CBS Says Now is Right for ‘Murphy Brown’ Reboot


LOS ANGELES — Looking for a strong voice in these politically charged times? Say hello (again) to Murphy Brown.

Candice Bergen is returning to TV in a revival of Murphy Brown, the agenda-setting 20th-century comedy.

CBS said that it has ordered 13 episodes of the sitcom for its 2018-19 season.

Diane English created the original series that starred Bergen as a hard-charging TV journalist. English is back as writer and executive producer for the reboot.

CBS suggested the show is ready to embrace the current zeitgeist.

“As its 30th anniversary approaches, Murphy Brown returns to a world of cable news, social media, fake news and a very different political and cultural climate,” the network said in a statement.

Bergen, who won multiple lead-actress Emmys for the original, will be an executive producer, CBS says. The 71-year-old actor will be reprising her role, while other casting wasn’t announced.

The series addressed hot-button social and political issues, drawing applause and the ire of critics including then-Vice-President Dan Quayle.

The show ran for 10 seasons from 1988 to 1998.



  1. Oh great.A sitcom based on FAKE NEWS. What a good idea. We will get a dose of Trump bashing from another liberal POV. Maybe she will have RosieO Donnell as a guest star ( star might be a stretch) . Id rather see Tim Allen as her co anchor. At least we would get a bit of balance FYI.

  2. And it’s a safe bet that’s why it didn’t have staying power in syndicated reruns, hence why it disappeared from syndication after just a few years.

  3. I’m sure this new series will have their own narrative on the Trump presidency. I can see where this is going without having to waste my time to investigate. As the Donald says, its not just fake news, its fake, fake news!

  4. How low has CBS gone with this one! The first time around, it was bad, now this. CBS is running out of ideas or has very poor management today at the top level or both.

  5. This remake will be as successful as the remakes of “Are You Being Served”, “Yes Prime Minister”, “Some Mothers do Have ’em”, “Open All Hours” …. in other words, it will be a disaster. Cancelled after one season.


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