Get a grip McComb!


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Get a grip McComb!

Postby Jim Walters » Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:16 pm

You’d think an on air/news person who’s been in the market since the Viet Nam war would be able to get the name of a regular guest correct.

At first I thought the CKNW Facebook post contained a typo, but after listening to the piece, Mr McComb not once, but twice referred to veteran Vancouver Sun crime reporter Kim Bolan as Kim Boland.

If you’ve been noticing more crime stories in the news in the past week, you’re not imagining it. As crime writer Kim Boland reports, over the past week there have been three targeted murders of men with gang ties, as well as a fatal stabbing and at least two other shootings.

C’mon JM. You’re smarter than that. Are you reading word for word what one of your inexperienced “producers” is writing for you or are you failing?

Nice to see Ms Bolan didn’t make a point of embarrassing you by pointing out your faux pas.

Vancouver’s #1 way to wake up? I think not.





  1. Jon, can be interesting and entertaining at times on NW98, compared to most of the others there anyways. My beef with him and yes it’s ok as he is a talk radio host with an opinion and not a news reader, but his anti-Trump spiel is tiring. All NW personalities are so zombie like, anti-Trump and really have no objective reasons to be so, but I digress,

    The other day Jon was blathering on with one of his and most of NW98, SJW type and rather clueless producers on Trump and his tweets. Jon, the EXPERT (NOT!) said based on Trump’s tweets that Trump is not disciplined enough to be POTUS!

    Um Jon, short of Trump’s often intentional show boating and baiting for your types in the media tweets, YOU ALL CAN’T HELP YOURSELVES TO FALL FOR THEM, you have NO IDEA of Trump’s discipline as POTUS, in the W.H. with his Cabinet, meeting with other politicians, people of influence, governors and world leaders.

    People have said and say often that Trump in private, in meetings etc. is quite the gentleman, intelligent and a very persuasive leader type. I guess that may be a big part why he became a billionaire and you Jon, your cohorts and the rest of us ARE NOT!

    So sure have and tell us your opinion Jon, it’s a part of your job, but maybe try to be more objective on Trump and not so anally anti-Trump, given you, your cohorts and others are not sitting in the Oval Office with him. Mainstream media today is so FAKE NEWS and you should not fall so easily for it.

  2. Les, talks shows, for the most part, reflect the opinions of the host. According to the Canadian Radio Standards Council, talk show hosts are not journalists and therefore, are not required to be “objective.” People who report the news are required to be objective. Those who comment on the news are not.

    So why do you want Jon McComb, a commentator, to be objective? Is it because his opinion differs from yours? Surely, you must be in favour of free speech. Or does that only apply when the opinions of a talk show host are in align with yours? If his comments aligned with yours would you be complaining that he should be more “objective?” I think not.


  3. It is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. A radio host is only as good as his production crew. The morning show hasn’t been as shoddy since the days of Jessica Gares. Tim Dickers is a male version of Jessica. The constant forced laughter and giggling are juvenile and contrived. Gord Macdonald howling the top 5 news stories and trying desperately to be funny.
    Currently NW from 530am till 2pm is the NDP unpaid advertising station. CKNPDW. The Liberal bashing is non stop. They howl about the Liberal fund raising being the wild west. Tune in and listen to 8 1/2 hours of non stop NDP unpaid advertising.
    I get Simi Sara and her socialist slant, but McComb used to be reasonably unbiased. He seemed to be content to report news and his editorials were fair and thought provoking. NOT any longer. Hes joined Simi Sara in using his air time to campaign for the NDP. His promos are almost 100% devoted to bashing the Premier.
    The sad thing is that JM has shown over the years just how talented a broadcaster he is. Seems to me that he has lowered himself to fit the new cheaper style of programming that Corus is willing to pay for.

  4. Ian Jessop,

    I never demanded Jon be more objective, only more so suggested he try to in this case with President Trump. Yes, I agree, his job is to have and share his opinions, why with his often more clueless producers though who are NOT paid to discuss such is beyond me.

    My days of listening to NW98 go back to the mid 1980’s I do not demand talk show hosts only to reflect my POV on all too many topics. I like having my POV provoked at times and not just having me parroting the host on air at the time. Again talk show hosts can speak whatever they wish even if it may be out of their A**. But talk radio listeners generally more value INFORMED opinions on topics by talk radio hosts and not just blind rhetoric and other blather.

    Yes, CKNW98 is 100% anti-Trump. I’d say NOBODY on the air or in the production and programming side support President Trump, even enough to give him a chance. NW is pretty much like all mainstream media today and are no longer really credible as a news source.

    Lack of political/social opinion diversity on NW 98 and most other similar style mainstream news/talk stations is a BIG PROBLEM!

    Not all of NW98 listeners are like blind sheep to only agree with the more socialist/ SJW type caudry of talk radio hosts on its air waves today. When the syndicated Coast to Coast program is the most diverse show IT’S BAD FOR NW98!

