ABC Suspends Brian Ross Four Weeks Without Pay for Massive ‘FAKE’ News Report about Trump



by  Jeff Poor


December 2, 2017

Late Saturday, ABC News announced it was suspending network investigative reporter Brian Ross four weeks without pay for an inaccurate report that aired Friday.

The report claimed Donald Trump had direct his eventual National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to contact the Russians while running for president as a candidate.

Ross followed up his reporting later that day with a “clarification,” claiming it was not while Trump was a candidate, but as president-elect.

Statement as follows: HERE







  1. I wonder how history will look back on the presidency of DJT. To someone who has been a Trump supporter from the onset it is bewildering to watch the msm try to crucify him day in day out. Its like a fever that is out of control. Everyday the “sources” say that Trump and the Russians…… Trumps relationship with Russia might prove to be the thing that brings some control to N Koreas nuclear ambition.
    Locally it is amazing that the on air personalities at CKNDP including the news department and right down to the news readers all have a hate on for DJT.
    Time will tell.

  2. Brian is no spring chicken yet he appears to have made a rookie mistake: failing to nail down the timeline. It’s arguably problematic if a presidential nominee orders a subordinate to contact Moscow. Not so much if a president-elect (as Trump was after Election Day) does. The suspension without pay suggests ABC concluded Ross goofed up and wasn’t snookered by a dirty trickster.

    Maybe time to hang up the mic, Brian, and enjoy retirement.

  3. You are weighing in on American politics and journalism here. Both are regarded poorly today, politicians and journalists. So, thats my first point. Second point, Americans dont care what we think about how they run their country. Third point, where there is smoke, there is usually fire, so the investigation continue and see where this leads. One thing is a definite, I dont remember so many senior level politicians in the first year of a presidency being fired and investigated.

  4. Exactly what are you talking about, Rob? I really believe you are jumping ahead of the facts which will be coming forth. What do you mean by sayng you don’t recall so many senior level politicians in the first year of a presidency being fired and investigated. OK, how many were fired, and how many are being investigated? Major Flynn and the charges or so far, allegations against him have yet to see the court of the day… so far my liberal friend, all you are seeing is a witch haunt….

  5. The deep state/establishment is being exposed more and more everyday let by the “chosen people” who are also being routed everyday. The power they have “purchased” for the last 3000 years is coming to a fiery end…..

  6. Eli

    You make some very important points.

    I am quite tired of the CNN (Clinton News Network) NBC, MSNBC, CKNDP (NW) ABC, and the rest moaning on bout “Sources Say, Alledged, Accusations, It is Reported, Anonymous Sources Say”, and all of the rest.

    Most of those just mentioned now refer to Roy Moore as if he has already been found Guilty in a Court of Law and then bury the Franken, Conyers, Harvey, Hoffman, and other Stories well into late evening Newscasts.

    Then of course there are the same “Snowflakes that talk about DJT like is a Serial Sex Predator and do not even acknowledge that Bubba and HRC did everything they could to silence Real Life Victims of Bull.

    Perhaps you could have a word with CKNW News and On Air Personalities about weighing in on American Politicians Rob.

    Then at the same time you might explain the difference between the truth and innuendo and false incrimination against DJT they Report each and every day.

    Of course Trump is not perfect but he got elected and he should be allowed to govern.

    After all, a very disengaged, impotent, and confused President Obama had a free hand for eight years and the results were not good.


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