Social Media vs Mainstream Media, by Byron Christopher

Byron Christopher

February 27, 2018

Courtesy of Byron Christopher


The shooting death of a young man on a farm in northwestern Saskatchewan in August 2016 triggered a media frenzy …

Colten Boushie

It wasn’t because the victim — 22-year-old Colten Boushie — was in the company of drunk thieves the day his life ended. No. It was because Boushie was Aboriginal … and the man who pulled the trigger was Caucasian.

When the murder trial got underway, a year and a half later, the crime story had morphed into one of the hottest social topics in the land.

And for that, we can thank the mainstream media …


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  1. Thank you so much for publishing this article. When I first heard the story on mainstream media, my thoughts were on the side of the natives. The fact there were no aboriginals on the jury disturbed me greatly, until I read Byron Christopher’s article. The fact Justin Trudeau stuck his nose into it, only worsening the situation. Now that I know the truth, that aboriginals were considered for jury duty, but blew it when they had already made up their minds that Stanley should hang, something which was shared publicly in front of the police. This family and others in the neighbourhood that day were invaded by drunks who had come onto their land and were trying to steal vehicles from their property. They also tried to run down Mrs. Stanley with one of the vehicles. This leaves one thinking, why were the natives not charged? They should have been, but the laws for natives is different and much more lenient than for white folk when it comes to justified sentencing. It’s a directive from the top, and That’s a Fact!

  2. Just another example of GQ Trudeau showing himself as the country’s top SJW (as well as selective and hypocritical when it comes to the law being applied). He decided to side with criminals who played the race card to excuse their actions and it’s not going to work out well for him in the long run, especially with the next federal election coming up.

  3. Not only is Trudeau cosying up to Saskatchewan criminals, but he likes to cosy up with East Indian criminals, so where to begin with him. He must like criminals. LOL

  4. Trudeau reward terrorists with millions of dollars. Imagine your a traitor and leave your country to go to a far of land and fight alongside the enemy of your home country. Normally if you tried to go home you would be arrested, put on trial, and the likely executed. Not in Canada.

  5. I find it very very disconcerting that far too often when PC Social Justice Warriors, Race Baters/Pimps including PM Dressup get involved in any Story or Major Legal /Issue the Facts and Truth seem to not matter.

    The most concerning thing is the Fact that Media DO NOT do their Part to inform the Great Unwashed of what the Truth really is and what actually takes place.

    Then of course SJW Educators pitch in and Fan the flames of Dishonesty and Political Correctness and you have a Whole Generation of Young People who have been Groomed and Brainwashed to accept, embrace, and promote, a Leftist PC Activist Agenda.


    I think you might be on the wrong thread.


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