Edmonton Radio: Morning men

Scott McCord


By Mike Ross

July 3, 2017

The pairing of Scott McCord with Yukon Jack on The Bear’s new morning show promises to deliver your maximum recommended daily dose of testosterone. These are two of the manliest men on Edmonton radio. Their voices are deep and gruff, and they talk of manly things, like sports. They speak their minds. Sometimes they lose their tempers.

“It’s pretty testosteroni, let me tell you,” agrees McCord. “We speak from experience.”

The Worst Show Ever – that’s what they’re calling it because manly self-deprecation is also part of the game – launches on Tuesday, July 4 at 5:30 am. This will be an “inclusive” sort of man show, McCord says: “I hope that my role on The Worst Show Ever is going to help steer it a little bit away from that rah-rah dick joke gutter humour that sometime permeated what was happening before. I hope sincerely we can be a little bit more cerebral.”

He alludes to sexist stunts of the past. The most egregious has to be the “Win a Wife” contest in 2011, sending winners on an all-expenses-paid trip to Russia to meet eligible bachelorettes through a professional dating agency. Stick your air quotes where you want. They also did a Dirty Deeds prank for AC/DC in 2015 where one challenge was to call your wife and tell her your dog died – on the air. And in 2014, some U of A students staged a boycott after contests like “Best Buns” and “Babe of the Day.”

It is no secret that the Bear’s core audience is guys.

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  1. So this is what Bell came up with after, what, nine months? Promote the Drive guy?!? In the meantime they just bled out their morning show. I would’ve thought they do something kind of big like bring back Cubb Carson (FTW) or Fearless Fred.
    So they moved Mccord. Whoop-di-do.

  2. Sounds like Edmonton will hear some pretty bizzare radio as of July4 at 530 am. I wonder how much worse it could possibly be compared to the McComb Dickers yuck yuck fest were stuck with here in Lotus Land.


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