PBS Suspends Tavis Smiley Show Amid Sexual Misconduct Claims


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The public broadcaster is indefinitely suspending distribution of the talk show in light of allegations against its host.

PBS is suspending distribution of late-night talk show Tavis Smiley following sexual misconduct claims levied against its host.

The decision comes after the public broadcaster conducted an investigation into Smiley and found “credible allegations” of inappropriate behavior.

“Effective today, PBS has indefinitely suspended distribution of Tavis Smiley, produced by TS Media, an independent production company,” a PBS spokesperson said in a statement Wednesday. “PBS engaged an outside law firm to conduct an investigation immediately after learning of troubling allegations regarding Mr. Smiley. This investigation included interviews with witnesses as well as with Mr. Smiley. The inquiry uncovered multiple, credible allegations of conduct that is inconsistent with the values and standards of PBS, and the totality of this information led to today’s decision.”

Smiley, who served as host and producer on the show, allegedly was involved in sexual relationships with multiple members of his staff who claim he fostered a hostile work environment and engaged in verbal abuse, according to a report by Variety.

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  1. The Accuasations are spreading like a Fire in the Santa Ana Winds!

    I wonder if David Letterman is sitting at home waiting for a News Blast from the Past coming his way in the form of Sexual Assault Allegations. Chances are he is not sleeping well as of late.

    I can only hope that Tavis and all of the others are guilty if charged, it just is not right when people are innocent and suffer dismissal after false claims.

  2. BMCQ

    I agree.

    That said to any person who sexually harasses another person and/or holds it over another notably a workplace subordinate, they should be charged and tried. But harassment, sexual or otherwise is not just /mean or idiotic words. Words alone only hurt you IF YOU LET THEM! Words that lead with actions or offer incitement are the only words that matter here.

    The white noise of calls of harassment circa 2017, will blow back on accusers and on virtue signalling white nights, SJW’s and feminists, as they will only mask the words of those who have been real victims of harassment be it sexual or other unwanted harassment.

    The pushing of all this and those all claiming these accusers are telling the truth is B.S. IMO real harassment is probably less than 5% of the total accusations. Most people and most males are regular and respect full persons and not sexually harassing others be they female or male.

    Again words, silly, idiotic, even sexualized without actions or incitement are mere words and words alone only hurt you if you let them. Humans arn’t perfect and to hold up any or all to perfection simply ridiculous to insane.

    There is an agenda going on here and it wont end well for the accusers, those who push it socially/politically and for society as a whole, just watch and see.

    That said, I am waiting for women notably in work place positions of power to be called out for their sexual and other harassment of mostly subordinates, be they male or female as many women in power are often the worst at abusing power that they have. BUT! my spidy senses tells me I will be waiting for a long time to see that happen as women in the west and those in power are the most privileged persons on Earth.

  3. Don’t often concur with Les on politics/social culture, but he raises a pertinent issue: Are women in high-profile jobs so virtuous that no underling (male or female) has ever been sexually harassed or victimized? Granted, there are vastly fewer women in corporate positions of authority, but that imbalance is correcting. Meanwhile, there’s no shortage of female celebrities (actresses, singers, authors, athletes). They typically hire subordinates to run their empires.

    Les believes we’ll essentially wait until the Twelth Of Never for the media dime to drop on one of these cases. Maybe someone on FOX has posed the question, but I haven’t noticed any MSM cable host or panelist broach it. Odd…because cable shows often veer off on tangents simply to fill air time. This would be a doozy of a topic to hold viewers’ attention.

    Another question: Would MSM highlight an allegation concerning a lesbian (a reverse Kevin Spacey) before a heterosexual alleged offender?

    Even finding a male subordinate of a female power broker willing to go public might be difficult. Just as in those occasional lurid cases of hot female teachers having their way with male teens, there’s often a societal response that it’s “no harm, no foul” since the hormone-laden victims simply got lucky. Such generalization is abhorrent, but it was an underlying construct of 20th Century life and may still be operational today.

