New ’90s Station Hot 100.5 Hits Winnipeg Airwaves



Saturday February 18, 2017


WINNIPEG — A new radio station specializing in hits from the 90s era is on the air.

Jewel 100.5 flipped over to Hot 100.5 on Friday, hours after the station released longtime broadcaster Norm Foster.

Evanov Radio Group pulled in a 2.9 ratings share in the fall under the Jewel banner. The switch will likely have a positive impact in the spring Numeris book.

“We wanted to flip the script on what Winnipeg is currently being offered,” said program director Adam West.

“We feel that this is the type of station that is totally lacking from the current market, but that continues to be requested by listeners.”

In an odd digital move, the station created new social media accounts instead of changing its handle, thus losing all of its followers on multiple platforms.


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  1. The slogan is “90s and More”. Just took a listen for about 20 minutes. Mostly up-tempo dance songs, with “It’s All Been Done” by The Barenaked Ladies being one exception. Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” is an example of the “more”. Leave it to the Evanov Radio Group to put a format on the air, which is seldom heard on other radio stations. I am assuming this also means that Don Percy, who’d been doing occasional part-time and fill-in work on the former Jewell 100.5, is also no longer with the station.

  2. Finally a 90’s station that so many have been asking for and being ignored. Vancouver needs one ASAP!!! I vote Zed95 for the format. Would be awesome. Use the 90’s jingles as well to make it sound retro. Would be worth listening to radio again!

  3. Agreed.Z95.3 would be awesome as a 90s station. Z ruled the 90s in Vancouver and they would succeed again if they flipped to 90s. Vancouver needs this. If not Z ,104.9 could flip.


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