George Clooney Accused of Helping Blacklist Actress Who Complained of Sexual Harassment

George Clooney and Vanessa Marquez Getty Images

by Charlie Nash


October 14, 2017


George Clooney has been accused of helping “blacklist” an actress after she complained of sexual and racial harassment.

“Clooney helped blacklist me when I spoke up [about] harassment on ER,” claimed ER actress Vanessa Marquez in a post on Twitter. “Women who dont play the game lose career… I did.”

“He’s not who he pretends [to be],” added Marquez in another post. “Wells, NBC, Amblin, WB, cast & crew & my agents all complicit in my #Blacklist [for] speaking UP in ’95”

After one user expressed their shock that Clooney would be accused of covering up sexual harassment, Marquez replied, “He’s a monster in his own way… Everyone should know The Truth About Clooney.”


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  1. Hollywood=Debauchery
    MSM complicit in cover up=Debauchery
    NFL spoiled athletes decrying some made up black victim hood=Lunacy
    BLM=Domestic terrorists
    Antifa=Communist terrorists
    Radical Islam=International terrorists.
    George Soros= Corrupt, evil incarnate, should be indicted and in prison
    Hillary Clinton=Psychopath, racist, misandrist, treasonous criminal should be in prison
    Barrak Obama= Treasonous (shadow govt wanting)Islamic supporting terrorist should be in prison
    Bill Clinton= Racist, rapist should be in prison.

    liberals, Democrats= Liars, Commies, SJW’s identity politics thugs, haters of the USA and the western world

  2. Terry.

    It is about making efforts at seeing things for what and who they are and not a MSM and power structure cabal of lies, arrogance and wilful ignorance. Call it another bit of red piling in life.

    Each group or person I noted above are or have been spun to society as NOT what they are and as such they are a part of our society’s problems. I just summed things up quickly here with just short list of sickos, perverts, thugs, liars, racists, rapists and just evil.

  3. I think Les H is pointing out the death spiral that the US has endured. The msm is dead set against DJT and DJT is possibly the last chance for the US to pull out of the spiral. My memory is not that great but isnt Mr Clooney one of the Hollywood stars to speak out against DJT. I guess if these accusations are accurate Mr Clooney should lose his credibility.
    Just a thought but does anyone wonder why the hollywood scandal with weinstien has almost completely erased the Vegas massacre. The timeline should be headline news. The killers home in Reno being broke into(or cleaned by some agency) should be headline news. Instead we get one starlet per day claiming sexual assault. 58 people died 500 wounded and we get starlets .

  4. 13- All stories have a timeline on them. We will never forget the worst mass murder on American soil, that was Vegas two weeks ago. This wide sex investigation is a break from the horror of Vegas, and the general public cant understand too many mass killings too close together. They tune out and just get used to it. Look at the horror in Somalia this weekend!

  5. Rob,

    As to Somalia, R of P displays what it does best… Our western virtue signalling is costing many lives as we refuse and in fact we import R of P supporters and their ignorant, anti-liberty, death, hate and backwards culture… A price will be paid for our virtue signaling and lack of care to do what is right… In time though we in the civilized and notably western world WILL have to roll up our sleeves so to speak and do what is needed to TAKE OUT THE TRASH!

    As to the USA, it is far from a violent culture and mass shootings are rare. Don’t buy the FBI shite where they say any shooting where 3 or more people are shot is a mass shooting. Ask any normal person to define a mass shooting and NOBODY will say only 3 or more qualifies. It is a B.S. number to make it all a look worse than it is.

    Democrats, liberals, virtue signalling SJW’s DON’T GIVE A CRAP about homicides. They only want to take LAWFUL guns from LAWFUL owners hands, so F**K THEM! Criminals will not give up their ill-gotten guns!

    EVERY WEEK IN CHICAGO (notably the black community) suffers the equivalence to a mass shooting about 15-16 murders each week, WHERE ARE THE DEMOCRATS? WHERE IS BLM? WHERE IS ALL THE VIRTUE SIGNALLING LIBERALS?

    You all want politics.. Look at Mexico and the war on men. Numerous politicians including our limp wristed mangina Trudeau and many activist groups go out of their way to hi-light the fact that 7 women are murdered in Mexico each day. OF COURSE IT’S A SAD TRAGIC FACT! That equals about 2,500 murdered women each year. I can hear some reading this notably virtue signaling liberals, saying, “HOLY CRAP THAT IS BAD!”


    Mexico suffered in 2016, about 23,000 murders. Subtract 2,500 female murders and we see 21,500 MALES murdered in 2016 alone and similar for most years in Mexico. NOBODY CRIES FOR THEM!!! NO LIMP WRISTED CANADIAN PM CRIES FOR THEM!!! NO MEXICAN ACTIVISTS FIGHT FOR THEM!!! NO SJW VIRTUE SIGNALERS FIGHT FOR THEM!!!


    In the end only the stiff upper lip, just cause, of western world society and notably MEN will roll up sleeves and do the hard work to deal with this SHITE!

    Does anyone expect our PM ‘Mrs.’ Trudeau and any of the limp wristed Euro leaders to fix anything? A least President Trump is a ALPHA male and has courage to try new things, he tries to be a true leader of albeit our flawed at times but THE BEST option of western world values.

