Stephen Colbert Rides His Anti-Trump Schtick to #1 in Late Night


Thanks, Mr. President


Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” has found itself in a weird place lately — first.

The late-night talker regularly ran runner-up in TV ratings to Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show,” the 11:35 p.m. NBC staple that CBS’ version recently leap-frogged in households and among total viewers.

If you read that sentence and thought, “Wait, what? Really?” — we can’t blame you. That’s because mere weeks ago, Colbert’s talker was struggling so much that various publications not named TheWrap wondered aloud about the possibility of “Late Late Show” host James Corden being handed the earlier hour. ‘Twas a big premature, perhaps.

Early criticism about the post-Letterman era was that the variety show dove too deeply into politics, as opposed to devolving into silly games with celebrities a la Fallon, or creating shareable viral moments like Colbert’s other chief competition, Jimmy Kimmel. Here’s the thing though: Nielsen doesn’t measure YouTube clicks. Sorry, Jimmys.

Still, the Fallon one had Colbert’s number — that is, until Donald Trump became President of the United States of America.

Chief competition Fallon’s brand of fun took a bit of a hit when he had Trump on as a guest pre-election, choosing to tussle the man’s hair instead of ruffle his feathers. Hollywood — and viewers — hoped for something more from the day part’s king of joy.

Meanwhile, the openly liberal Colbert — who spent years on Comedy Central playing an over-the-top conservative character — stayed on message. He turtled to Fallon’s hare, and the perfect political climate to pass his foe came gift-wrapped.


  1. Colbert is just a media elite, who acts as if he has the pulse of America, but is a low grade comedian and rides on FAKE NEWS giving him ammo to essentially insult the personality and person of President Donald J. Trump. Colbert like most liberal media types and personalities is more removed from every day, Main Street, Middle Americans than Trump as a billionaire ever was.

    For almost 40 years while Trump built things, employed people, hired sub trades and yes made his mark as a celebrity all the while working towards billionaire status as a poster boy for THE AMERICAN DREAM! Clobert and those like him attained faux celebrity status as a IMO rather low brow comedian to slide into chairs on t.v. only to denigrate others and notably circa 2017 the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

    Colbert’s elitism and those like his caudry of liberal hacks live off of such while adding little if anything to the USA.

    President Trump will just go on WINNING and MAGA! While Colbert broods and stooges for the liberal elites and globalists who employ him as a convenient stooge. Colbert will pacify the ignorant liberal, socialist masses while he too sips Champagne and eats Caviar with other fine cuisine among liberal, elitists.

    Donald Trump never hid his wealth or success but he made sure those who he dealt with, contracted with and employed knew of his gratitude and his ‘blue collar, commoner style ,New York builder, billionaire’ status.

    President Trump is an American Patriot who did not have to run for POTUS, but at age 70 felt he needed to give back and to MAGA! Stuff Colbert and his elitist, liberal comrades will never do.

  2. A healthy democracy requires vibrant satire. An unhealthy democracy screams for it. Colbert ranks with Swift, Twain and Orwell.

    It’s like this, Les H: you can’t take a joke.

  3. Chump is doing such a great job he has the lowest ratings in history after one month as the so-called president. The only thing positive he has accomplished is soaring ratings for Colbert and SNL and several newspapers he thinks are dieing.

  4. Biff,

    I can take a joke and I certainly do not deny anyone from doing satire, let alone Colbert. But as such he and them all, are also open for criticism and calling out. These media types, comedians, late night talk show hosts and other celebrities are passing nonsense and fake news as satire and more. Too many people today think the tripe that they shill IS NEWS! IT’S NOT! It’s satire at best and nonsense, drivel and tripe at worst.

    Colbert for one just rides on this fake news, satirical blather and again SO BE IT! I want any and all speech to be free. ALL SPEECH! It can be true speech, ignorant speech, funny/satirical speech, hateful speech and even bigoted speech etc. I do not want to shut any person up. BUT! I also want the freedom to call the Colbert’s and any other persons OUT for their speech and if I choose to challenge them on it.

    Is that fair enough?

  5. Bud, Trump polls are rising at over 55%% after one month. But we all know polling is proving to be suspect at times and skewed by sampling bias, as Hillary was polling 10-15-20 points up on Trump during the election, yet he sits today as POTUS at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    Trump is doing the things he said he was going to do. HUH! GO FIGURE ! A [new] politician who does what he says, How about we give him some time to be POTUS. If he is a ‘Chump’ as you ignorantly said, he will politically hang himself, YOU THEN HAVE LITTLE TO WORRY ABOUT! But if he keeps on winning as he has even only after 1 month, are you going to come around, or be scared at his success to keep believing all the MSM FAKE NEWS>


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