Pulse FM drops Kash, after ex-Liberal cabmin books guests critical of B.C. government



by Bob Mackin

Tuesday February 21st, 2017

Has Pulse FM Sold Out to the BC Libs?

The one-term Vancouver-Fraserview MLA opted not to renew his contract with Pulse last month. His last 9 a.m. to noon show was scheduled for Feb. 14 with four guests on the theme of British Columbia’s political future: Ex-political commentator Alex Tsakumis, Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation’s Jordan Bateman, IntegrityBC’s Dermod Travis and NDP leader John Horgan.

Horgan was Heed’s first guest when the show debuted last year. Heed told theBreaker that, during the year, he unsuccessfully invited Premier Christy Clark (a former CKNW talkshow host) to be a guest at least eight times.

“[Horgan and NDP MLAs] were more than willing to come on and talk about the issues. That did not sit well with the BC Liberals,” Heed said. “We gave [Clark and her aides] so many opportunities to come on; at times they did not even have the decency to say no.”

Heed said he got a call from Pulse owner Suki Badh just after 2 p.m. on Feb. 13 — Family Day — to tell him that the current affairs show time slot would be moved to 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. effective immediately with new host Dave Sheldon. That meant Heed’s swan song was off.

Heed said he believes Badh was under pressure from people inside the ruling party, who fear losing votes in key Surrey battleground ridings.

“They weren’t happy with some of the positions I was taking,” Heed told theBreaker.

Asked to elaborate, Heed said Badh told him the previous week that “the boys downtown are aware I’m leaving and he has had discussions with them. He went on to say that he met with [Liberal cabinet ministers] Amrik Virk and Peter Fassbender.

“I asked if he has caved in. He said no, but they’re aware of the change of direction.”

Heed said Badh had previously referred in December to meeting the “boys downtown” and mentioned they included Barinder Bhullar, director of policy in the Office of the Premier. Former Pulse general manager Jas Basi told theBreaker that Badh told him that the “boys downtown” were Liberal party heads.

“Kash had free rein”: station owner 


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  1. Typical. I knew the station was tilted. In other words, this station can now be considered fake news because it’s a completely biased station.

  2. Phil:

    Why, because it doesn’t do what CKNW does and endlessly praise the NDP while echoing the real fake news outlets like CNN and MSNBC?

  3. One less “Asian” yanked off of the airwaves. The only Asian talk show host that I was aware of. Yes, my friends, the Lib-tards demand that you, the media, suck up to them and those of us who don’t get black-balled by Shitty Clark, ain’t it so ?


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