A Blood bath at Jack FM Vancouver



Puget Sound Radio just received word of a blood bath taking place at Jack FM in Vancouver.  Apparently all on-air staff have been let go…

Word from a good source is, Rock 96.9 will be launching Monday. From what we understand, this rebranding is currently in the works at a number of Jack stations across the country…

An On going story….



  1. This makes me so sad! I loved 96.9 Jack FM and have been devoted to it for years from 6am until 6pm. The on-air personalities were so much fun (Kiah and Tara Jean were my favourite)… I wish all on-air staff the best on their new paths and will keep my ears peeled for them as they find work elsewhere.

  2. Too bad! Thing about broadcasting it’s generally not if you will be let go but when. Have a back up plan. Not a lot of demand out there for folks who intro/extro songs. Trust me, I know this from experience and probably not telling those in the same boat something they haven’t discovered already. Good luck!!

  3. Barry T – you are right. There is little demand for those that intro and extra songs. There is a demand for those that can do more than that – but you had to learn the hard way I guess.

  4. As was posted on Facebook Vancouver does not have a mainstream rock formatted station. The Peak is modern rock, CFOX is active rock, and Rock 101 is classic rock. There could possibly be room for one more rocker to fill the mainstream void, but that would be a lot of stations splitting that “rock pie”.
    I also remember hearing that when Kiss let go of the previous morning show they were going to make a change. but the change was going to be Jack to the kiss trio and country to the Jack location, so Jack to country makes a lot of sense also

  5. Nice try nice try. My point obviously lost on you. Skill up and be prepared. In the real world, that is OUTSIDE broadcasting even the most entertaining, original and top notch jock in the world means nothing. Go to any Employment center whip out your resume and see what they think. Chances are good they look at it then at you and ask how you feel about going back to school. Try it.

  6. I never became much of a JACK 96.9 listener. The music list never drew me much to it. Ironically back in the 90’s when it was KISS FM and it had more light rock/pop and a bit of talk, I enjoyed Rhona Raskin’s show and yes when Dan was on with Sports Talk for a while, but for a light pop/rock change from my normal listening to Rock 101 was a good change.

    This said for FM music for me it has been mostly CFMI 101 and even more enjoyable Bellingham’s KISM 92.9 which is the best classic rock station in the area. In fact back in the day as a teen and young adult when CFMI and KISM were just rock stations (before classic was put in rock) these two were the best two to listen to for me. I’d dabble with KNWR 104.3 or even CFOX as occasional alternatives for music.

    My talk formats were obviously CKNW980 and until it switched in 1986 CJOR600. At night I’d enjoy tuning quite regularly in via the skip signal San Fransico’s KGO810. Sadly Dec. 2011 KGO810 committed talk suicide for me with its mass layoffs and I probably listened to it 3 or 4 nights since.

    CKNW980 is no longer must listen to talk for me as well as it’s a dogs breakfast of general socialist, sjw/liberal, anti- Trump, anti- USA, anti- family and Canadian values, self-righteous clap trap with too many air heads getting on mic to fill the radio airwaves their often ignorant blather and as if the know the world by grabbing their info from CNN ( Commie New Network) or Reddit, Buzzfeed , whomever they fan like follow on Twitter including idiot celebrities and what they get from Huff Post. Add the fact that each show REPEATS stuff every 2 hours or so all day is well just boring. Talking too few calls to add flavor of getting the public pulse on issues is maddening for me as too many CKNW hosts generally give hours of monologues.

    I listen to CKNW980 for all I do to get a feel for how these sjw, socialist nuts and ignoramuses believe more or less as if it’s more a job for me and not much a pleasure. I will turn to TSN1040 at tie to escape this stuff from time to time.

    None of them are a Warren, Pat Burns (CJOR600) Bannerman, Mair or even a Fanney Keefer or a Jennifer Mather-Burke. Hell even the socialist Dave Barrett on CJOR 600 back in the day was better radio. But I really miss in the mornings Frosty Forest and especially when he mixed music with morning drive talk. I also miss his afternoon counter part, the late Rick Honey for much the same too.

    What becomes of JACK 96.9 will probably end up worse that what it replaces.