    So, no, I am not going to brow beat Jon to make him more objective, at even just on President Trump. He can keep being anti-Trump along with his snowflake producers. But if his information or lack much there of comes from his A** well it does not say much for him and his show. BTW, same goes with ALL of the others on CKNW airwaves, even Adler who has become more of a liberal now living in Vancouver than when was living in Winnipeg.

  5. I agree 100% with 13. JM used to be my favourite but lately I am just sick & tired of his Christy bashing and the constant giggling from his fan club of two. JM always says Christy won’t appear on my program– Gee I wonder why. For once why doesn’t say something nice about her but instead he adores Flip Flop Horgan

  6. I’ve tuned out ‘NW for years, with the exception of Mike Campbell & Bruce Allen.
    Two guys with street smarts and self-made BC entrepreneurs..All the others are talking head employees…

  7. Just heard Mani Bazoonis back on the air at NW. It was with a lawyer talking about people’s hassles in the workplace. Found it entertaining and informative and Mani brought his usual informed and sometimes humourous take on the issues. The lawyer was excellent too. Would love to hear Mani back on a regular basis. My wife and I always listened to him when he was on the QM morning show.

  8. I have to admit that Im a bit surprised. Surprised at how little traction this particular post has attracted. I wonder why the response is limited to so few comments.
    Is it that no one has an opinion on the flagship show on the top dog?
    Could it be that the loyal NW listeners are satisfied with the quality of the programming?
    Or does the lack of interest come from a lack of listeners?

  9. Ian

    of course no individual that Posts here is quite as sophisticated or as intelligent as you might like to paint yourself but here is my intellectually inferior offering on this.

    Believe it or not most that would Post here understand what Opinion Talk Radio is. Believe it or not we DO understand that OTR is “What it is”.

    Yes, we understand that Rush is a Conservative, we understand that others may be Right of Centre, Left, or even Middle of the Road. We accept that. We know what Rahel Maddow is.

    I cannot speak for Les, 13 or some others but I will offer this.

    My own humble opinion is that MANY Long Time NW Listeners look back at the traditional Talk Show Host of years gone by that would more or less offer opinions that criticized both a Sitting Government when they chose or an Opposition Party regardless of their Brand.

    As of the past few years it does appear that NW has taken a very Anti Federal Conservative, Anti B.C. Liberal and an Anti Donald Trump “Free Enterprise” stance.

    Each and every NW Commentary by any Host, Producers/Side Kicks, is very critical of any Conservative Politician.

    In the past JM was quite balanced and I was fine with that. Since Premier Christy took over he has been highly critical of her and her Government. I have no idea but to me it appears that there is past History between CC and JM and it shows almost every time the B.C. Liberal Party or Premier Clark are discussed.

    The 10 AM Host is totally in the Tank for the NDP and most of my friends have quit listening and refer to her as The NDP FARM Team”!!

    I do not care what or who they support but they offer themselves up as unbiased and that is simply not truthful.

    Yes, be critical but do not attempt to wrap yourself as Balanced!!

    It would then be easier for any of us to make a choice as to whether we wish to listen or not.

    After reading your comment here the other day I did a little research and came to the conclusion that the PD at CKNDPW is a very Hard Left Ideologue that is anything but Middle of the Road!!

    Perhaps one day soon that PD and the Advertisers that Pay NW to promote their Products might realize that the Demographic the PD is after, the Millennials do not purchase

    Fireplaces, Roof, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Auto Tuneups, Lexus, Concrete Sidewalks and Driveways, Casinos, Maple Ridge Chrysler, Kia, Hyundai, Body Shops, Sierra Syl, Lady V, Cartwright Jewellers, Funeral Services, Stocks and Bonds, Financial Investment Advise, Alpine Credit Loans against Home Equity, and so many many more that do not appeal to those under 40 years old.

    Oh and do not forget that it is mostly those that are over say 40 years old that actually have the disposable income to purchase so many other products and serves advertised on NW.

    I believe what most long time NW listeners are asking for something very simple, BALANCE!!

    We ae not asking for a Rah Rah lets go Chrsty or Harper Radio Station we are asking for Balance!!

    Most of my friends left NW long ago, I hang on because I have enjoyed the JM Editorials, Bruce, Michael Campbell, Palmer, and Smyth, other than that I never listen.
    The Mensa Member Side Kicks of McComb leave me cold and I wish they would give up and quit fighting the November U.S. Federal Election, Hot Air and nothing less.

    I do not know what your background is and I have no idea what your politics happen to be but I do know that most of us out in Radio Land regardless of our Political Leanings and a few Dollars in our Pockets are wanting a Radio Station that offers Balance and Choice.

    I believe it is then that we can support and be loyal to that Radio Stations Advertisers.

