Lack of TV news coverage of Quebec City shooting a huge broadcast failure



By John Doyle
The Globe and Mail
Published Monday, Jan. 30, 2017


According to the Reuters Institute’s Digital News Report for last year, some 38 per cent of Canadians use websites, social media and mobile apps as their main news sources.

That means 62 per cent of Canadian rely on the traditional sources of TV, radio and newspapers and magazines. Among Canadians 35 or older, that percentage rises to 72 per cent.

On Sunday night, mind you, for many hours, information in English Canada about the mass shooting at a mosque in Quebec City was confined to a handful of online sources. English-language Canadian TV news was nowhere to be found. It was a catastrophic broadcast failure and, in particular, a disgraceful showing by CBC-TV news.


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  1. I have to agree this is a huge example of why layoffs and downscaling is happening at traditional broadcast outlets. When the only up to date news around is on twitter your know their days are numbered. CTV news was doing their best but it was still abysmal. As for the CBC what a mess, i tuned into their supposed 24-hour news channel and they had more American news riding Donald Trump than news about this important Canadian story, not sure what they do with all the money the taxpayer gives them.

  2. Lack of TV coverage? The local CTV and GLOBAL Edmonton newscasts led the first 9 minutes of their respective local newscasts at 6PM with this story. Thankfully, I don’t watch anything live anymore so I was able to skip through it. Their coverage appeared to consist of opinions from people who knew even less than the viewers. Strangely enough, it was “The Rebel” that seemed to provide the most concise coverage. According to their website, they spent a total of $2000 to go to Quebec instead of the hundreds of thousands that the CBC spent.


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