KJR Host Mitch Levy Arrested in Prostitution Sting



It’s been a challenging week for Sports Radio 950 KJR. First, the radio station lost access to sports writers from the Seattle Times. But that pales in comparison to what the radio station is dealing with now, following the arrest of morning host Mitch Levy.

Bellevue, Washington police ran an undercover operation, which included opening up a brothel for seven days at a local condominium to attract unsuspecting sex buyers. They posted online ads to entice individuals to come forward, engaged in explicit text messages with potential customers, and when those men showed up, they were arrested.

A total of 110 men were locked up and over 100 cars, motorcycles and bikes were impounded. Among those put behind bars were a large number of technology workers and Seattle sports radio morning host Mitch Levy.

According to the police report, Levy placed $160 in cash on a bedside table in anticipation of a half-hour of sex. He told one of the arresting detectives he played golf earlier in the day and was there for a massage. The police report debunks that notion though adding that there was no other reason for Levy to be at the condo other than to buy sex.



  1. So the “law enforcement agencies” break the law by offering sex in exchange for money, and horny men show up to have sex. What, exactly, is the crime being committed? Surely, the “law enforcement agencies” have better things to do than this?

  2. Talk about bad timing! Just the other day the Seattle Times forbade sports reporters from going on air with KJR hosts due to the station’s sexist culture. Bet the Times will assign a court reporter to this story.

  3. The station regularly has Slickhawk of the morning show go to Kitten’s to interview strippers about their feelings on the Mariners on a weekly basis for chrisake

  4. Mitch Levy was one of the best (if not THE best) sports talk show host in town. The shame of it is the shame he no doubt now feels. But…”let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” I also with Beddoe. Slickhawk’s interviews with the ‘kittens” are puerile, feeble and in many ways more exploitative than the men who were entrapped by the cops.

  5. I have listened to the KJR morning show for a few years now and have enjoyed it in spite of Mitch Levy. Some say he was the best in town however I find he has little or no respect for his listeners. The way he drones on and on about a point that a 2nd grader could understand had me changing to 710 recently. It had gotten really bad toward the end of his air time. I’ve been listening to Dick and Slickhawk again and love what they are doing. With the special guests that they have been rotating in and out it has become the station to listen to for Seattle Sports. I congratulate KJR and the remaining morning crew for their consistent effort to air a great show for the fans in the Puget Sound. If I had a vote, I would vote to leave the show how it is because you are on to something.


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