David Cassidy in critical condition with organ failure

David Cassidy, best known for his role as Keith Partridge on “The Partridge Family,” is suffering organ failure in the hospital. (DAN STEINBERG/AP)


by Nicole Bitette

November 18, 2017

David Cassidy is in critical condition with organ failure, his rep confirmed to the Daily News.

Cassidy, 67, was rushed to the hospital about three days ago and is in desperate need of a liver transplant. Both his liver and a kidney are failing, according to his rep.

“The Partridge Family” star’s health has been failing for more than two months, sources close to the family told TMZ, which was the first to report his hospitalization.

A rep for the actor said he was “currently conscious and surrounded by family,” but was previously induced in a coma. His rep told The News he was admitted to the hospital “either Wednesday or Thursday” for being “very ill.”

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  1. To me, David was a one hit wonder. He is talented, women liked him. I think he has a real ego and it was hard for him to see his fans grow up and move on. The music world has changed so very much since they played his vinyls record in 1070-1971.

  2. David you are in my thoughts and prayers I hope a organ donor is found for your kidneys and a piece of liver can be transplanted to save your liver. Perhaps a family member can donate a piece of their liver. May God be with you and strengthen you to get through this difficult time. I will pray for a miracle. Perhaps there is someone that can donate a kidney. May God be with your family as well. I still think of you as you were in the Partridge Family.. .young and vibrant with that beautiful voice. You gave so much to the world through your singing..may someone come to your rescue.

  3. Facebook message from Davids’ long time friend Paul Petersen
    Star of TV’s The Donna Reed Show, also the hit recording, My Dad
    Yesterday at 7:48am ·

    David Cassidy and Prayer

    It’s one of the rarest birds you will ever see…the genuine bubble gum star. There haven’t been that many of them, even if you run the calendar back to Frank Sinatra’s days
    Teen Idols Unite!

    It wouldn’t be a very big crowd. I suppose that’s why the alarming news regarding David’s health causes me the sort of pain survivors of war must feel as their ranks thin over the years. I like David Cassidy, always have. I like his family. I honor his fight to survive.

    Somewhere on YouTube there is an Oprah Show from years back featuring a bunch of us former teen idols (Peter Noone, Fabian, Paul Revere, Davy Jones and Me). I recommend it, as much for the fun times we shared as for the truth revealed by the men who actually lived the life of popular music and hormonally driven teen-aged girls. Well, mostly girls.

    I cannot help but think of Ricky Nelson on a day like today, the first of the family show pop stars. There is a reunion awaiting us. Oh what stories we will share.
    When we five were in Oprah’s Green Room before taping her show we got to laughing so hard Oprah herself came into the room and said, “Jeez, I hope you’re saving some of that for the Show.”

    A lot of ghosts are walking with us this day, David Cassidy. It’s okay. You did your best. Those of us who walked the walk and sang the songs are sending you sweet love and fond memories. Nothing is lost so long as memory serves.

    Paul Petersen

  4. I got into music journalism a bit too late to make his acquaintance. I do remember a presser for his brother Shaun that attracted a higher-than-usual turnout of female scribes in the mid ’70s.

    Both siblings endured tragedy when their hard-living father died in a fire. He had previously been married to Shirley Jones who, oddly enough, was cast as David’s mum in The Partridge Family.

    The prognosis sounds grim. If he doesn’t pull through, David can pass knowing he brought a lot of happiness to pop music at a time when it’s practitioners were often taking themselves way too seriously.


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