  4. Of course we want people protected and we want anyone to feel safe in society but we must not allow this whole situation to get out of hand either.

    Accusations for the purpose of revenge will happen and those wrongful allegations will have a devastating affect on many innocent people that do not deserve it.

    This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

  5. I am amazed that x RCMP Tim Shields was found not guilty of sexual assault on a civilian female employee. The reason that Im amazed isnt because of his excellent defense but because of two reasons.
    In this day and in the current environment surrounding the #me too he was lucky to get a fair trial.
    The second reason and the one that pisses me off is the stupidity of our Federal government to “set up” a 100 million dollar fund for every female RCMP past or present employee to use as a slush fund. ANY rcmp officer that has been harassed can and should be allowed to seek justice. Setting up a 100 million dollar fund invites frivolous claims. Its amazing how easy it is to spend tax dollars .

  6. 13

    I tend to agree with you that I thought Shields might be found guilty.
    Having said that from what I was able to glean from Reports I felt there was no way he should have been convicted.

    As discussed the whole Me Too Feeding Frenzy is a very dangerous phenomena in our society and many Men Accused May be Guilty of nothing more than an awkward glance.

    The best example of a Predator out of the whole group is Weinstein’s and I truly hope there is enough Hard Evidence out there that he is sentenced to Jail Time for a crime.
    Even so I would also not be surprised that there are also some false trumped up charges allegations against him and that concerns me greatly. Let’s be honest , one day it could be one of us facing false allegations. Again I use the sad example of John Furlong who was thankfully cleared but still was left a shattered man. My heart goes out to Mr. Furlong and I am very happy his Family and loved ones stood by him.

    I also agree with your commentary regarding the SILLY steps by Canadian Authorities that set up a $ 100 Million Dollar Fund forPayouts To almost anyone that applies. Sickening!
    But then should we be surprised?

    I suppose it is easy to set up a payout Fund as has been done for the RCMP Claims when you are only using Tax Payers Money!

    Sure Shields was found Not Guilty but I wonder how much the Defense cost him, how his reputation was affected, and how he is doing emotionally?

    Good Luck Mr. Shields, I hope the coming years will be good to you!

  7. Hi BMCQ. Personally IMHO the fake news industry is propelling the me too movement destroying lives and reputations with an end goal. That would be to get the biggest prize in the sights of the fake news industry. Sooner or later the snowball effect. The ability to use unsubstantiated claims to charge and perhaps convict all point to a left wing media conspiracy to disrupt the presidency of DJT.
    Not sure how or why but I get a feeling that the whole lunatic left movement to destroy free enterprise value systems Europe , North America, is heading towards a dramatic end. The election of DJT was a wake up call that the silent majority is onto the boarder-less rampant immigration being encouraged by lunatics on both sides of the Atlantic. Our very own leader has tipped his hat with stumbling attempt to apologize for his incredible “let them eat cake” holiday.

  8. 13


    I believe the “Great Unwashed” are finally beginning to figure the pathetic attempt by Liberal Elites like CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, BBC, CBC, PM Justin, Merkel, MaCron, Lofven, Juncker, HRC, Obama, Warren, Pelosi, Booker, di Blasio, Jerry Brown and the rest want nothing less than Full Power and they will stop at nothing until they get it.

    Add to that virtually 90% of the Educators in North America and the EU, and the rest of Media they beliee they can convince the People they know the way.

    I now believe that the People are much more aware of the attempt by the Uber left than I thought and they want none of the ways of the Social Engineering, PC, Uber Leftist Activist Politicians and Media Elites!

    Oh yes, let’s not to forget to throw Clooney, Whoopi, Damon, and the rest of Entertainment and Media Mafia many of whom are now disgraced and Hiding Under their Desks in with that lot as well!!

    The “Great Unwashed ” Working Poor, Middle Class, and Wealthy, are finally beginning to be heard!


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