36 Female SNL Coworkers Vow Support for Franken


Donna Ward/Getty Images
Al Franken

“We would like to acknowledge that not one of us ever experienced any inappropriate behavior; and mention our sincere appreciation that he treated each of us with the utmost respect and regard,” read the statement in part, signed by 36 women.

Thirty-six women who worked with Al Franken on NBC’s Saturday Night Live have signed a statement of support for the Minnesota senator in wake of sexual harassment allegations.

“We feel compelled to stand up for Al Franken, whom we have all had the pleasure of working with over the years on Saturday Night Live,” began the statement, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. “What Al did was stupid and foolish, and we think it was appropriate for him to apologize to Ms. Tweeden, and to the public. In our experience, we know Al as a devoted and dedicated family man, a wonderful comedic performer, and an honorable public servant. That is why we are moved to quickly and directly affirm that after years of working with him, we would like to acknowledge that not one of us ever experienced any inappropriate behavior; and mention our sincere appreciation that he treated each of us with the utmost respect and regard.”

The statement concluded, “We send our support and gratitude to Al and his family this Thanksgiving and holiday season.”

SNL was not involved with or aware of the statement, a source tells THR. The list, made up primarily of past stars and staff, was created by one of the women who worked with Franken 30 years ago.

The women who signed the statement include original female castmembers Jane Curtin and Laraine Newman, along with veteran show producer Marci Klein, and many SNL staff.

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  1. I was a bit glib in responding to BMCQ on an earlier post about Franken.

    So many threads in these stories: damage (often psychological) to purported victims; potential ruin of the accused, not all of whose alleged offenses are remotely equal; lure of financial settlements to some accusers (Bill O’Reilly set a pretty high bar by voluntarily forking over about $32 million to settle his problems); tribalism of viewers/listeners/readers who tend to believe “their guy” is innocent while “the other guy” must be guilty and worthy of tarring and feathering.

    One thing is certain: This phenomenan will continue apace and probably claim just as many conservative media/political figures as liberals.

  2. Rocker

    How on earth would anyone know that an equal number of Conservatives and so called Liberals in the Current Sexual Harrassment Predator Awakening?

    Why would it matter which Political Persuassion any Predator happened to be?

    The Guilty deserve to be held to account regardless of Party.

    Correct Hillary?

    I know nothing about Roy Moore, he could be a bad guy.

    I just simply find it incredible how Bill Clinton had a “Get out of Jail” Pass from virtually everyone in Liberal Media and Democrat Politicians and then more recently Al Franken is barely mentioned on Liberal Media when there is well documented Photographic Evidence and an actual admittance and apology from Al for his Assault on a sleeping Woman.

    At the same time Moore has denied any and all accusations and he is considered Guilty. As I say he could be Guilty but how can accuasations be Guilt?

    Do I need to need to remind anyone here about the False Accuasations against the Duke Field Lacrosse Team who were Branded as Guilty Racist Predators?

    How would any of us feel about a Family Member or Friend being accused of that and then hear some Liberal HRC Type SJW demanding that Accusers should be believed? There is just no logic to that Statement!

    Thank God Prosecutors and Law Enforcement do not believe in that kind of Justice!

    Then of course we have admissions and apologies from Charlie Rose, payouts of Tax Payers Money from Conyers and how many others?

    No matter what you might think CNN are attempting to bury the Franken Story and I find that very disturbing.

    I am however am very pleased to see that several others in Media are not letting him off the Hook quite so easy.

    Even Brzezniski has suggested that it is time for HRC and Bubba to move along and find something else to do.

    Who was it that said “It is time to Drain the Swamp”?

    I can only hope that Media find the way to treat all Politicians Equally regardless of their Party Affiliation.

    Do you think we can depend on Media Heroes like Fareed, Tapper, Lemon, Toobin, Cuomo, Novarro, Cooper and the rest at CNN to be “Fair and Balanced”?

  3. Let’s just wait for this fever to break. It may take weeks or months. Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong. But at the end of the day, I think the career tombstones will be pretty evenly split between liberals, conservatives and fence sitters. Uncontrolled libidos cross all political lines.

  4. BMCQ your bias is stunning. Tapper for example had an at length interview with the woman Franken sexually abused . It was a Special Report segment lasting well over a half hour.

    You bring forth the Franken photo as the hard evidence of guilt in this particular case. What about a man with several accusers who actually admits to another man, on tape, that he has abused women?

  5. Barry

    You should take notice that CNN Leads with the Moore coverage or anything else negative to Trump or Republicans and then adds the Franken in later as almost an after thought.

    The Franken Pic is of course but you should also point out that Franken has admitted and apologized for his ASSAULT! Talk about Bias!

    Let me put it this way, let’s imagine that the Woman in the Pic was your Loved One, perhaps even a Sister, how would YOU feel about Al then?

    I did not say Tapper or others do not cover stories, I simply point out there is an Agenda at CNN.

    Or could it be the fault of the Russians?

    I await your comment on the chance of th e woman in the Pic being a loved one of yours.

    Al was just Funnin, right?

  6. And Fox News has an agenda as well. Franken should retire, be fired or whatever it is they have to do to get rid of him.

    In the Moore case should retired police officers, mall employees and Moore’s accusers all be called liars or is there some sort truth to what they are saying?

    What about the man on the tape admitting to another man of sexually abusing woman. He was just funnin’ right?

    Being biased clouds everything. Fair and balanced is a great catch phrase but you must always consider the source as well.

  7. Barry

    Did I mention anything about Fox? Talk about Bias!

    If Fox is/was Biased does that mean in your World it is OK for CNN to be Bissed? I do not get that, please clarify. If indeed Fox can be proven to be Biased one way or another that is fine with me, I am not for or against Fox as I do not know much about them. I don”t get your connection or idea that you somehow believe that because one Network or r for that matter it is OK for others to be Biased as well. Yikes! Some Logic.

    You failed to address my comments about Innocent Duke Lacrosse Team! In that case the Woman was believed and she was Untruthful.

    The Rule of Law must be followed. if there are accusations then there should be an Investigation by Authorities and if Charges are warranted there are Legal remedies.

    I do not accept the ridiculous suggestion that anyone of any ‘Political Brand should be considered Guilty without irrefutable Evidence.

    Again, in the case of Franken there was clear Assault as the Pic clearly shows him “With Hands On”. Then of course there is the Admission of Guilt and Apology from your friend Al. What more do you want?

    Why did HRC, the Democrstic Party and the rest believe the Clinton Accusers? Bubba actually Paid
    Out over $ 1 Million or more that we know of, was he NOT Guilty of anything?

    If it makes you feel better I will state this.

    If Charlie had denied ALL I would feel the same about him as Moore or anyone else. I believe there should be legitimate evidence before anyone is deemed Guilty.

    I saw this very thing take place with close Family /Members where the Father was accused of Moleststion and eventually the Victim admitted she was making the story up. It only took about q0 years and by then there relationships that could not be repaired.

    Again, if the Woman in the Pic with “Scissor Hands” was your Family Member would you think Al was Guilty? And would you then wonder why the actual Proven Assault by Al gets far less coverage than others might show there could be Bias over at The Clinton News Network?

    “Who Needs Knowledge when One Has Ideology”!

  8. We may agree on one thing.

    It looks like there are many more in Politics and Entertainment that will soon be under scrutiny for their “Hands On Approach”

    Let’s just hope all allegations are credible and if they are Found Guilty they should answer for their Crime.

    Even the most unsympathetic individual deserves an opportunity to a Fair Trial.

    Remember John Furlong?

    Next time.


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