  7. The problem with Jack is that whoever has been running it, are a bunch of idiots. Jack debuted to huge ratings and it’s playlist was awesome. Then people started to muck around with it and it became another station playing the same old crap. But people who have rock for brains could not make the connection and it continued to sink. Do we need another rock station in Vancouver? NO! Do we need something new and fresh? YES!! Try a 90’s retro station! Or some kind of music not found anywhere in vancouver.

  8. Andy, I 100% agree with you about bad management at the Rogers office in Vancouver. They own and run KISS too for those who are unaware. They get a lot of complaints about the way they run their operation and are known for being cheap. Management has changed since Jack started about 2002, but it is still bad. A few years ago, a couple were brought in from back east, must be thirty somethings by the way they act and react. If this is a one off and not a Canada wide bloodbath, they probably realize this is their last chance at turning things around.

  9. Kenny was on the air on JACK yesterday afternoon, and is no longer on the Rogers Ottawa COUNTRY station website. And so, the Formatic Rumour Mill grinds on, HeeHaw.

  10. I admire the radio and (ex radio) people that wear their emotions on their sleeves for this business. Sites like this give you an opportunity to vent about the idiots you worked with and for. The radio business is NOT run by radio people. OK some have radio people running the operations who take their marching orders from non radio people or should I say bean counters. Coupled with the fact that a number of markets in Canada just have too many radio stations. Face it, the radio business has changed and while it is still a viable advertising medium with just about 90% of Canadians reached each week and a little higher in the USA what goes on now in the war rooms of radio planning is all tactic and no strategy. Lets find the sliver music not being served in the market and give it to them forgetting the fact its not just the music because if it was I can find it online 24-7. It could be time to let some of these radio stations go black!

  11. Interesting that this bloodbath occurred on the very same day Rogers received CRTC approval to purchase CISL. Coincidence?? Here’s an unlikely scenario. Rogers decides to flip Jack to an adult easy listening/Oldies format, thus filling the gap in the market when CISL flips to sports, and beating any other stations (read 1410) to the punch in making a similar change.

  12. Kenny Jones is now working at Jack in the morning. Was this whole thing a merely a cost saving measure. Loonies running the show at Rogers, just my opinion.

  13. So they keep JACK as is with the exception of firing the previous on-air staff? Talk about harsh. Are they going with vting other day parts? If that’s the case, how cheap and scuzzy.

  14. Les H – Great Post!

    You give a great overview on much of what is taking place in Broadcasting.

    My Rock choices have been a mix of KISM – CFMI – Jack

    I am quite sure many that follow PSR agree with you.

    I am a long time Listener and Caller to CKNW and have given up on them. Finally even got tired
    of Jon McComb, His Uber Liberal, Low Information and Anti U.S. Side Kicks changed him and then they finally got to me, I am no longer an NW Listener.

    I am quite sure ALL at NW are under the Spell of the American Anti Conservative and Anti anything Free Enterprise Program Director who was put in charge a while back.

    I wonder if the NW Advertisers will ever figure out that NW is not after the demographic those same Advertisers are attempting attract for their Product and Services.


    CNN – Clinton News Network

    If you like U.S. Talk and Rush, Try listening to KTTH AM Seattle – On Line.

  15. BMCQ,

    Yep, I found CKNW and then CJOR in the mid 80’s. Both stations drew me to really see current affairs, local, provincial, national and international politics as things to me wanting to know and have a true opinions over. They were both (until CJOR switched in 1986) at one time a bit more varied in talk and opinion, even if they still straddled the middle line mostly. The various talk host were schooled enough to have opinions and ability to back them up, causing me to THINK! and either see it in part or all of their way or challenging them in my own mind.

    By the 2000’s things began to change, I did not see it so much as yet but see it now. Talk radio was going more and more liberal to even socialist. It was being dumbed down. Hosts were growing more opinionated but lacking an ability to defend their views nor did they seem to care.

    In the last 3-4-5 years it all seemingly is on a greased set of rails to socialist, social justice warrior, feminist LA LA LA Land radio. Hosts are even more one dimensional ( similar to cuck Trudeu’s cardboard cut outs he spent tax dollars on ) and their production staff are all just buzzfeed, twitter, facebook type trolls in getting their blind leftist ideals and parroting MSM fake news. the POTUS election of 2016 SEALED THE DEAL FOR ME! THEY ARE ALL DOPEY LEFTISTS, WHO COULD NOT FORMULATE A PROPER DEBATE ON ISSUES TODAY TO SAVE THEIR LIVES!!!

