Art Factora has some great news, plus reports about the fading days of CISL


Art Factora will be joing Rogers new Vancouver venture as the assistant Program Director for the new SportsNet 650… Congratulations Art, that’s great news!

Art Factora


from our facebook friend Art Factora 

the following good message…

When one door closes another one opens…

7+ years have really flown by. First, I want to thank Stu Ferguson for his guidance and leadership for over the past 15 years. You have been instrumental in the meteoric rise of my career. Thank you to everyone I’ve met and worked with in the Astral/BellNotBell/Newcap building. I’m looking forward to my new role as Assistant Program Director for the new Sportsnet 650. Official launch happens on September 4th.



Smooth & Easy isn’t over yet. There’s special programming from now until Sunday at midnight.

Thursday August 24: · Stu Boomer Café 9-3 · Casey White Drive Home 3-6pm



This Friday Morning August 25: · Tom Lucas with Don Percy · 6am to 9am

The ‘Lovable’ Don Percy



Stu Boomer Café 9-3 with guest appearance by Joanne Sutton · 3pm Casey White Drive Home · 4pm Gerry O’Day Drive Home · 5pm Paul Sereda Drive Home Saturday August 26: · Stu Boomer Café 10-3 Sunday August 27: · Stu Boomer Café 9-11am Farewell with Art Factora · Final Red Rock Diner N-4 Red Robinson · Tom Lucas 6-8pm Farewell


Tune in before it’s gone. Including Red Robinson’s Reds Diner on Sunday from noon to 4pm.

Most importantly if it wasn’t for CISL I wouldn’t have met my wife. Thank you ?

Art Factora




  1. For anyone who is interested, I have recorded/will be recording the majority of CISL programming this week. Unscoped, and in AM quality, but preserved nonetheless!

  2. AM 1410 should revert back to oldies, or AM730 could become LG73 again and play the music that CISL abandoned.Make it happen,Corus.Traffic is a waste of a frequency.

  3. 1410 needs to shut down. It garbage. I would also like to see it play the music 650 does now. Maybe someone with a brain will actually do it.

  4. We are sooooo going to miss CISL!! Especially Red Robinson on Sunday afternoons! Congratulations Art! Please someone start up another oldies station!

  5. KBAI 930AM has switched from liberal talk to ’70s-heavy oldies. Haven’t heard DJ chatter so a lot of it is likely automated. Its daytime signal from Bellingham is okay, at least over here in Victoria. Nighttime? Take your chances.

  6. Oh yeah, very happy to hear Art continues with the new format. Red always made him part of the show and I appreciated their banter.


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