Megyn Kelly responds to news of claims against Charlie Rose (video)




NBC host Megyn Kelly on Tuesday addressed sexual harassment allegations against Charlie Rose, the veteran television journalist who hosts news programs on CBS, PBS and Bloomberg Television.

Rose was suspended from all three networks following a bombshell report in the Washington Post that brought allegations of harassment by eight women to light.

On her “Megyn Kelly Today” show, Kelly addressed the allegations and revealed a personal exchange she had with Rose, highlighting the “underlying dynamic” between men and women at work.

“This is not a pleasant story for me,” she began. “Still, I wanted to share a story with you not about harassment, but of an underlying dynamic between men and women that contributes to this culture in which inappropriate conduct goes unaddressed.”

According to Kelly, she asked Rose to emcee her first book event. His participation became upsetting when he focused on her sexual harassment allegations against late Fox News chief Roger Ailes.

“It was supposed to be a celebratory event, discussing the full scope of the book, which is about my life and my career and the lessons learned. Instead, the exchange felt to me like a cross-examination focused on one issue, the sexual harassment allegations against Roger Ailes,” Kelly said, “allegations Ailes denied, but which I know are true because I lived it. I felt defensive in the exchange with Charlie and wound up angry about how he handled my book event.”

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