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Sportnet’s Baseball Commentator Gregg Zaun Fired for ‘Inappropriate Behaviour’


TORONTO, ON. (NEWS 1130) – A personality at Sportsnet, owned by Rogers has been fired following complaints by multiple female employees about inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

Gregg Zaun was immediately let go today when the allegations surfaced.

“After investigating the matter, we decided to terminate his contract, effective immediately,” says Rogers Media President Rick Brace. “This type of behaviour completely contradicts our standards and our core values. We believe in a professional workplace where all employees feel comfortable and respected. We are grateful to our employees who spoke with us and we will take every measure to protect their privacy.”

Zaun spent 16 years in the major leagues as a catcher, splitting his time with nine different teams, including five years with the Toronto Blue Jays.

He had been working as a full-time analyst on Sportsnet’s baseball telecasts since his retirement from the majors in 2011.

Rogers is the parent company of NEWS 1130.


  1. Innocent until proven guilty matters in court, as it always has. Nothing has changed.

    Everyone at Rogers and everyone in sports media knew about Zaun.

  2. Nothing says he did any physical or sexual touching harassment, he is accused of saying ‘bad’ words. Saying sexually provocative words though may be well slimy or rude, WORDS ONLY HURT IF YOU LET THEM HURT!

    There is nary a person on Earth who has NOT had harassing, mean or rude words, comments or suggestions thrown at them in life. Before the Snowflake generation and forever victim SJW clan, most people dealt with these words by shrugging them off, told off the idiots and slim balls or maybe got into fisticuffs in response.

    Life throws crap at most people from time to time. Normal people learned to grow thicker skins and most did not crumple up like a wet paper bag because some ahole, jerk, sh*thead, twit and a host of other terms for them, said mean, sexist, racist, homophobic etc. words at them.

    Physical or sexual touching harassment IS A CRIME. Words unless they incite violence or panic ARE NOT, THEY ARE JUST WORDS! I said elsewhere in this forum here I have notably in my early teen years suffered mean, abusive and derogatory words tossed at me at times. Sure it sucks, it hurts, but YOU control your actions and feelings. Sometimes I shrugged it off, other times I lipped off right back at the B*tches ( BTW females do it too) and jerkface(s) who said such crap to me and yes a few times I got into fights, won some, lost some, drew even with some. I DID NOT GIVE THESE AHOLES AND B*TCHES THE SATISFACTION TO SEE ME CRUMPLE LIKE THAT WET PAPER BAG

    Freaking, Snowflakes, 24/7/365 victim SJW’s and all other thin skinned people are often show boaters, look at me, in making things appear bigger than they are or should be as they are cry babies, cry bullies.

  3. If he wasn’t guilty then Rogers would not have fired him. They’d had to have enough conclusive evidence to avoid massive litigation.

  4. Dick,

    I did not know Rogers was a Judge and Jury too. Now I know why my Rogers cell phone plan is so costly, they do litigation as well as media business.

    They let him go merely for business reasons in this snowflake, forever a victim mentally time we live in. They rather ditch the accused and deal with any monies paid for that than to have a caudry of SJW’s and allies attack the corporation for keeping a male employee on even after the woman/women made their complaints even though it was made clear nothing was physical, but was said to be mere rhetoric. Again WORDS only hurt if you let them hurt you. But also we know WOMEN NEVER LIE! 😉

    To Hell with due process eh? In the eyes of SJW’s, Feminists and beta males, he’s a man, (and dammit a pig white man too Ugh!) all men are rapists, all men are jerks, and all women have been abused by all men, BLAH, BLEEPING BLAH, BLEEPING BLAH! There are too many of these accusatory stories flooding out today to all be true and to all be real harassment. Words are only harassment if you let them be such. BTW this sort of stuff is not only male on female, many a B*tch with a taste of power DO THE SAME AND EVEN WORSE CRAP! towards males and females. But you watch NONE of them skirts will be held to the same accusatory bar. I’ve been a victim of it and I have seen it used against other men and women. Many a women with a bit of power go psycho bitch from Hell at times. But again we will see none of them be tossed out as we are seeing with men.

    Again real physical and sexual harassment is a crime regardless of which of the two genders do it and should be dealt with lawfully. But no damn way is all of this stuff today real victimization, but is more social and political witch hunting by feminists, other SJW’s allies and most pathetic of all those white knight beta males.

    Sorry not gonna buy it all as real harassment!!!

  5. I, whole heartedly, agree with all of these above posters. ” Sexual harassment” is a big f**king lie but,a BOOMING business, employing the likes of judges, cops, court workers, baliffs, shrinks, and don’t forget, lawyers, female lesbians like Gloria Allred, Betty the bitch, Gloria the gorilla and Bertha BUTT ! HA HA HA ! How about The Amazon Women, by Edgar Rice Burroughs to put men in their places ! (if all else fails ?)

  6. Relieved to see Matt Lauer launching legal proceedings, and hope to see others like Gregg Zaun losing their jobs on the basis of “allegations” do likewise. None of the allegations or accusations
    I’m aware of have been directed toward women, and anybody that thinks they’re not capable of
    similar or even grosser behaviour is in denial or hasn’t been around much.

