Seattle’s KING 5 Among Top US TV February Sports Ratings


As Gord Lansdell reports on his Northwest Broadcasters ‘Recent News’ page, KING 5 Seattle was one of the top NBC affiliates in the U.S. with February deliveries from the 52nd Super Bowl and the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, the first Games televised live across all time zones.

Super Bowl LII on KING 5 finished 4th among all metered markets in Households with a 79 share (only behind host city Minneapolis and team cities Boston & Philadelphia).

The Olympics performance on KING 5 was strong as it finished among the top Local People Meter markets across all key dayparts, coming in 4th-5th in prime time starting at 5 p.m. and in 2nd place in all key demos for late-night prime plus.


  1. Seattle’s KING, KIRO, and KOMO all seem to have withstood the test of time.

    I can remember All of them going back as far as KINGS long runningChildrens Show ”Wunda Wunda” one of my favorites when I was a Little Boy.

    I must say that I was thrilled to see Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau wearing one of Wunda Wundas Classic Witch Outfits On his recent Tour of India.

    It brought back Wonderful Childhood Memories.

  2. BMCQ, your right on about Seattle TV. Even Bellinghams KVOS has managed to carve out a niche in TVland.
    As for Wunda Wunda , I have to admit I never caught that act. KIRO on the otherhand had one of my childhood (truth is I followed his carreer till his passing) favorite show was JP Patches. Julius Pierpont Patches was mayor of the Seattle City Dump. So as an accomplished politician he could teach Prime Minister Dressup a lot about gravitas.
    Imagine a clown from Seattle having more gravitas than a PM from Ottawa.
    My apologies to all Puget Sound followers. JP Patches was good person, he had a long and ground breaking career, has gone down in history as a successful clown. It really is unfair of me to allow an entry level clown like Trudeau to share blog space with Mr Chris Wedes,aka JP Patches
    Just a note . JP holds position number 10 in the list of most programs ever aired in the history of TV, 10,657 episodes

  3. A further note to PSR denizens. This web site is refreshing with its wide range of topics. The crowd that posts on PSR for the most part is balanced and fair. Not anti American nor anti Canadian. Great content and great discussions.

  4. 13

    Another Great KING Show was Kings Klubhouse with Stan Boreson and his faithful Companion No Mo!

    I believe it was on in mid 60’s. ‘Zero Dockis!

    Interestingly enough I never saw JP Patches.

    I agree with your comments on PSR.

  5. thanks bmcq , not sure how that happened…. as I said on the other thread, and I see you acknowleded about, which might be confusing to some….. this is what I said
    What about Captain Puget? He had a great run weekday afternoons on KOMO TV. I recall he came up to Victoria at the Odeon Theatre on Yates Street. I was really impressed at the time because it was a full house.


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