Roundhouse Radio Announces New Senior News Team




) Roundhouse Radio proudly announces the appointment of Kerry Marshall as News & Content Director, and Krystle Landert as Assistant News & Content Director.


Kerry Marshall



Kerry Marshall: (Broadcaster, Journalist and News Director) Marshall has over 40 years of radio experience and currently holds down the morning news desk Roundhouse Radio. He has been a staple of Vancouver’s radio scene for many years, most notably as a broadcaster with JACK FM and CFOX.




Krystle Landert



Krystle Landert: (Reporter and News Anchor) Landert has been with Roundhouse Radio since 2016 and will be taking on the role of Assistant News and Content Director). She is a graduate of BCIT’s Radio Arts and Entertainment program, where she was awarded the CKNW Ron Bremner Award in Radio.


Kerry Marshall states “We have an amazing staff of reporters totally dedicated to fleshing out both local and “hit” stories, I am really proud to work with this dedicated group of individuals.”


Roundhouse CEO Don Shafer adds, “Our news team has really come together in the last year and done amazing work digging into the stories that make Vancouver so special. Kerry’s experience, wisdom and leadership has been a calming influence since we went on the air and we are looking forward to revealing more about our city as he resumes this extra responsibility.”


About Roundhouse Radio 98/3:

Roundhouse Radio 98/3 is an award winning commercial station with a community focus, serving the needs of the people who live, work and play in the City of Vancouver. The Roundhouse difference is to provide a spotlight on an active citizenry: public debate, storytelling, live music, local arts and culture, community events, news and features focused on the City’s neighbourhoods. Learn more about the complete Roundhouse Radio experience at



Barb Snelgrove | Promotions & Communications Director

Roundhouse Radio 714 Alexander St. Vancouver, British Columbia, V6A 1E3

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  1. Smart move on her part. I listened to Roundhouse the other day for the first time in a long time, and didn’t hear one paid ad. Can’t be long now before those owners decide to call it quits.

  2. They are really giving it a good shot! I was out at the Vancouver Home Show this past weekend and RHR were there with not one but two set up’s.
    Will their efforts be rewarded? It’s gotta be tough. One of the most expensive formats to run. Look at how major players like ‘NW cheap out these day’s like running television news on the radio.
    Again, wish RHR well but how long can they last without significant revenue?

  3. Oh hey, I agree with you, they are out and about a lot and have shown great support to communities and events like Gay Pride etc. . I really do wish they well. I wish they had better support from local businesses and indeed from national advertisers too but it is obvious that they do not (from the lack of ads). Sales teams can only do so much but if the numbers aren’t here – and I believe we will see soon that they are not well they can not keep on going.

  4. PJ I don’t think it’s fair to say Roundhouse is ‘just awful’. There are some good shows – Cory & Janice I think is a fun afternoon drive show for instance and Martin Strong in the morning isn’t bad .

  5. Steve, It’s absolutely fair to say. Roundhouse has received tons of exposure, there are ads around the city, and I think the ratings will show what I believe…no one is listening.
    And believe me, I tried to listen.

  6. Oh. come one, cynical ones ! They must have some advertising going on at RHR. Just because you listened for 20 seconds and heard no ads doesn’t mean they don’t have revenue. The shows (I find) are entertaining, informative, kind of like a CBC copycat, without the government backing, of course. LOL

    How long with they last ? They have deep pockets from a major Kelowna lawfirm, so anything is possible. Tell me, who among you the deep pocketed companies (Bell, Shaw, Robbers) will last longer than RHR?

  7. I disagree PJ. IMHO RHR sounds very good for a privately owned station. Plenty of great talent with lot’s of experience. It is a professional sounding station.

    That being said think about what they are trying to do. A very limited reach , ultra focused on Vancouver. Talk about a challenge. I must admit, it isn’t easy listening at times. There is only so much of a 25 minute interview about a community event or group that you can take.

    For whatever reason I haven’t listened much lately. When they first came on the air they seemed to be taking themselves way too seriously, for me the morning show was an absolute snoozefest however they have changed that up recently. In my opinion the the afternoon show is fun to listen to, when I get a chance, and would be the direction I would take the entire station.

    As I have mentioned before this has got to be one of the most difficult and expensive formats to try. It’s not like they can just have one or two live bodies and pump out the tunes on auto.

  8. @notapennypinchingcon My opinion has nothing to do with being cynical about the venture. I was hopeful for their success. Working from home I often have radio playing in the background. Normally CBC 1 but for about a week recently I tuned in to RHR often. I heard a lot of PSAs and not much else. I also think the comparison to CBC 1 isn’t accurate although I know that is how they’d like to be perceived. As mentioned previously, I like their afternoon show – Janice and Cory are talented. There was no other show that stood out for me, and ones that I found I just could not listen to (the mid morning show being just one – a woman who is obviously academically gifted but should not be hosting a radio show.


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