Red’s Diner Last Show on CISL 650 was Sunday!

Pat O’Day, Red Robinson and Bruce Allen


It’s Sunday August 27th, 2017, and today is the final Red’s Diner on CISL 650 AM with Red Robinson. Red’s special guests include Seattle radio legend Pat O’Day and NW’s Bruce Allen, plus many many others. A Must Listen for all radio fans…. It’s History in Radio in Vancouver, British Columbia…


Puget Sound Radio hopes to post the entire aircheck of Red’s last show, and soon!



  1. I really enjoyed listening to the show today. Thank you Red for all the fabulous hours of great tunes. You helped make our days smooth and easy. God bless.

  2. Bruce Allen nailed it by lamenting this finale didn’t run for eight hours! Normally verbose, Bruce wisely laid back and allowed Red and Pat O’Day to one-up each other with tales of musical greats. One could quibble that Red didn’t reminisce about CFUN Good Guys and CKWX DJs (Frosty Forst got a mention). But then regular listeners of Red Rock Diner have enjoyed anecdotes about his Vancouver colleagues over the years.

    Sounds like Pat boated up from Washington. Wonder if he docked in Richmond and took a quick cab to the studio?

    Well done Red, Pat and Bruce!

  3. Hey Red! Give me a call…or email! I’m having my biography done and presenting a few snippets of radio history as a DJ and radio executive in the U.S. and Canada. Would love to hear some of your memories and see how much we over-lap. Found an article from a newspaper I’d like to share announcing your departure for the military service when I replaced one of the DJs who vacated your position!

    Cheers, Ralph


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