Host Quits After Being Told to Follow The Format

92.1 WTPA-FM’s Bruce Bond has resigned after his boss told him not to talk about politics


Ed Note: WTPA is a commercial FM radio station licensed to serve Palmyra, Pennsylvania. The station is owned by Patrick H. Sickafus a.k.a. Pat Garrett and broadcasts an ‘active rock’ format. Wikipedia


June 20, 2017


Here’s a story getting national attention, and probably wouldn’t be, if Donald Trump was not the President. Bruce Bond quit his job as a jock on rock station WTPA in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Repeat: He works at a Rock station. He’s gone on a social media rampage claiming he had to leave because his GM asked him to follow the format of the radio station. Poor guy, how often does that happen at a radio station every day.

Bond wanted to use the station as an outlet to talk politics and criticize the President. Perhaps he just didn’t want to take direction from the boss. He was asked by General Manager Tim Michaels to back off the political discussion. Michaels even put his request on paper, which Bond proceeded to post on his Facebook page. Bond didn’t want to follow the rules and because it had to do with Donald Trump, many national media outlets lapped up the story like it was a big deal. How many rock stations across the country are used as political outlets?

Here’s what Michaels told Radio Ink on Tuesday. “Bruce Bond was hired at WTPA to host an entertainment type show. He was cautioned many times about making it a political show. He chose to resign. We have accepted the resignation and wish him well. WTPA is a station that does not promote or endorse any political party or candidate. We have always positioned the station to be welcoming to all, no matter their political affiliation. We do not wish to be offensive to anyone. Bruce crossed acceptable boundaries.”

The note Michaels sent to Bond to get him to back off and stick to the format.

After posting the Michaels letter to social media, Bond then apologized for not including the GM’s e-mail and phone number on the original post. Bond’s claim for quitting was that “there is this really ugly political environment in this country with the current president. Unfortunately, Bond adds, “Central PA can’t handle someone as liberal and brutally honest as I can be.”


Bond is no stranger to controversy. According to he was hired at WTPA about three years ago. He returned to PA in 2013, after a two-year prison sentence for a $4.3 million forged check scheme.

Here’s where Bond is getting his 15 minutes of national fame:
Fox News.
The New York Post.
The AP at U.S. News & World Report.
The Blaze.
The Philadelphia Enquirer 


  1. Piss off Bruce. When you own or manage a radio station you can then set the rules and if you like bitch and whine about politics you may or may not lie or what ever. But since you are a mere employee for a private business that is licensed to play music and not have a blow hard use the radio station’s mic to blather on about a POTUS he may not like, well GOOD BYE! DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOUR BACKSIDE ON YOUR WAY OUT!

  2. BTW Bruce I bet you are NOT BRUTALLY HONEST! But you surely think you are. You are probably a leftist, liberal cuck, sjw type and worship at the alter you made for yourself of Marx , Mao or Stalin. My only question, are you a Hillary or Bernie cuck?

  3. Les H can you back off the cuck talk. Im sure you can spout some other form of hatred for those in another section of the political spectrum without questioning his masculinity.
    I don’t support his on air political rants. There is way too much daily coverage of the POTUS. Just play the music and lets all lighten up shall we?

  4. From the timeline when he was hired, it appears he was just out of prison. How do you hire a convicted thief? The guy did two years, so it’s not like he had a mental lapse and stole some candy. It was more then four mil in a forged cheque scheme! Don’t worry kid, given some of the local talent here, you’d fit right in here.

  5. Rasterman.

    He is a political cuck. It is not inferred as a sexual cuck. The left is full of political cucks today as it’s full of virtue signalers who disgust me (our current PM included) as they are hypocrites and weak of principles and values who lack the ability to truly defend them. The liberal, left today is full of self-loathing fools, who will happily sell themselves out and what few values and principles they do hold, all to appear to others as morally superior and hoping for validation by others who are often morally and ethically bankrupt as well.

    The very society that gives them the freedom to do as they do, say as the say, is what they want to tear down. The utopia (cough, cough in reality what would be a distopia) they envision will never be achieved but they will tear society down to try, even though history shows they are wrong.

  6. A good post I read elsewhere about the current state of the liberal, left:


    Those who would kill their own unborn children because having then be born would be an inconvenience. Have few if any morals.

    An abortion in nations like the USA/Canada costs about $400-$1000. A box of condoms costs about $5.00 – $10.00.

    They got their Common Core Math alright.

  7. Les H lets say you’re right about the left. Given that then the right is fuelled by fear and hate. There everything’s tied up in neat packages. So let it be written…

  8. Rasterman:

    What you said about conservatives really applies to the Left (which is itself fueled by fear and hate). The Left’s behavior (in politics, the courts, academia, the media and Hollywood, along with their brainwashed low-info followers) during and following last November’s US elections (and even now) proves it.