    Thankfully alternative media has us get other venues for info, Numerous Youtube channels and many podcasts. They have and are replacing conventional MSM and talk radio for those who do not just want to be beaten by sjw, feminist and all other fake news, MSM leftist $hite. They are out there to provoke and shape one’s own thoughts which is good.

    My favorite podcast today that provokes thought and deconstruction of news, politics and current affairs for me is ‘The No Agenda Show’ with Adam Curry and Jon. C .Dvorak. They for the last number of years have provoked my thoughts in many ways talk radio did back in the 80’s.

  16. Hey Don, it sounds like right now it is status quo. Jack FM will live on until a new morning show debuts. Rumor has swirled that Paul Brown (Ex of the Bear Edmonton), or even Kid Carson may be heading over to the new 96.9. Originally one of the sources we have had heard they were going to lean to a rock format. At one point after the previous Kiss morning show was let go that Kiss would move to 96.9 and then a new format possibly country would appear on the cluster of stations, with Country 107.1 Abbotsford possibly changing as well. Regardless of what happens it appears Jack is done, but when the change happens remains to be seen.
    As usual we will follow this closely

  17. All of this causes me to waste too many brain cells. Shut it all down, I’ve never listened to any of this crap in my life. Siriusxm online and in my car is the only way to go!

  18. I get that ex-radio people blindly defend those that have just become ex-radio people, but sometimes we might need to look deeper. Like at numbers. Especially TSL, the one thing on-air people can control. The biggest problem with most jocks today is they want to do the same show every day. I’m not going to pick on these specific individuals, but maybe they weren’t taking direction. Maybe they weren’t local enough. Too many announcers are now just Facebook on-air people. Make a comment about themselves and hope listeners call in (like/comment). That’s not enough anymore. That’s why this business is in the shitter. That, and too many C students in management.

  19. Just got this in an email


    Dear Mark,

    We wanted to share the news with you that the JACKAHOLICS CLUB will close June 28, 2017, as we are launching a new membership program!

    Before the JACKAHOLICS CLUB closes, we encourage you to utilize your current points, because as of June 28, 2017 at 11:59pm you will no longer be able to use them.

    For more information on how you can use your points, please click here.

    There will be more details in the coming weeks about our new membership program.

    Thank you,

    JACK 96.9

  20. @Madman Mark – Don’t read too much into that. Every Rogers station sent out that exact same e-mail today. Rogers as a whole is switching loyalty programs.

  21. Sad day for radio, you just lost a morning listener
    I am not sure who comes up with these ideas for reformatting but they should have a brain check

  22. This is such a dumb idea .. I have been happy with the mix Jack has played since the beginning !
    Rock, pop , old school and modern songs ..
    I now have to find a new radio station ..
    There are enough all rock stations …
    Sad sad sad ..

  23. Jack FM Vancouver is the radio equivalent of Kelowna’s 103.9 Juice FM. Where the only identifiable identity has been incessant change. If you keep meddling and meddling and meddling with the lineup, coupled with your lack of radio real management experience, the end result is a disaster.

    In layman’s terms, the late Micheal Jackson and his nose.

    If, in your need for incessant perfection, you do rhinoplasty on yourself, like one hundred and fifty thousand fucking times, your nose will end up looking like a monster ! LOL

    Same thing in radio. Stop fiddling and meddling. Hire a bunch of cheap monkeys, lock the control room and let them shit all over the floor.

  24. Kenny is okay, the morning show is just like every other station now. The music was getting regulated too much, which I did not like, but Kiah and Tara Jean were interesting. I liked them, a lot. I can’t believe what is happing to them. This Paul Brown has big shoes to fill. I don’t know him maybe he is awesome. He better be. Morning glory was entertaining, and now it is not. and if its country they have lost me for sure. Disappointed:(

  25. Kiah and Tara Jean were/are AWESOME! Both have obvious intelligence, genuine senses of humour–I would laugh out loud despite myself when driving to work–their laughs were both infectious, and I loved their passion, and distinct, well-played out personalities. Their chemistry was amazing. I enjoyed that show more than any show ever. I’m shocked that they are gone. What the hell do brains, humour, great broadcasting pattern, knowledge, chemistry and uniqueness even mean anymore when it’s not enough? Seriously. Crap.

