Retired from TV, John Daly Takes on a Weekly Radio Show


Here’s a little-known fact about former Global B.C. investigative journalist John Daly. Back in the 1970s, he worked at the Georgia Straight.

Last August after 36 years with Global and its precursor, BCTV, the veteran reporter hung up his microphone, announcing his retirement.

But it hasn’t lasted that long.

Today, CKNW Radio put out a news release saying that Daly is making a comeback with a new radio talk show, Back on the Beat.

It will air on Saturdays at 11 a.m.

CKNW is owned by Corus Entertainment, which is controlled by the Shaw family. Corus owns Shaw Media, which in turn owns the Global TV network as a result of a corporate reorganization in 2016.

This explains why the Global News Hour is broadcast on CKNW Radio at 6 p.m.


John Daly has a video posted below on how he got his start in the news business.


  1. The bigger picture here is the other weekend changes at ‘NW. Besides, the ‘NW release suggests that the Daly program is just 30 minutes long.

    Perhaps the most interesting change is the resurrection of the Roy Greene show. Surely tantamount to an admission that the show should not have been canned when it was. Think of the wasteland of programming that has occupied this slot over the past several years.

  2. 30 minutes as 11: am Sunday morning.
    Usually ‘advertorial time” at NW.
    Has John “bought” himself a half hour slot on NW during deadsville?
    I suspect:
    A) He’ll bring in OLD cronies to chat. Which THEY may think is interesting, but nobody else will.
    Which is why John is/was “retired” in the first place.
    B) This type of thing never works.

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