    Do We want CKNDPW!!

    I think Not

  10. What? Someone made a typo, and someone didn’t catch it? Please……… I get you have programming gripes with the station, but isn’t that one error a little petty to bring on this hellfire and damnation?

  11. ‘NW’s tendency to pull staff off the streets shows in the appalling use or rather abuse, of the English language. Dickert should never be close to a mike let alone have a weekend show. He may enjoy many technical skills and computer abilities, but broadcasting isn’t among his most obvious abilities. Same for many of the other kids who work on his and other shows. They need to go to to the prairies for a few years and take some remedial English and pronunciation courses as well.

  12. Perfection demanded

    If only it was only one little error. Ever since the cost cutting started from host to producers and especially news readers quality is job none

  13. Have to agree with Bud. Just listened to Dickert for about 10 minutes in the car. So amateurish, I turned it off. You’re also correct when you suggest these wanna-bees would be doing themselves and more important US a favour by getting some skills in a small market. It’s now so painful to listen I’ve moved to CBC. While not all their programming peaks my interest, at least they’re professionally presented, especially the news. NW lost me on their news a long time ago when they hired all these kids who simply cannot read, write, edit or select the right stories.

  14. JM’s show is the only one that I can listen to in the morning and seems to have improved recently. I don’t always agree with him but he is possibly the best radio commentator out there. Also, it’s been the no. 1 morning show in Vancouver for the past few months. They must be doing something right.

  15. Wow.. you all need to chill ..
    You don’t like it, switch the station!
    Maybe this is a newsflash for you all… but media isn’t like it was in the “good old days”.. times have changed.. the whole Vancouver media market sucks compared to what it once was… RELAX!! There are worse things in the world, then you liking or not liking the host of a radio station.. jeeze..

  16. This is pathetic Jim. You criticize the man for mispronouncing one word? I think someone else here needs to get a grip!

  17. Has anyone noticed that Mcomb is in the tank for the NDP. He spends a lot of air time everyday slamming Christy Clark and the BC Liberals. Simi Sara and Steele and Drex are all on Mcombs band wagon. The latest sin that is being beatin to death is BClibs spending tax dollars to run advertisements that are nothing more than campaign ads. They like to pick on the ad refering to the coming MSP rate cut. In fact one of NWs legal experts (Darashanko) is even taking the government to court for this exact alleged crime. So if the BC Liberals are found guilty then isnt NW just as guilty for running the ads on air? Its not like they havent stated that the ads are illegal many many times. Yet they accept the ads and collect the proceeds of crime (allegedly).

  18. @13 I have to disagree. He criticizes the NDP all the time! He has hammered Horgan numerous times, especially the NDP’s hypocrisy in accepting political donations. I personally commend him on holding both parties accountable.

    Also, Doroshenko is from Acumen Law and is not affiliated with NW.

  19. @MW Clayton

    Your entitled to your delusional view of Mcocmb. I doubt even he would try to spin your tale of fairness As for the lawyer I never said he was affiliated with NW but if you listen enough to hear Mcomb criticize the NDP youu must have heard that lawyer giving his opinion on every last liberal faux pas. Even was the go to guy on the foreign buyers tax.

    I tune in every am and I hear JM and giggles (Dickert) make fun of CC and the BC Liberals. I find it amaturish bordering on childish. JM is entitled to opine as he sees fit.


  20. @13

    You’re entitled to your opinion. However, I don’t think McComb has spoken to Doroshenko on his show (not that I can remember or that I can find in his podcasts). Perhaps you are thinking of Tom Davidoff? I would have said he was the go-to-guy.

  21. And its now July. Never ever a word on the Clinton Crime Family. But the daily snowflake SJW anti-Trump bashing continues.

    This is why the Phake News Media is finished and fires people across N.America everyday.

  22. In this thread I have read nothing but Ian’s comment following Les’s latest essay. Didn’t read it because I don’t have to I know the content. All I can say is Ian, you are bang on.

  23. LOL .. a comment 4 months after the post .. okay thanks Barry T for keeping the messages going on this post.. lol

    If people want to bang on about how much NW sucks.. go for it… we all know it’s well past it’s glory days…

    If we are talking about errors in pronouncing things, it’s EVERYWHERE!!
    All the TV news stations have hired these newbies who can’t pronounce anything! Being accurate in news stories doesn’t matter… .I have watched numerous tv newscasts where things are omitted or the news “reporter” has made obvious errors, and have called the various newsrooms, only to have the other person (in the newsroom) not really give a crap.
    When it’s rip and read news casts, who cares if you mispronounce names, or don’t say locations or forget clear details!!

    Rolling my eyes….

  24. Yeah the other day on Global BC I heard the Mayor of Surrey refer to Horgan as the Premier “Delegate”. Wasn’t sure whether to call the newsroom or the Mayor’s Office.


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