Just How Badly Is CNN Collapsing? The Numbers Are Stunning


It’s official: CNN’s ratings are now in PANIC territory.


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July 5, 2017

One of our many labors of love here at The Daily Wire has been the faithful chronicling of the self-inflicted collapse of CNN. In perhaps its worst month in a string of very bad months, over the last few weeks CNN managed to light what’s left of its credibility on fire over Russiagate by retracting yet another story based on a single, anonymous source; force three of its formerly respected journalists to resign to cover its chronic failureshyperventilate over having cameras at the White House press briefing; humiliate itself with a have-to-read-it-to-believe-it story on Obama’s jeans; and hysterically and hypocritically accuse Trump of supposedly “promoting violence” despite a year of blowing the assassination dog whistle and having employed the likes of Kathy Griffin and Reza Aslan.

Though CNN is prone to lying, the numbers never do. So how is CNN faring in the ratings? The following numbers for Tuesday, June 27 from TV Newser paint a very grim picture of CNN’s rapidly shrinking viewership:

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  1. As a long time and occasional viewer of CNN, I’ve found leading up to the primarys the network would cover the race but also continue covering various other news from around the country and from their overseas corresponds, it was a good watch. However since the summer of 2016 CNN continues to cover a single topic 24/7 as there is no other news on the planet or their operating budget has been cut by 2/3’s ! EVERY Trump tid bit is opened with “Breaking News” all the time ! CNN has earned it’s wind to the bottom of the ratings and until they understand the “N” in CNN is about “News” and not just Donald Trump. Move on to other pressing matters please !

  2. ALL Phake News media outlets – TV, Print, Digital – are collapsing.

    The “brainwashing” of 30 years by these SJW freakazoid lefties is coming to a crashing end especially with a phoney fake economy where only the rich and Govt workers and get by.


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