  6. Rob, it just seems that the msm will always bury an important story where the government doesnt look good with some celebrity faux pas. Years ago it was Brittany without panties. Its been the CBC radio host and his deviant sex. This time the msm doesnt want anyone to ask why 6 minutes passed between a gun battle on the 32nd floor and the assault on the crowd below. No one wants to delve deeper into the shooters wife and her history.
    What about the Canadian and his US born wife camping in Afghanistan and being abduscted for 5 years? What about their connection to Omar Khadar?
    Quick run another weinstein story.

  7. Rob has anyone followed up on the assault on an young hockey fan at Rogers arena? The man was beaten by thugs from Surrey. The security guards stood by and watched the beating. Ill bet the msm doesnt want to connect the dots as it might point out a multicultural problem

  8. Les H and 13, you make some good points. There are many stories that we dont hear about because the media picks and chooses their stories to suit their own agenda. I also think we get tired of all stories and events after an intense week or two of hearing all the details. The horrible stories keep piling up and we pray and send our best wishes to the family. Nothing seems to change, as I am more referring to the U.S. situation. I dont think we can fathom too many stories from too many countries, we are inundated and overwhelmed. We are overly interested and curious about the U.S. situation. I married into an American family, they dont care about what we think of their politics, they dont want us to try and change them. Take care of your own problems and stop judging us!

  9. I am in the EU tight now and the “Great Uneashed” the real Hard Working Tax Payers are just beginning to figure out what Merkel, Lofven, Juncker, Cameron, Holländern, Macron, Renzi, Cameron,And the rest are now/have done to them.

    I wonder if we, the hard Working Canadian Tax Payer of ANY Small or Large Incomes are smart enough to figure out what PM Justin and his Minions are in the process of doing to our Country?

    I can guarantee you that Media in Canada are NOT going to do their Job and Report what “Liberal Elites” are doing to Canada as we speak! Disgusting!

  10. Rob,

    That’s right most Americans DO NOT CARE about what people of other nation’s think about their own domestic policy, NOR SHOULD THEY! Obviously on foreign policy they do better understand non-American POV’s as it’s outside US domestic policy.

    Sadly Canadians can come off as the most a$$holish and self-righteous on US domestic issues. We smug Canucks often buy the koolaid of lies and distortions of MSM and notably US MSM and we then preach it back to our US neighbours. They probably want us (and most of their western peers) to STFU as they get this crap preached to them by US MSM, liberals, Democrat virtue signaling politicians, and all sort of political action groups. To hear our cackle is just annoying to them I bet.

    The US founding fathers GOT IT [more] RIGHT! No other nation and its union is like the USA’s. It has the best Constitution in the world and has built it to be the greatest nation in the world, warts and all. It along with its peers can debate the idea of the best nation but only the USA circa 2017 and since WWII has been and is the greatest nation.

    I love Canada but “we ain’t no Saints” We have the most enviable position on Earth, physically next door to the most important nation on Earth as we see it today. About 200 other nation would likely trade places with us if they could. Nobody says we should kiss US ass, but we should be good neighbours, BOTH WAYS! Our current mangina PM is now political sabre rattling with NAFTA and playing up to Mexico at our potential expense with the USA. IDIOT, IDIOT IDIOT! If it were the other way around NO WAY would Mexico play up to us at its expense to the USA.

    President Trump MEANS WHAT HE SAYS! He always has in his life! His unconventional form of being POTUS should be understood and embraced by Canada as a good neighbour and not a US shit disturber. Trudeau is out of his element domestically and internationally especially with the USA. He’s a Canadian sell out and does not value Canada, our western world values, our history and our worth as a nation. He only cares about himself, the Liberal party by virtue signalling and appeasing the failing status quo globally. President Trump sees a bigger picture and sees how decades of this status quo crap is failing the USA first and the world second and he is at least trying to do something about it. He plays political/diplomatic 4D chess while mangina Trudeau and the suck hole Euro cucks and others globally play checkers.

    Trump is no Saint, no perfect man, but is boldly yelling from the citadel of USA that things must change or it will get worse. He represents a fork in the road, one way continues decades of failing policies, the other a bold new or new return in direction. MAGA also means the world will be better off as we tend to ride in her tow… He’s only the beginning of change or he will be the last man fighting for what 100-200 years and notably post WWII of the great western developed world experiment as the world delves into global, crony, socialistic with Islamic darkness.

    Get on the Trump train or get off the tracks. Politics and diplomacy as usual ends with Trump one way or another. Either A New Hope ( to coin Star Wars term) or more falling into a socialistic cabal of a global crony future with waves of Islamic terror in tow.

  11. Richard Kelly

    I find it very disturbing why some base almost all of their opinions on sexism or racism. I just don’t get it.

    I find it unfortuneate that for 8 years POTUS Obama built almost his whole Administrations Appointments and Legislation on Race, Sex, and Politically Correct Social Engineering.

    It is obvious that with his Geneer Balance and other PC Ideology and Legislation PM Justin is taking Canada down the same “Rabbit Hole” that Obama and EU Uber Liberals took Europe.

    And look where that got them!

    Appointments or Positions in ANY Government should be Merit Based and Age, Sex, Religion, Colour, should have nothing to do with one being qualified for that position.

    Even Pudgy 50 Year Old White Guys should have the opportunity to stand for any position they covet. Someone should explain that to Justin.


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