Michael Kuss quits Global BC to enter a career in Radio! Recent pic with Coleen Christie


Photo taken yesterday of Global Weather man Meteorologist Michael Kuss, with Global anchor Coleen Christie. Both worked at CTV together, both were fired by the local network station, and then both were hired by Global. Michael announced on Global News this morning, he is leaving the Burnaby TV station and has been hired by a radio station in Vancouver. Speculation is Kuss will be joining Rogers Jack FM as they continue to build a new on air team…



  1. I assume Michael is leaving simply for a radio job with full time hours.
    He been very positive and thankful to Jill Krop for hiring him immediately after CTV fired him (as seen on his twitter).
    He definitly has a great personality and will do great in radio. Will it be Jack or Z?

  2. Personally I don’t care. I couldn’t stand listening or watching him. Is it just me or were his eyes always closed. He’s very annoying.

  3. sad to see michael leave, he was funny and kept things light but still professional . if mark goes then theres not much to stick around for.

  4. Michael Kuss was a breath of fresh air on Global (doing the weather on weekends), after many months of teenagers doing the news it was time again for grown ups. I can see that just doing weekends was not enough to keep the bills paid. Good for him to find a weekday job and have weekends available. As someone wrote…if Mark (Madryga) is gone, nothing left to stick around for. Then time to give away the TV. (PS I wonder why someone tunes in here to leave a horrible comment about Michael Kuss, dis you miss your parents’ advice… If you cannot say something nice, keep your fingers off the internet 🙂

  5. Will miss Michael. Good weather person and was so good with showing pictures of towns, cities across BC. His knowledge was exceptional. Will be missed.

  6. Marie , why bother even making that post ? Suppose you can do better? , this is the problem with social media , to many opportunties for people to hide and make mean and dumb comments .

    All the best

  7. I had never heard of Michael Kuss until he appeared on Global weather. Didn’t like him at first but grew to appreciate him over time. He seemed to loosen up a little, too. He has no future at Global until annoying Princess Christy gets dethroned so it was wise for him to leave. My one complaint was that some mornings he looked like he had slept in his suit on a cot behind the desk. I guess that won’t matter on radio. lol.

  8. Really enjoyed Michael, he did a great job with the weather and was great on the Small Town. I think working weekends was hard for his family. Best of luck on your new indevours Michael.

  9. I wondered how long he would stay – not enough airtime. I did notice his habit of closing his eyes frequently, but just thought there was a physical difficulty. Liked him and wish him well.

  10. I was disappointed when Michael left CTV. The weather just wasn’t the same. I was very excited to see him on Global. A very intelligent person. Good luck Michael.

  11. Best of luck Michael.
    Geez, why all the hate for Christy…She’s professional and certainly part of a good evening team IMHO..

  12. The best weather forecaster , very accurate and grate personality.You will be missed on TV.
    His replacement on CTV is disaster.

  13. We will miss Michael. Enjoyed his great personality and good sense of humour. He was a great weather forecaster and his knowledge of BC was incredible. We wish him the very best.

  14. We will really miss you Michael, I wish you the very best in your new endeavours! May you find that perfect balance between work and family ?

  15. He is so easy on the ears, unlike some of the women who do the weather, etc for Global in their high pitch nasal voice that grates. Please ladies, take elocution lessons or emulate the calm ear friendlier voice pitches

  16. We will miss Michael. Can’t take kristie and her almost hysterics over events in southern bc and Okanagan. She needs to know there is more to BC. The north puts up with deep freezes and floods etc but she doesn’t say boo. Bring back Michael full time.

  17. Sorry to see Michael Kuss leave Global.
    He was a quirky character, but in a good way.
    And he knew all the smalltown places well, and seem interested in them.
    Good luck to him.

  18. Micheal Good Luck to you.You deserve the best of luck.You probably endured a high degree of difficulty at CTV.I wondered why they would fire exceptional people and keep the misfits.This seems to be the norm on a lot of TV Stations.Take care Micheal and all the best to you and your family.Pay no attention to the negative comments as they are false and unwarranted .

  19. Best of everything for you Michael.
    We really enjoyed the short time you had with Global.
    You were so personable and very funny.
    Thank you. You will be missed.

  20. Absolutely, loved Michael, should have been given a bigger role. The old days of lower quality voices still applies. Using all those squeaky voiced teenagers not good. Best of luck Michael. Miss you on small town Michael. As long as​ Jill Krop is running things Global has lost it’s way and our support.

  21. I completely agree with Leslie L. Yvonne is great at everything but the weather. Please find someone for the weekends.

