Bill O’Reilly’s Accuser Arrested for False Allegation of Crime



October 9, 2017


What is it the Bible says about bearing false witness?

It’s been revealed that Perquita Burgess, the woman who accused former Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly of sexual harassment earlier this year (she claims that he called her “hot chocolate” and made “grunting noises” in her direction), was arrested in 2015 in Detroit for telling police her boyfriend hit her with a nonexistent gun.

Back in April, The New York Times broke the story of sexual harassment accusations against O’Reilly — including Burgess’ — at a time after former Fox News chief Roger Ailes had been fired for his own alleged misbehavior the year prior. Liberal watchdog group Media Matters targeted 80 commercial sponsors of Fox and O’Reilly’s show, claiming it would publicly embarrass them if they didn’t immediately demand O’Reilly’s dismissal from Fox News.

60 companies withdrew their support for O’Reilly’s program pending his termination. O’Reilly was fired from Fox and added his signature to a settlement between Fox and the women — including Burgess — who accused him, in order to spare his family media scrutiny. He has in the meantime repeatedly not admitted wrongdoing in any of the matters. (It should be noted that all of the allegations made against O’Reilly in the Times report besides Burgess’ were more than a decade old.)

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  1. None of us ever really knows the truth about long ago claimed accusations and charges made against mostly Men in positions of power or influence but all too often there is a rush to find that Man “Guilty until Proven Innocent”.

    It almost always turns out that the Case/Charges are a “She Said – He Said/Did” with NO real evidence to speak of and then the Guilty Judgement is Handed Down by the mostly Liberal Main Stream Media and the “Liberal Elites” in that Group and or the Entertainment Industry.

    In the fairly recent case of Bill Cosby it appeared initially that there could have been some validity to the Long Ago Accuasations leveled against him but then what seemed like dozens of accusers came forward rhat were quite quickly discredited and the Prosecution was left with a very weak case that had no real evidence.

    Notice how in the case/accuasations against Hollywood Hot Shot Harvey Weinstein the Liberal Elites including Entertainers and Media were very slow in arriving at the Party? If Harvey would have been a Conservative he would have been “Tried and Convicted” years ago!

    Then of course the Obama and Clinton Uber Liberal Power Couples who benefitted greatly from the “Gifts of Harvey” are MIA on this one!

    I obviously know nothing about O’Reilly but I bet right about now he wishes that He and Fox fought the charges and made NO Payoffs to make some charges “Go Away”!

    It is a Bloody Shame that almost everything we do in Society today is judged through the Lens of which Brand of Politics any one of us believes in.

    No good can come of that, Can It?

  2. The LEFT is doooooomed.

    They lobbed everything they had at Trump, the right……the REAL Americans……and now they are out of ammo.

    Now its our turn to really begin to turn up the heat on the REAL Criminals. THE LEFT.


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