  26. what a mess. i read about the bloodbath at Jack on a Portland website! can’t believe they just dropped Kiah and Tera-Jean without a word. suddenly somebody i’ve never heard of named Kenny. no good reason to listen to Jack anymore in the morn. kiah and tera-jean were so much fun and now it’s just a drab show with no purpose.

  27. I used to listen to Kiah and Tera-Jean in the mornings (I’m from Ontario) and I loved them. Laughed out loud with them and couldn’t wait to turn the radio on. Now there is no reason to listen to Jack FM.

  28. I came back from a trip to Edmonton 10 days ago to discover Kiah and Tara Jean are gone! What the heck??!! I loved them, loved their topics, their great chemistry, their laughter (usually at themselves!). They were funny and sweet! What have you done to JackFM? Kenny is nice, but its just not the same. Youve disappointed me beyond belief. It was the only radio station I listened to for 3 hours in the mornings. So disappointed.

  29. Sorry to see the morning show go. Listened every morning at work in Kitchener Ontario. At home all weekend. Kennys program sounds like everone else. Kiah and T.J. were better morning hosts and a better program than anything in Southern Ontario. I hope they get picked up as a team somewhere else. Kinda sucks Kiah just bought a house not long ago.

  30. These guys still think people listen to a station primarily because of the ‘personalities’. they are all generally good in their own way, so all things being equal, it’s the music format. when jack started they did play a wider variety of classic songs and I heard stuff I hadn’t heard for years, even decades. now its playlist is too focused and I hear the same songs all week. It’s like the old AM radio format. If they had stayed with their original concept, they would have developed a more reliable identity.also, feature shows have all but disappeared. There is so much music available from the last 40 years that you shouldn’t have to play the same song more than once a week. I agree KISM is better as I hear album cuts they would never play in a market as shallow as Vancouver. fire the people making format/ content decisions. radio is wide open and loyalty is fleeting.

  31. Driving for a living, Kiah and Tara Jean. kept me company in the morning…I enjoyed their banter and teasing and TJ wore her heart on her sleave, they talked about their families and I could relate to many situations and felt like I knew them…. they played a good mix of songs, sometimes too much airplay for certain songs…but it was their interaction I tuned in for…I will give the new guys a chance but very disappointed Kiah and TJ are gone. Thanks for your company guys!

  32. Dont worry about Tara Jean from the old days at Jack. She has moved in a very positive direction and is working on local tv in the morning. She is in high demand today and well loved. Kiah and the other on-air people fired might have to leave Vancouver to find good and comparable work.

  33. I miss the morning glory show so much, how sad. How cruel and cold can management get. I absolutely loved TJ and Kaih, not so much Eric tho. I hope all is well with them.

  34. I don’t get up early, but when I do, I loved listening to Kiah and Tara Jean. Such neat people!!! I wish them all the best!! I loved there silly videos!! Shame on Jack.

  35. I tried listening this morning but couldn’t. It’s not the same. It’s sooo flat now. Kiah and TJ were fun to listen to and added a great flavour to the station. Just lost another dedicated listener. You guys suck!

  36. Kiah and TJ were great!! I can’t even listen to the new guys, they have absolutely no chemistry and aren’t in the slightest bit funny.

  37. Bring Kiah and TJ back Rogers! Every single management at the rogers cluster needs to be FIRED! Wake up Rogers! You are the one destroying radio more then anyone else!

  38. I used to stream Kiah and TJ out at my office in Alberta. I have been listening to them since the beginning of them on Jack FM. I’m streaming it this morning and I just can’t get into it anymore. Those two were amazing personalities and made radio listening FUN! Now it’s just generic crap. Too bad. This listener is deleting the app and will no longer be streaming Jack FM. I will be searching out where Kiah or TJ go next, I’m sure it won’t be together but I will listen to whomever picks them up. They made my morning everyday for a long time. Sad to see this change. Jack FM from Calgary and Edmonton SUCK compared to what the Vancouver station was and now they are all the same… Good luck falling in line with what EVERYBODY is doing, no point in being a little “different”, it may bring in more listeners…


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