Pittsburgh News Radio KQV to go Silent at Year’s End

  • Courtesy AllAccess.com       December 18, 2017
  •   Signing Off

    CALVARY News KQV-A/PITTSBURGH, “with a broadcasting history that dates back nearly 100 years, the last 42 of them with a rare all-news format — is preparing to go off the air at year’s end,” reports THE PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE.

    Station Manager ROBERT W. DICKEY JR.shared that info with staffers on FRIDAY (12/15).

    DICKEY calls the plan, “a ‘“suspension’ of broadcasting,” WROTE THE PAPER, “allowing for the possibility some investor or buyer may come along in the interim, though he’s made no active efforts to sell KQV.”

    “Candidly, I think it’s a sad day for broadcasting,” he told THE POST-GAZETTE. “It’s fair to say we’ve been trying to provide a community service. The bottom line is I just can’t sustain the business model. We’re an independent, labor-intensive format, and we were happy to take it on as long as we could financially do it.”


  1. What a sad development. David Shribman, a Pittsburgh newspaper editor, often contributes columns to the Globe and Mail. Think he might be an ex-Canadian. But a deeper look into the end of his city’s iconic news/talker might be a refreshing change from Shribman’s usual tirades against Trump.


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