Stephen Colbert Tops Jimmy Fallon in Total Late Night Viewers Sept-May


Fallon still wins among adults 18-49, however


Stephen Colbert has done it. The “Late Show” host came from behind to unseat Jimmy Fallon as the most-watched late-night television host of the September-May television season.

The CBS 11:35 p.m. series did most of its damage after Donald Trump entered office. Since the week after this POTUS’ inauguration, Colbert has been No. 1 for the day part in terms of overall audience members.

Here’s how the players stand, per episode, with three nights remaining:
Colbert: 3.195 million total viewers
Fallon: 3.173 million
Jimmy Kimmel: 2.198 million

“The Late Show” was the only late-night program to post year-to-year growth in total viewers, rising 11 percent from last season’s 2.89 million.

“The Tonight Show” still beat its competition among viewers 18-49, however. And lately, Fallon has increased his lead there and tightened the total viewer one. Also, late-night doesn’t really adhere to the same traditional season that primetime does — it’s more of the 12-month variety.



  1. They are all *unts. Full of themselves and full of hate for POTUS the USA and the west. None of them could carry Johnny Carson’s jock strap. The are not funny and are just full of their condescending bull *shit

  2. Rupert,

    None of the current night time talk show hosts. BTW they were not funny even when Obama was POTUS, so it’s not just them being wildly anti-Trump. They all showed their true colors on and next day after the US Election night when all doubled down in support on Hillary’s side and could not stop being anti-Trump. So it’s not just night time satire. It is just lousy tv, not funny and just anti-Trump , anti-USA drivel.


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