Broadcast Standards Council: English ‘F’ Word Okayed for French Language Stations

According to this week’s Broadcast Dialogue, The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council says use of the English F-Word in French-language programming is acceptable, if it’s used infrequently and not as an insult towards a particular person.

The CBSC decision examined broadcasts on 96.9 FM (CKOI-FM) Montreal from Jan. and Mar. 2017, concluding the station did not violate the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ (CAB) Code of Ethics when it broadcast an excerpt in English of a speech by Madonna at the Women’s March on Washington in which she used the f-word.

On Mar. 25, the station also broadcast an English clip from a Green Day concert in which the band’s lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, used the f-word.  Both broadcasts occurred during the afternoon, and a listener complained about the coarse language.

The CBSC French-Language Panel determined “using the word ‘fuck’ in French does not have the same vulgar connotation as it does in English.”

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oh brother

I was watching CBC TV the other day and the “word” was used several times. The fact that nobody complained speaks volumes as to how many people were watching.

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