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CBC’s Rick Cluff Recovering from Heart Surgery


This was posted yesterday on CBC Radio’s Early Edition Twitter account.

A note for our listeners: Rick underwent heart surgery recently. He’s okay & will be back soon, but is taking the summer to recover.

We at PSR wish him a speedy recovery, and I’m sure Rick Cluff’s many fans over the years, who have made him a solid #1 by most estimates, echo those sentiments.   Rick’s career with the CBC began more than 40 years ago, and he has hosted the Early Edition from Vancouver since 1997.


  1. This man is one of the few reasons to listen to CBC radio. Glad he is on the mend and may he have a full and speedy recovery.

  2. I thought his vacation was seeming to go on for a very long time. I was actually a little worried something had happened to him. I’m glad to hear he’s doing better and wish him full health soon.

  3. This man is the reason I STOPPED listening to Radio 1 – completely.Pompous, arrogant and insensitive – he should either go back to sports or retire.

  4. What a completely unwarranted attack, Janine,. Media criticism is one thing, an attack on a veteran Vancouver broadcaster is not on, you coward.

  5. Happy to hear Rick is recovering. Always enjoyed listening to him.

    After avoiding it for a few years, I decided to switch to CKNW while Rick was off. So surprised how good it is. Very different to how CKNW used to sound, but I think John McComb will be my new morning show.

  6. Rick has grown into a good West Coast Morning Edition broadcaster and his voice is missed. Throughout the broadcast day, we now here new voices. They are adjusting to the styles of each radio segment. Good to hear our future CBC sound, but Rick will be welcome back in whatever time slot he chooses.

  7. A speedy recovery Rick! Like others, I was becoming very concerned and I’m relieved to hear the surgery is complete and now it’s time for healing.

  8. I am looking forward to the return of Mr. Cluff. He has been missed by me and i am sure thousands of others. Ms. Macarenko did very well on his behalf and Mr. Quinn was also credible but they are not Rick Cluff. I like to listen to people who have had lots of experience and Rick Cluff certainly has that. Welcome back Rick.

  9. Was completely surprised by Rick’s reappearance on the morning show. Good to have him back sounding in great health and have things back to a reasonable norm. These days of climate change, Donald Trump and other abnormalities has taken away from our stability. With Rick’s return this has returned some of our stability with hope of other insanities
    righting themselves.

  10. Very relieved and happy to have Rick back! I was concerned and worried! Next time CBC let your listeners know what’s up! Hopefully won’t be a next time though. Mornings are now back to normal. Than you Rick-glad you are better.

  11. Please O please Rick Cluff retire!. It was so nice to have Steven and Gloria hosting the morning Show. How long have do we have to put up with the same rubbish Rick dishes up.
    Rick for goodness sake retire!!!. Jeff Lynn

  12. We wish Rick Cluff a long and happy retirement. We have listened to him every morning since he started hosting the Early Edition ,except when on holiday and often then to remind us of home. He is knowledgeable and informed and always very pleasant. He will be missed.


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