  9. Vctvguy hmm interesting. The Right seem to be the domain of the exclusive – not my idea? Dump it. The left – more inclusive. What makes Canada great is our healthcare.
    We seniors should begin each day in silent prayer to Tommy Douglas. Right wingers wanna tear it down and let em twist in the wind like our neighbours to the south want to do. Saskatchewan holds the Canadian mantra – help thy neighbour for one day ye may need a hand. Right winger says you’re on your own buddy! Not my Canada.

  10. Rasterman,

    The left is not truly inclusive, it today seeks to virtue signal. It is only inclusive of those that agree with it. If you do not, you may as well drop dead. To them they will yell at you saying, “You are racist, sexist, homophobe, Islomphobe, nazi scum, America was never great.”

    They very society, namely the USA or most of the western world, though much of Europe has surrendered free speech values and Canada is looking at going that way, but for fortunately Americans at least, the US Supreme Court just ruled the other day 8-0 that all speech is free speech, gives these lefty nutters the freedom to speak their idiocy.

    As to left v. right, certainly on the extremes both are stupid. Very few people though say, “Buddy you are on your own.” are from the conservative mindset. Most even conservatives accept basic social responsibilities and accept these may limit conservative ideals and even limit market place values/ideals. Many lefties will live to impose on all, their collective ideals even if they limit free choice, free speech, free market values, as they see us all just cogs in a wheel and as such matter not as free individuals.

    It is and has been for going on 40+ years creeping socialist values into so called market base societies built on general liberties. Even most center to right politicians are being social activists and creep socialism to buy votes from voters with their own money.

    Activist governments are the problem be they left or right as socialism has infiltrated even the political right in many ways today. Most people if honest want limited government but many will buy into activist government if they feel they will be given something, again using their own tax dollars. Most women have and will especially vote this way as they almost always support more government if they “Muh Feels” that government will give them something. BUT! government never really gives you something for nothing, it will make demands on you for such.

    Case in point, Black Americans, prior to 1965 (The Civil Rights Bill became law) only 25% of Black households were one parent ( single mother) child households only a few percent higher that white, Latino and Asian households in America. Fast forward to 2015 and the black households are near 75% single mother, why? Because she was sold / duped (mostly by the Democrats) to essentially marry the state and not marry solid, working/contributing to society black males.

    We have and sadly will see more and more socialism and worse Marxist creep into our generally western, developed, market based society. Most western women and many of the less off male an female will almost always vote for this as long as they are made to feel it will be better for them regardless if the party in power is left or right. Of course lefties will be quicker to do so as they BELIEVE IN IT! Righties will be dragged into it if it gets them votes. They may/will then temper socialist/Marxist creep but will cave into much in the belief it will keep them votes.

    The B.C. Liberals 2017 Throne Speech was a LEFTIST PLAYBOOK speech, why, because they feel it will keep them in power to more or less go socialist as an activist government.

    The problem with all this socialist/Marxist, activist creep into western society is the MONEY WILL RUN OUT! The economy will crash and misery will abound IF IT IS NOT STOPPED AND SOON!

    Center-right parties/politicians ( business liberals or grass root conservatives) if they stick to their values a will be the least activist and the better choice from a bad list of choices.

    Why is President Trump under attack 100% of the time by Democrats, liberals MSM and leftists, even under attack by many “activist” Republicans? He is a populist and more grass roots American, he is a nationalist and the general leftist globalists hate that and he is also neither a true liberal/leftist nor is he a true Republican, conservative. He is for less government activism, just enough for social safety and general justice and he feels government should be more hands off only steering the proverbial ship when it may need to be steered.

  11. Yes like The Sun newspaper represents the working class!
    In a pigs eye!
    The right despise the working class or anyone stupid enough to pay taxes.
    Yet when theres a government contract to be had from a conservative politician,
    they’re all about taxes.
    We’ve hone off topic here and describing the same elephant from different angles.
    As farmers ate fond of saying the way to get things done right, is to do it yourself.
    Institutions are all about whats in it for them not to serve the long term public good.

  12. Rasterman, where does the right despise the working class? Show us this group as a systemic entity that subverts the working class? Are there those on the right who abuse their privilege to have in their ways abuse the ‘working class’? Sure you can find some. BTW what does ‘working class’ actually mean? There are working class people who make 6 figures, do they have much in common with a guy/gal who makes mid 5 figures or even a lowly pittance? I think not.

    There are more leftist media than there are righty media in the western world. Leftist/liberal MSM is all propagandist for the socialist/ Marxist cause.

    This working class is a long held and tired meme by leftists. There is no organized working class. Political and social Marxists/liberals and the likes actually conspire and subvert the middle America/Middle Canada class. Those people who actually pick up lunch boxes or brown bags to rush to work or to operate a business, usually a smaller business while dropping kids off at school.

