listening impossible and I live in the downtown core.

    C2C comes in clearer though the lengthy ads, horrible music and poor transitions from commercials to the actual show is downright cringe worthy.

    A complete overhaul from the ground up with someone who truly understands radio is necessary for any chance to survive.

  10. RIP C2C.

    RHR should have never acquired C2C knowing their finances were in dire straights. Not exactly the way to build listeners and trust when they Knew they were in deep trouble yet touted ‘getting’ the program heavily.

    And we were supposed to support and believe in RHR…fat chance.

  11. Word from Kirk Lapointe on his FB feed at ca. 11 pm this evening:

    “We won’t be going off the air tonight on #RoundhouseRadio, after all. Some negotiations are under way for a possible sale, so the owners will keep the lights on as talks proceed toward resolution.”

  12. Among other issues, it appears that RHRs initial research was flawed. Radio has been, and continues to be, a business of diminishing returns. When the bottom line needs to be bolstered, mass layoffs are the answer. Radio today is like owning a racehorse:
    money goes in one end and out the other.

  13. Just sayin’ nailed it….sorry RHR, you’ve had long enough to prove your format works.
    Based on ratings, it doesn’t…stop throwing $$$ into a fire pit…

  14. I’m a huge Coast to Coast fan – wonder what will happen?

    I actually started listening to Roundhouse Radio once they acquired Coast to Coast (from CKNW who did not renew the contract). I was happy to have found them!

  15. There is another station in the dark (as of April 26 2017) mcbride’s 98.7 ckpm fm The Point and its not due to a “power surge” as they claim on their Facebook page…. it’s all to do with lack of money….along with mismanagement !!!


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