Calgary Radio Host Accuses Hedley’s Hoggard of Sexual Misconduct

Global News        Feb. 28 2018

Katie Summers shares an experience involving what she called “inappropriate” comments and touching she said happened about seven years ago when Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard was a guest at the Calgary radio station where she works.

Another woman has stepped forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Canadian musician Jacob Hoggard, lead singer of Hedley.

On Wednesday, Katie Summers from Calgary radio show AMP Mornings with Katie and Ed at 90.3 AMP shared an experience she said happened about seven years ago when Hoggard was a guest at the station.

“This person who sings in this band made a really inappropriate comment to me and also touched me inappropriately,” Summers said in a video posted to Twitter on Wednesday morning. “And that person was Jacob Hoggard from Hedley.

“I’m definitely not saying he raped somebody or did any of the things he’s being accused of, but this is what he did to me.”

Summers said at the time, she wasn’t ready to talk about the experience, suggesting she didn’t want to be a whistleblower or “ruin someone’s career.”

“In that moment, I really just chalked it up to obnoxious behaviour.”

Summers said she doesn’t believe Hoggard would remember the incident.

“We’re talking about a guy who does a million interviews, at a million radio stations, but I remember it.”



  1. If Katie didn’t think much about a ‘lewd comment’ at the time, WHY NOW 7 years later does she? BANDWAGON JUMPING THE #Metoo Katie???


    Katie, my spidy senses tell me that you were likely fawning all over this rock group as you say you were a super fan. They were young men and you were young too, YEAH HE SAID SOMETHING LEWD! OH NO 7 years later her world is going to crash!

    Real women back in the day if the dude was being lewd would have either rolled eyes, shrugged shoulders or turned and tell him to bugger off!!!

    These snowflake women today are so weak of character that mere immature, lewd talk often years or decades ago causes them to melt today. How many of these often young, maybe flirting women led the guys on, fawned over them etc. Even Katie says she did not think much about it then other than maybe it was crude. OK IT WAS! NOBODY DENIES SUCH ! Her world did not end, he did not assault or rape her.

    It’s a Damn ROCK BAND!!!! Any person making or finding a way back stage should maybe expect a bit crudeness, lewdness and even immaturity. GET OVER IT!

    If she felt violated she should have reported it to the police, not wait 7 years later and this BULL CRAP switch hunt of #Metoo for her now cry about it. SHE JUST WANTS HER 5 MINUTES SOCIAL MEDIA FAME!

  2. Hedley is just a Canadian band who got lucky, not a world class group. I dont know who listens to the band but their fans should consider the conduct of the lead singer. If they dont get airplay in Canada any more, then they are pretty much done.

  3. Media needs to be careful on this one. All it will take is one listener at a meet & greet with this jerk that ends their interview with “the (Corus/Rogers/CBC) host at the meet & greet did nothing and even laughed”.

    Never liked corporate public statements that glorify banning airplay. Do it quietly, just stop playing them. Don’t sensationalize. Keeps you clear of questions like….you JUST banned them but knew this was happening for years? How come?

  4. She couldn’t possibly be looking for $$$ could she????
    Why wait 7 yrs to report this ‘incident’?
    Oh right, 7 yrs ago the Perp was probably living in his car…

  5. Wow Les you’re a real piece of work. Maybe Katie didn’t come forward back then because she’d only been at the station for a matter of months and was worried it would cost her, her job. Maybe she was intimidated because he was a star? Or maybe she didn’t feel comfortable at the time taking her issue public.

    You call it “jumping on the bandwagon”, when in reality it is strength in numbers. Many women who didn’t feel as though they could come forward, that they wouldn’t be heard or believed, finally are seeing that society is ready and willing to listen to these women (obviously yourself not included).

    Almost every single person I’ve talked to in the industry who has met Hedley has a Jacob Hoggard story. It’s been known for a long time that the guy is a dirt ball and a waste of skin. But myself and a lot of others just felt like he was “beyond reproach”, because we didn’t want to piss off the record labels, or concert promoters or whoever.

    I haven’t found a single person in the industry who is shedding a tear for Jacob and his demise. Well except for maybe you, but I sincerely doubt you’re actually in the industry anymore. Just another bitter jaded ex-jock.

  6. WalkThePost, I am with you on Hedley. This lady host has already made a name for herself, she doesn’t need to come out now, but it takes so much courage to do that. The band is taking time off indefinitely, which in code means we will never see this band perform live again.

  7. Due process involves the state. How specifically have any due process right been violated here?

    Are you seriously asserting that a radio host is violating his due process rights? Is the state persecuting anyone? No, these are all private individuals. SJWs like Les want their hero Trudeau to respond to their virtue signalling and trample into the private sector.

    It’s like when a radio host gets fired and people whine about free speech.

    If you want to whine about due process, your hero Trump is the one who you should be worried about.

    Les, what specific due process violations have occurred here? I mean actual due process, under the law as you say.

  8. Unfortunately, we have no direct evidence this incident took place as she describes it. One person claims to have witnessed inappropriate touching, but could not recall what was said. Whether this lady felt comfortable at the time to come forward, orcas she said, write it off to ‘obnoxious’ behaviour, is not the issue. It is whether we are

  9. LOL..that’s it?! a slap on the ass? Good God. And why do all these women who complain about something so minor all look the same….if you know what I mean. This creature is just looking for a little attention, because she sure as hell doesn’t get any anywhere else. That is for sure.

    This is what you call a nothingburger

  10. Wow, there surely are some huge pieces of shit out there. Mike and Les, I’m looking at you.

    Katie came forward, in my estimation, because the stories of Hedley touring the country, telling women to suck them off, groping, and worse needed some validity. Another host I know had his GF (at the time) groped by one of the band members, talked about it on-air, and the band nearly sued him for defamation. I know a very successful male PD who had his genitals grabbed by Jacob during a meet and greet.

    Katie, and all the people who came forward to put an end to this perverted garbage should be applauded.

  11. Les I’m quite aware of due process under the law. But as you even said, due process is for the court room, not the court of public opinion. Jacob Hoggard, or any other member of Hedley for that matter, has not been given a jail sentence, or even a fine. He has had his management give up on him, and the music industry as a whole has decided to shun him.

    There is nothing in the charter as far as I can find that guarantees someone the “right” to be a musician or a celebrity. He’s a scum ball and people and businesses don’t want to be associated with him anymore. And that’s their right.

  12. Walkthepost

    Good for you. You nailed it, on two fronts. 1. It was very well known Mr Jacobs past behavior. VERY WELL KNOWN. 2. A bitter jaded worn out jock who spews nothings. Although I am sure LESter likes to hear himself day after day. Good for you. Love your comments.


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