  7. A pal in the TV media has suggested these allegations may freeze out some aspiring female applicants, be it on or off-camera roles.
    Unforseen consequences…

  8. Les – anyone who wants due process in the workplace must be a massive socialist.

    Howard if you are so relieved please provide a source confirming that Lauer has initiated a lawsuit.

  9. I am not familiar with this Zaun guy as he appears a bit rough around the edges but locker room talk is part of male sports, especially when there is a lot of alpha male testosterone flying around. If these reporters feel uncomfortable then maybe they are in the wrong profession.

    No excuse for guys like Lauer who crept behind women in his office and started unbuttoning their blouses, had a button that locked his door remotely under his desk and had pictures of him running around the office in jockey shorts or Weinstein whose behaviour in some reported instances borders on criminal (the fact he checked himself into a rehab facility in AZ shows he knows there is something wrong).

    When women reporters started demanding access to guy’s locker rooms you knew stuff like this was inevitable as some of the talk in locker rooms don’t really appeal to many guys but they just end up grinning and bearing it.

    F1 has a bull pit after the race where everyone has to be available for press interviews and make the rounds of all the reporters and all comments are recorded to keep the press honest and ensure news releases from the team are consistent. Maybe hockey needs to have all reporters out of the locker room and do similar so as not to offend anyone or make them uncomfortable.

  10. Zebb,

    Wanting due process is not socialistic, it’s about achieving justice. Workplace or not an employer has a responsibility to not over react to ACCUSATIONS! There are laws that affect employees and employers.

    Just because a woman makes an accusations does no automatically mean it’s true. WOMEN LIE TOO AND MANY LIE OFTEN!

  11. That’s not due process Les. Due process involves the government and criminal proceedings.

    I’m frankly stunned that someone like yourself is a calling for a big government solution in the private sector.

    Employers can fire people for no reason at all and pay damages. Zaun is free to sue if he feels the termination was wrongful. Do you know if he was paid severance? Please provide a source.

    What evidence do you have in this specific instance that Rogers has overreacted? Please use facts specific to this instance, not capital letters.

    Also please explain what your government solution would be that would trample on the free rights of employers to terminate employee relationships at will.

  12. Zebb,

    Do you have a credible source confirming that Zaun has denied the allegations as you suggest? I can’t see where he has said anything.

    Would your Fake News socialist “Due Process” hold up his termination if he admitted to the allegations?

  13. Les H


    I Have never watched any Dayrime TV of any kind as I go to work early every day but I have heard and read enough to know I do not like Lauer, Weinstein, Franken, and the rest of the SJW Types that seem to make a Daily Habit of Assaulting Women whenever they have the opportunity. I might not like Roy Moore but as I tried to wxplain to Barry on this PSR a few weeks ago Society MUST be Lawful and adhere to The Rule of Law in that Jurisdiction.

    Accusations just DO Not Cut It!

    In the case of Lauer, Weinstein, the ?Guy at Amazon, and many others there have been Admissions of Guilt and actual Apologies so they should be Fired and perhaps face Criminal Charges.

    In the Case of Scissor Hands Al Franken there is actual Photographic Evidence, Admission of Guilt, Apologies, and he should Resign and Face his Accusers in Court,in the Case of Conyers there were Pay Outs of Tax Payer Money, he should Resign.

    Bill Clinton Paid Out to Victims and he should have faced Criminal ?Charges except his Wife HRC, other Dem Law Makers, and SJW Entertainment Types assisted in him escaping Justice. Talk about Hipocracy

    Roy Moore may be a Pig But to this point there have only been accusations and I would hate to see anyone Branded a Sex Offender without Proof!

    Remember the Duke Lacrosse Team that we’re accused of Rape and the Accusations and Charges were disproven in Court.

    For ANY Social Justice Genius to suggest that Accusations by ANY Woman or Man should believed is not and should not be acceptable in a Democratic Society!

    Just How Much did Bill and HRC Pay Out?

    No Individual in Society deserves to be Vilified by simple Unproven Accuasations by People with an Axe to Grind or use those Accusations to gain Financial Benefit or Harm the Career or Life of an Accused, especially for a
    Allegations that might go back Decades.

    John Furlongs Life was Ruined because of unfounded Charges.

    We should ALL put ourselves in the Shoes of the Accused before we Pass Judgement.

  14. Zebb,

    I know due process is a judicial process, my point is private businesses should not just accept accusation on word, Employers do open themselves up for wrongful dismissal if they are to eager to be P.C. and trust an accusers words without due process of investigation.

    WOMEN DO LIE! Not everyone is mischievous to sink a man in the workplace but everyone is capable of lying for their own gain and gratification. Women who falsely accuse men of wrong doing risk having women who suffer from legitimate sexual harassment and abuse being unheard through the cacophony of false accusations.

    But again numerous women with power and position also harass and abuse males and females, WE NEVER HEAR, SEE OR READ ABOUT ANY OF THEM BEING GRILLED, FIRED AND LIVES DISRUPTED!!!

  15. Just asking: But have any of these “outings” yet involved a dead politician/journalist/celebrity? If not, why not? Aversion to speaking ill of the deceased? Difficulty in seeking civil redress against an alleged perp’s estate?

    Curious, indeed.


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