Seth Resler from Jacobs Media joins Matt Cundill on the ‘Sound Off’ Podcast



Seth Resler has just released a new podcast called the D-Brief. He has experimented with everything from backstage podcasts at conferences, to travel podcasts, and finally realized that he really hated audio post-production, and that having your hard drives full of audio created creative clutter. The D-Brief is a Detroit-centric podcast that has little post production, and co-hosts with strong role definition. If that sounds like the characteristics of a morning show – that was the plan.

If you are in radio and considering an idea for a podcast, Seth tells you that yes you can keep it local, and he shares his processes for launching the D-Brief. Yes – there were practice episodes involved.

Seth also spoke about his podcast episode with talent coach Steve Reynolds at the World Wide Radio Summit. You can check it out here on Apple Podcasts.…00376526341&mt=2


Matt Cundill

“Matt Cundill works with radio groups on digital strategies and talent coaching. He recently started the Sound Off Podcast: The Podcast about Broadcast”

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Sound off Podcast

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