Vancouver’s KiSS RADiO Becomes First Ever Fully Interactive Music Radio Station



by Jenni Sheppard,      
Oct 16, 2017 

 KiSS RADiO, broadcast in Vancouver, Chilliwack, and Abbotsford, has become the first fully interactive radio station in Canada, giving listeners musical control.   .

The radio station is now allowing listeners to select the music played, all day, every day, through the KiSS RADiO app and website.

Starting today, listeners can choose from the station’s playlist, with songs pushed up and down in real time, as listeners vote on what songs to play.

In a release, John Hipper, program director, said audience expectations were changing, and the move would help engage listeners on digital platforms.

“This innovative approach to song selection makes the listening experience a true partnership between our station and our audience by offering listeners the chance to co-create the musical experience of the entire station,” said Hipper.

Listeners can also see a list of the most popular songs recently played and register to get alerts when their favourite songs are about to play.


  1. No way in hell it’s 100% “FULLY” automated. How would they guarantee 35% cancon and not drive people mad with song repetition? I’m willing to bet it’s a semi-interactive system. Neat concept though, I really do hope it works out for them.

  2. Sounds like a great idea …. until you see that it must be on their playlist … and the way most stations are today, you have a choice of between 25 and 50 songs … so no big amazing breakthrough in broadcasting.

  3. So far..not liking this. you’re letting listeners program fully basically….hmm so what I’ve heard while listening is annoying songs eg playlists based on a select few. .leave the big decisions to an actual of or music director imho


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