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Fox News Suspends Eric Bolling Amid Lewd Photo Allegations

Fox News/screenshot
Eric Bolling

The host is currently under investigation following reports of texting inappropriate photos to colleagues.

Fox News Specialists host Eric Bolling has been suspended pending the results of an investigation, which is currently underway, Fox News confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.

According to a Huffington Post report on Friday, Bolling “sent an unsolicited photo of male genitalia via text message to at least two colleagues at Fox Business and one colleague at Fox News.”

A spokesperson for Fox News said in an emailed statement, “Eric Bolling has been suspended pending the results of an investigation, which is currently underway.”

According to the report, the women who made the allegations were former or current employees of Fox, who told colleagues the photos were very “upsetting and offensive.” Four people, outside of the recipients, claimed they’d seen the photo in question, and eight others said the women had told them about it.

Bolling’s attorney told the outlet, when asked of the allegations, “Mr. Bolling recalls no such inappropriate communications, does not believe he sent any such communications, and will vigorously pursue his legal remedies for any false and defamatory accusations that are made.”

Before joining Fox News Specialists, Bolling was previously part of the rotating panel on The Five, which took over the 9 p.m. slot in a programming shuffle after the April 19 ouster of Bill O’Reilly. Bolling previously worked as an independent trader and joined Fox News and Fox Business after several years on CNBC’s Fast Money.

Fox gave no further details, and it is unclear if the suspension is paid or unpaid.



  1. Why am I not surprised.

    The Peter Principle at play–Bolling was great moonlighting from Wall Street on CNBC’s Fast Money. Somehow he got it into his head that his political musings could make him peers and pals with the FOX boys. Alas, he plunked down into a den of pulchritude with wannabe Lothario Ailes churning out an assembly line of bubble-headed bleach blondes (plus a token brunette or two) to woo male viewers and, unfortunately for FOX, male colleagues.

    Get back to running a stock fund, Eric. You’re good at it and your stockpicking tips are more than worthwhile.

  2. Lest I be called sexist, I’m not shaming the FOX ladies for the alleged indiscretions of their numerous male colleagues.

    Given the reportedly extreme makeovers of the women by Ailes into a generally cookie-cutter lean, platinum-blonde look, I’m sure they knew in advance that the pervier male members of FOX’s aging demographic would send unwanted solicitations. But I doubt they anticipated that bosses or coworkers would likewise offend.

    Maybe this stuff happens at CNN and MSNBC but gets covered up. For sure, however, something truly rotten seems to have afflicted FOX.

  3. Sounds like the looney-tunes liberal professor needs to be locked up in a padded cell because she’s making claims about things that most likely didn’t happen except in her own mind (based on an ideology-driven MO and on attention-seeking, which is becoming more and more evident with each new accusation she makes and who it’s against).


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