Veteran Canadian Comedian/Broadcaster Bob Robertson Dead at 71


With his wife, Linda Cullen, Robertson hosted Double Exposure

courtesy CBC News  Posted: Mar 20, 2017 

Veteran Canadian comedian Bob Robertson has died at 71.

His wife and business partner, Linda Cullen, confirmed to CBC News he passed away in Nanaimo, B.C., on Sunday.

Robertson and Cullen had been called the funniest married couple in Canada after spending decades in the entertainment business together.

They met at a Vancouver radio station where they both worked. Robertson was a weatherman on the Frosty Forst morning show, where he used his knack for vocal impersonations to spoof many a public figure.

bob robertson linda cullen

Comedy duo Bob Robertson and Linda Cullen hosted Double Exposure on CBC Radio for more than 10 years. (CBC)

Together, Robertson and Cullen created the popular CBC Radio series Double Exposure, which launched in 1987 and ran for over 10 years.

It was known for its dead-on impersonations of celebrities and public figures, particularly Canadian politicians.

After Brian Mulroney stepped down as prime minister in 1993, Robertson and Cullen performed as the comedy act for his sendoff in Ottawa.

Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, Double Exposure was nominated for several awards. winning the ACTRA radio award for best comedy in 1990.

The show spawned many live cross-Canada tours and television specials, including the very popular New Year’s Eve special called A Swift Kick in the Year End.

In 1997, Double Exposure became a weekly comedy series on CTV and the Comedy Network. Robertson pulled triple duty as writer, performer and executive producer for the three-year duration of the program.

The show was given a star on Vancouver’s Entertainment Row on Granville Street in 2004.

According to their website, Robertson and Cullen had been living in Metro Vancouver.

HIS BROADCAST RESUME: (courtesy Vancouver Broadcasters)

Bob Robertson – Program Director CKXL Calgary 1970s; CKDA Victoria; weekends/production CFAX Victoria; impressionist Frosty Forst morning show CKNW Vancouver 1986-90; CBC Radio Double Exposure 1987-97; CTV national comedy show 1997-2000; Rafe Mair show fill-in CKBD Vancouver 2005.  Double Exposure Radio interactive website



  1. Very sad to hear the passing of Bob. It was so much fun working with Bob and Linda at CKNW. Bob was always please to put on tape impersonation greetings for family and friends. They were always the biggest hits at any party. Imagine having the Queen wish you Happy Birthday.

  2. I have fond memories of listening to Double Exposure every Saturday morning at 11:30 with my Dad as an eight and nine-year-old child. Not only was the show hilarious, but I feel it gave me some small morsel of political education. Even had the chance to meet him at a breakfast one day in May of 1993 (right in the thick of the teacher’s strike), where he and Vicki Gabereau were presenting. He was kind enough to answer all of my questions about the mechanics of the show, and even invited me down to CBC to watch a taping of the show, an invite which I never took him up on for some reason. RIP Bob, and my condolences to Linda and the family.

  3. I would occasionally drift across the frequencies on a Saturday and catch DE. Ill never forget the skit on corralling seniors in a pen and dropping banana bread by helicopter once a week.
    Forgive the precis but it was hilarious. Intelligent comedy – gone with the wind.
    RIP Bob

  4. Those early morning impressions on the “Frosty” show were hilarious and one-of-a-kind! RIP Bob.
    Condolences to Linda and family.


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