Jody Vance to Middays at Vancouver’s Roundhouse Radio


After a year of filling in on CKNW talk shows, a part time assignment which began last September, Jody Vance is crossing the street to Vancouver’s Roundhouse Radio, 98.3 (CIRH-FM) where she will host middays 10am-1pm starting Sept. 25.  Jody had been laid off at Rogers Vancouver in March 2016.

After beginning her broadcast career in off-air positions, Ms. Vance first made her mark as a sports anchor at CTV Vancouver from 1996 to 2000.  She went to Toronto at the beginning of the millenium, returning to the West Coast to work the P.M. drive shift at CHHR-FM (Shore 104) in 2009, and to CBC Vancouver sports a year later.  She co-hosted and anchored news on Breakfast Television for Vancouver’s City-TV from 2011-2016, before being caught in a round of corporate cost-cutting.

Good luck at Roundhouse, Jody!


  1. Congrats Jody! Someone has deep pockets. RR continues to chug along and with two big name hires recently they obviously aren’t giving up just yet.

    With all of these changes hopefully they can turn things around and start to find an audience. Some reason to give them a try again.

  2. Congrats to Jody, one of this cities great broadcasters! I am interested to see how it will all flow. A five-hour talk show done solo, day in and day out, even with music here and there can’t be an easy undertaking.

  3. Jody is great, but how can a radio station with 0.0 ratings pay their employees? Clearly investors are paying the salaries, but don’t they need to see money coming in to protect their investment? Maybe a creative sales strategy is being used to convince clients that people are actually listening? All the best to Jody, either way.

  4. Yes, a three hour show. I dont know how you can pay the hosts at stations like Roundhouse and Pulse with virtually no listeners. Its a miracle!

  5. @Curious I assume someone or a group of people have very deep pockets. To keep taking a hit month after month there has got to be a big pile of money somewhere. Let’s face it , you can’t keep going with basically just those Volvo and Mexican Restaurant in Bellingham spots alone.

    RR are still trying to find themselves. I gave them quite a few chances when they first hit the airwaves and found them, for the most part, absolutely unlistenable. So dry and dull it was just painful to listen with the exception of Janice and Cory in the afternoon.

    With the recent hires of Jody and Gene this can only be seen as a positive and may just put RR on the radio map in Vancouver and area. I really do wish them the best and plan to tune in again, hopefully on a regular basis.

  6. RR continues to baffle me. Their broadcast footprint is tiny. Their credibility nil, and their experience and resources lacking. How could hiring an irrelevant ex-sportscaster help that? Hope they didn’t put all their eggs in this basket….what little eggs they have left. Good luck, Roundhouse. Sadly, I think you are going to need it.

  7. Love Jody. Her voice is like Buttah. But RR is for sale, and suitors are doubtful because of the signal. It’s a very tough situation and I feel sorry for Don & Co.

  8. Good point BMCQ. I don’t know why local Vancouver radio gets so hornied up over who is in charge down south. Doest impact my life in the least.

  9. Russt

    I have more or less given up on CKNDP (NW) other than Bruce, Michael Campbell, Jill Bennett if I am out in the Car on the weekend or if Michael Smyth is subbing.

    I heard Vance and the Australian Guy for a few minutes when I got in the Car one dday and I could not believe my ears.

    It seems to me that Elite Liberal Wanna Be Types like McComb, Simi, the NW PD, and most of the rest there along with Liberal Media like CNN (Clinton News Network), MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, WaPo, NY Times and the rest are still Fighting the last November U.S. Federal Election.

    I am expecting that all of those just mentioned will come forward and accuse “The Russians ” for the upcoming Pregnancy of kim Kardashian!!

    Sad Part MANY oof their Listeners will buy that story Hook Line and sinker!!

    I mentioned on another Thread here last week that WX should hire Fair and Balanced Hosts like Michael Smyth and Jill Bennett from say 9:00 AM until for two Shows and then go with World Local, and National news from 4:00 until 700 PM for a Drive Time Show and that Station would decimate NW and the rest.

    Vance has about as much chance of getting any kind of Traction at RR as I would marching through a Convention Full of ISIS Fighters!

  10. Congrats? Are you kidding me?

    Its going to be NAZI NAZI NAZI. All white men are NAZIS and Trump bashing all day everyday. Jody may have been a good broadcaster in the past……but she is a tool of the Anti-Trump LEFT now and has destroyed any reputation she used to have. Just like most of the talk show hosts at CKNW.

    The radio station that hired her can expect “lower advertising revenue” during the 3 hours she is on.

  11. What’s the fuss? With respect, Jody’s better days are past..this station has no audience & their recent hires will do little to move the needle.
    I tuned out Vcr radio years ago, except for Bruce Allen & Mike Campbell on ‘NW.
    I subscribe to Sirius, and listen to stations around the U.S./Cda…Vcr radio is boring!


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