    The leftists/socialists are actively or conspiring to kill what were good jobs, taxing lives and industry out of business if they do not fit the socialist narratives.

    Does the right have aholes too? YEP! People who use their power to conspire against society as well? YEP! But most people who are honest want the government out of their lives except for more basics we as a society accept even if sometimes reluctantly. We just want to get on with our lives with minimal government intrusion and activism. But too many liberals/lefties see government as the solution but never see it as the problem.

    My life and issues I have are mostly my fault. I can sit in a corner and cry and cry or I can deal with them all. Sure life gives me and all of us right hooks and left upper cuts at times. But asking for government to always fix this stuff is silly and costly and will often be a government giving you a small bag or an empty bag of promises, but in the end charging you more and more.

  13. I recall a Ronald Reagan quote.

    “The scariest EIGHT words in the English language, I’m from the government, I’m here to help.”

  14. Rasterman:

    “Right wingers wanna tear it down and let em twist in the wind like our neighbours to the south want to do. Saskatchewan holds the Canadian mantra – help thy neighbour for one day ye may need a hand. Right winger says you’re on your own buddy!”

    You mixed up the political positions there. It’s actually conservatives that are more likely to help out someone in need of a hand than the Left is. Conservatives also donate to charity far more often than the Left does. The Left couldn’t care less about helping others unless it happens to be one of their own – and even then, they only use other people’s money to do so because they’re largely unwilling to use their own money.

  15. The poor sad democrats in the USA and many other lefties just dont get it. The social engineers are the tools and pawns of the globalist supporters. The dumbing down of the middle class , the stagnant growth coupled with tech advances will be the end of the middle class. Wonder what happens when the tax paying middle class is reduced to poverty level.

  16. I am so damned glad that I left the commercial radio business, with its inherent internal politics, management’s need to control the on air programmers, and its who is better than, “right winged” versus “left winged” political bullshit !

    Here in B.C. , an arrogant, minority Liberal government is about to fall, while a fragile, NDP slash Green Party coalition is the government in waiting.

    As The Fonz once said on Happy Days, whoopity-do !

    This new team comprised of John Horgan, likely the next premier, and the mostly unknown leader of the Greens, is a complete waste of the taxpayers time, as they will likely lose power by the end of the year and force another election.

    I don’t really give a damn about B.C. politics, anymore, or who is better than.

    Christy Clark, the university dropout, multi-divorced, failed talk show host, turned Premier, who couldn’t get elected like a real politician in Point Grey, but had to come to West Kelowna to get a seat, must resign immediately, or be booted from office.

    The reason she is clinging to power is because she can’t return to radio, she burned too many bridges, or wipe anyone’s ass.

    She might as well go on welfare and be a single parent and look after her teenage son.

    I wonder, is that the real reason the welfare rates are going up $ 100.00 bucks a month, says the soon to be toast Shifty Clark.

    The reason is that all of them will be fucking unemployed, soon ! LOL

  17. Sorry penny pincher but Ive heard that the new ad at NW sounds like

    Drex and Steele to take you home

    McComb and Clark get you to work

    jobs jobs jobs

  18. John Horgan, the next premier? Not likely, considering the damage his NDP did when they were in power here in 1991-2001 and what Rachel Notley’s doing to Alberta right now.

  19. Having been watching what is going on the other side of the Rockies with the NDP, also one who does not watch television, I’d like to know, did the BC Liberals ever focus in on how disasterous the NDP is in Alberta? If they didn’t, they should have. The last thing we need again in British Columbia are the socialists hoards. As for the Greens, they don’t like people owning property. Did you know that? Its not that I’m in anyway in love or fancy the BC Liberals, but after looking at the options, we’re just fine where we are.

  20. VTV guy: The NDP signed an agreement with the losers (Greens), didn’t ya know ? So, Horgan takes the chair, since the newdummasscrats have the most seats.

    13: I, for one, will not listen to that washed up politician, if she returns to NW. I think that a better pairing might be Clark and Drex. Can you imagine:

    Drex: “Hey Christie. So, MILF or cougar ?”

    Christie: Drex, go shave your beard and, get rid of that pukey bob and doug mckenzie lumberjack shirt while you’re at it. “

  21. Ryan,

    The NDP party in Canada is more a general National Socialist Party. The Green Party globally is in reality a Global Communist Party wisely dressed in green and not red. This makes them very dangerous.

    All leftist parties sound great at first as they promise virtue, justice and equality for all, but are almost always not as they preach. At minimum they promise the good for you tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. But most often they just give us misery, lack of liberty and lack of justice, theft from producers to give as cheap gifts to the sloths and often the streets soaked in blood.


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