  22. You actualy need re look at who really likes mark as he say chief weather man. Saw saturday when he was on he finaly got a new sports jacket. I like global but when mark is on I actualy switch cant stand him.Loved Michael

  23. 13 – Yes, working at Global is that bad. A dwindling, depressing industry, full of undereducated employees who lack any knowledge or critical thinking skills outside their niche field. Though I heard Keith Baldrey is first-class (if only I knew who he was).

  24. I loved Michael Kuss both on CTV and Global. He’s such an easygoing guy and will be just as great on radio. Best of luck Michael?

  25. Happened to listen to Jack’s new morning show. Wow, talk about boring. Not the least bit entertaining. They talked about Apple’s new emojis for the first hour. And someone needs to teach Kuss how to read a newscast. Who put these two together—small market at best. Won’t bother with it again.

  26. I was very sorry to hear that Michael Kuss had left Global. He was the best!!!!! He was always very classy and a natural with the weather. We will all miss him. He’s a person who carried a lot of light. So sorry he is no longer there; many people will want him back.
    Good Luck Michael – you have more fans than you would ever know.

  27. I always enjoyed Michaels forecasts the were basically right on. I was sorry we he was let go at CTV but I think they are hitting rock bottom anyway, and started watching Global which is a big improvement. I was glad to see him on Global. I haven’t got any thing against Christie Gorden , except she is to wishy washy, and seems to over estimate temperatures. Good Luck Michael.

  28. I was angry when CTV let Michael go. He was always right on with his forecast. And then they fired Coleen Christie. And that was my beginning of watching Global and I am glad I changed.
    Sorry to see Michael go, but he has a family to feed and weekends and the odd fill-ins were not enough. So all the best to you, Michael, and hello Coleen. I am so glad to see you again.

  29. I liked Mike’s quirky humour but i think some did not get his humour as it is deep and not
    shallow or slapstick. Don’t like Christie too prissy and says “certainly” all the time..very
    grating on the nerves..

  30. I thought he was intelligent got us to pronounce Osoyoos correctly. When he was on CTV he was the 1st meteorologist they had now they have gone back to weather girls who just point and read. Clearly CTV has gone downhill. I hope he gets the hours and does well.

  31. Sorry to see him go.mGetting a little tired of all the changes.
    Don’t like the lady who does the evening weekend news.
    Can’t stand her voice.
    If they keep changing maybe I’ll change stations.

  32. When a weather person blocks the first 3 of the next 7 days is not THINKING… even when few of the news anchors told him to move out of the way… good to see him go…

  33. I really liked Mike doing the weather !! Rather listen to him then Christy. Wish he replaced her.
    He is such a nice man. Mike and Squire are a little alike.

  34. I love to watch Michael and mark conducting weather forecasts. Michael has a good sense of humor and mark is funny. CTV was stupid to fire Michael and I never like CTV news cast anyway, very uptight and boring. Global better be smart to keep mark, a valuable employee. The staff changes lately at global is very annoying. So many new faces, all women. They are not as good as someone like Michael or Steve darling.

    Sad to see Michael go and best wishes to his future endeavor.

  35. So sorry that Michael is gone. He is very intelligent and very informative. All the best Mike! His new replacement is very annoying & way to animated.

  36. I really liked Michael. The replacement is so annoying.
    As a woman, I like to see a handsome man on tv. I remember when Michael got his house redone on a decorating show. It made a connection with his audience. All the best to him.
    I think Colleen should do more news. She’s professional and happy.

  37. So that’s what happened to Michael. Sorry to see him go. Global needs someone who can spell. Way too many errors on the screen. Like Mark but don’t care for Kasia.

  38. never liked watching micheal kuss,,,,,,glad hes gone,,,,no one can replace christy gordon,,,,,shes the best,,,,,,someone should help mark with his clothes options,,,,,,his dollar store socks are a joke,,,,,its time for mark to retire,,,hes annoying on the air,,,,,,just saying………….

  39. Love him or hate him. I just have a personal issue with Michael Kuss, he reminds me of Pee Wee Herman, and I hate Pee Wee Herman. Do wish him all the best.

  40. I stopped taking this station seriously long ago. They have Doogie Houser doing the news. The guy looks about 12 years old. Good for him but it looks ridiculous on the air. And the other guy in the morning just plain looks weird. Crazy eyes. I started watching Breakfast Television and found it refreshing. The people were just themselves and weren’t trying to be all serious “News” people. They have some personality. I found it more relatable. Global needs to blow up their News in a big way. Get over this self importance they seem to have which is from a by gone era when they actually HAD credibility. Hire some people with on air charisma. Not newbies who think they’re Tony Parsons.

  41. I miss you Michael. You are such a hoot. You made me smile. Hey ppl. I like princess Christy. She is very professional and confident

  42. I no longer watch CTV Vancouver after what they have done to Michael Kuss, Coleen Christie, Tamara Taggart and Mike Killeen


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